What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are famous for their lavish celebrations. From the elaborate decorations to the food served at the reception. They are truly spectacular events.

If you want to look your best at an Indian wedding, then you should consider wearing certain clothes. 

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

India has some of the most beautiful people in the world. They also happen to be some of the most fashionable too. And if you want to impress them, then you should definitely pay attention to what they are wearing. 

There are several things you should consider before attending an Indian wedding. The clothing you choose will depend on the kind of wedding you are attending and the people who you are meeting.

For example, if you are attending a Hindu ceremony, then you should wear a sari or lehenga choli. On the other hand, if you are attending an Islamic wedding, then you should wear salwar kameez. 

In the following article, we are going to take a look at the different outfits you can wear to an Indian wedding – so that you can be prepared for any ceremony or occasion. Just take a look below and see which traditional garb catches your eye…

What To Wear To A Hindu Wedding

When choosing attire for a Hindu wedding, it is important to remember that color is key, as most Hindu ceremonies are characterized by their vibrant colors and costumes. In most cases, it is recommended to wear pastel hues or jewel tones, as these are in keeping with Hindu traditions. 

However, this does not mean that every color is open to you, as there are certain shades that should be avoided.

For example, it is not acceptable to wear red, as this color is usually worn by the bride. Black should also be avoided, as the color is associated with positive connotations. 

When attending a Hindu ceremony, it is important to research the different fashions available to you, as there are various costumes you can wear.

For women, it is traditional to wear a lehenga or saree, which come in a range of beautiful colors. While men are expected to wear a sherwani or suit. 

A lehenga is a two-piece outfit that comes with a top and a high-waisted skirt. On the other hand, a saree is a long piece of fabric (often silk) that can be wrapped around the body to produce a dress.

For men, a sherwani is a long coat-like top, worn over a traditional shirt and trousers. 

However, if the couple is from the state of Punjab, then male guests may be expected to wear a three-piece suit.

In most cases, female guests can wear sarees without question, as most Indian states accept this as suitable wedding attire. Of course, it is also acceptable to wear your best clothes. 

It is important to remember that wearing traditional Indian clothing is not always necessary, as you can also wear suits and dresses.

When attending a Hindu ceremony, you are expected to be yourself and there is no expectation to wear Indian garb. However, we would recommend it if you feel comfortable. 

What To Wear To A Muslim Wedding

When compared to Hindu celebrations, Muslim ceremonies are more subdued, even though they are still beautiful events where you will need to look your best.

However, it is critical to note that Muslim houses of worship are solemn places, where you will be expected to dress modestly. 

Because of this, it is recommended that you wear formal attire such as suits and long dresses, which will cover most of the body.

In both cases, men and women will be expected to cover their arms, with women also being expected to cover their heads. This is why we advise wearing a scarf. 

Upon entering the mosque, you will be asked to take your shoes off, which means you should wear footwear that is easy to remove.

When you have taken off your shoes, there will be a shoe rack or cupboard by the entrance where you can store them until the end of the ceremony. 

While most Muslim ceremonies are very short, it is important to remember that guests will be organized by gender, with men and women sitting on either side of the room.

In some cases, there may even be separate rooms for men and women, where they can celebrate with the bride and groom. 

In contrast to Hindu weddings, you will not be expected to wear traditional attire to a Muslim ceremony, as common formal wear will suffice.

During the reception, the same basic rules will apply, however, women will not be expected to cover their heads. But you can if you wish to be respectful of their customs. 

Where To Purchase Indian Attire? 

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding

In most cases, the best place to purchase traditional attire is from local boutiques and stores, as these establishments specialize in wedding attire that is suitable for both Hindu and Muslim ceremonies.

However, it is also possible to purchase your wedding outfit from online retailers such as Amazon. 

Of course, another option includes rental services like Riya Collective, where you can rent traditional attire without having to worry about the cost or measurements.

However, it is important to remember that Hindu and Muslim ceremonies are very different, which means you must do your research before completing your transaction.

Hindu Attire For Men 

Whether you plan to wear a traditional sherwani or three-piece suit, it is important that you wear something colorful and formal. Below, we have outlined some of the best Hindu attire for men. 

Formal Suit 

If you want to wear traditional formal attire, then we recommend wearing a suit, as this is considered acceptable clothing. 

However, the suit cannot be black and should instead take on a more welcoming and vibrant hue. This suit from Asos comes in blue and is a great outfit to wear to both Hindu and Muslim ceremonies. 


When it comes to wearing a traditional sherwani, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to design and color, as this attire is available in a range of shades. 

While most colors are suitable, we personally recommend this vibrant yellow sherwani from Riya Collective, which can be rented for 4 days. 

Hindu Attire For Women 

For women, there is more variety when it comes to Hindu wedding attire, as you can either wear a saree, a lehenga or a formal dress. So if you are finding it hard to locate the right dress, then we have some recommendations that might help. 


If you want to wear a traditional lehenga, then there are various sites where you can rent or purchase this attire. 

However, we personally would recommend this stunning example from Rent the Runway, which comes in a beautiful shade of blue. 

Formal Dress

However, if you are attending a more modern Hindu wedding, then you may be allowed to wear a formal dress, such as this gown from Asos

Not only does this dress feature an Indian design, but it also covers the arms and can be worn to a Muslim wedding. 

Muslim Attire For Men 

As we previously mentioned, for a Muslim wedding you will be expected to wear classic formal wear such as a suit. 

Because of this, you can either rent a suit or wear one that you already own. However, we do recommend wearing footwear that can be easily removed. 

Muslim Attire For Women 

For women, you will need to wear a dress or suit that covers your arms and legs. Upon entering the mosque, you will also be asked to cover your head, which means you will need a scarf or hijab. 

Fortunately, you can purchase a simple hijab from Amazon, although this probably won’t be necessary as a scarf will do. 

Final Thoughts 

While no two Indian weddings are the same, you will still be expected to wear traditional attire that respects the couple’s customs and wishes. Whether that be a saree wrapped around your body or a hijab around your head. 

Just remember to do your research , and you will have everything you need to have fun at your next Indian wedding. 

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