What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress?

Planning a wedding day can be a fun but very stressful experience. There’s so much to consider, and you are always thinking ahead towards the special day. Luckily, we are here to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and guide you through it.

One of the most important rites of passage for many brides is finding the wedding dress. But, once you’ve done this, you may be wondering what else you need to be wearing underneath the dress!

So, lucky you, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress for your big day! But, what should you be wearing underneath? We all know that you are ‘meant’ to wear sexy wedding lingerie for the evening after the ceremony, but sometimes this is just not practical for the long wedding day. 

What you will want to be wearing is underwear and lingerie that can help support you, smoothen lines and make you look and feel even more fantastic and beautiful in your wedding dress. So, here are some tips to find the right underwear for you!

The Best Undergarments For Your Wedding Dress

Before you purchase anything, you have to take a few things into consideration. For example, the perfect underwear for your wedding dress will depend on the dress itself.

For instance, if you have a strapless gown, or one with a sweetheart neckline, then you will need a strapless bra, or busier underneath. Fortunately, we have a few recommendations for all gown types.

Strapless Gown

Strapless gowns are by far the most popular bridal styles available. They are chic, stunning, and make you feel like a princess wearing them! Whether your strapless gown is a sweetheart neckline, or is cut straight across the chest, you will need to wear a bra for the proper support, especially if you have a larger bust. 

If you have a smaller bust, then some bridal stores will have seamstresses that can add padded cups into the dress for a little bit of extra support, and you can go braless!

In a similar way, if your strapless dress has boning in the bodice, then it should hold everything in place pretty well, so don’t worry about anything falling out, or flashing your family members on your big day. 

But, we do recommend wearing a strapless bra, a corset or a bustier underneath the gown to give you that extra support, whilst also cinching in the waist.

If your dress already has boning, then you will want to opt for a strapless bra, as you do not want a corset with boning sucking you in, along with boning on the dress too, as this can be very uncomfortable. 

If you do choose a corset or bustier, make sure you try it on and get used to wearing it so that you feel comfortable enough to wear it all day when the special day comes. In addition, make sure that no one can see the lingerie, or bra when worn with your dress to make sure you try both on together beforehand.

Plunging Neckline

More and more dresses have flattering, plunging necklines to really streamline and elongate the bride. Whilst being a little sexy, a plunging neckline can draw attention and give the bride that extra allure on the big day.

The only problem is that it is nearly impossible to wear a bra with a plunging neckline, and perhaps you do not feel comfortable going bra free. 

What you can wear is a low cut bodysuit or bra that will give your bust extra support and security, whilst also keeping everything where it should be.

Bodysuits are better for slimming the curves if you have a tight, figure hugging dress, but are difficult to get on and off for going to the bathroom. On the other hand, a low cut bra can work for a plunging neckline, but if your dress is cut down to the navel, then you may struggle to find one. 

If you simply cannot find something that works with the dress, then ask the seamstress to sew in cups to give you a little extra coverage and support, or you can wear stick-on padded cups, or fashion tape to tape the breasts in place, and make sure they stay there all day! 

Backless Gown

Backless gowns just look absolutely stunning. It adds an extra level of sexuality and sensuality, but can still look classic and simple. With a backless dress, again you may struggle to find a bra that is suitable, and you may have to opt for the sticky tape on the breasts, or stick-on bras to keep them supported all day. 

These bras are adhesive, and will stick to the skin around the breasts, lifting them up and keeping them secure, without having a strap or anything going around the back. However, you may be able to find backless shapewear, that is cut just above the bottom, which you could get away with. This will streamline the look, support the chest, and you won’t see it! 

Halter Or One Shoulder Dresses

For halter or one shoulder dresses, simply opt for an adjustable bra. These have straps that can change, making it either strapless, halter, or one shoulder, yet still providing the support that you need. 

Column Dresses or Sheath Gowns 

These dresses hide nothing, and are not very forgiving, so we would recommend wearing shapewear, seamless underwear, or bras that are barely there to give you support, but remain as invisible as possible. 

A-line Gown or Ballgown

A-line and ballgown dresses are perfect for giving you that princess look. These dresses are not that form fitting, and flare out from the waist, so you can wear basically whatever you want underneath! You can wear sexy lingerie like corsets, garters and stockings, as long as you are comfortable in them. 

Our Top Tips

Make sure it’s the right shade

No matter what the dress is, you will need the undergarments to be barely there and barely visible.

Make sure that they either match your skin tone, or your wedding dress so that they blend in seamlessly! 

You can always go braless

It can be so much simpler to just go without the bra, you will feel free, and most of the time the dresses are made to support your bust anyway!

There are so many stick-on or adhesive bras available, but sometimes it can just feel better, and look better to go without. 

Don’t forget about shapewear

If you have a figure hugging dress, or a mermaid gown, then you will really want to streamline your silhouette. Don’t forget about shapewear, as this can really iron out any creases or bumps and flatter your shape entirely!