What To Wear To A Spring Wedding?

Spring is a beautiful season. The weather gets slightly warmer and flowers bloom, bringing in the perfect background for a wedding. But despite all its beauty, spring can be unpredictable. It may rain, be colder than expected, or be too breezy. When you’re a wedding guest, this can make it difficult to choose an outfit.

If you want an ensemble that is comfortable but looks great in spring weather, keep reading! In this article are a few tips that will help you look great at your next spring wedding.


As the weather gets warmer, opting for lighter fabrics in cool shades will keep you comfortable. For women, florals can be a great choice. These prints reflect the new flowers that spring brings. If the wedding you’re attending is casual, you can’t go wrong with a tea dress. If dresses aren’t your thing, that’s fine! A separate skirt and top decorated with ruffles or pleats are equally appropriate.

Spring-appropriate fabrics get a little tricky for men, as suits can get hot when the weather gets warmer. For colors, try wearing shades of pale gray or blue. These tones aren’t as harsh as black.

Lighter shades also reflect the season well. For types of fabrics, a linen shirt will keep you cool without sacrificing style. If the wedding is casual, a pair of chinos with an open collar shirt looks stylish, but not slouchy. It could be hot one minute then cold the next, so take a light sweater as a layer.

Windy Days

Spring weather is unpredictable. The forecast might promise sunshine but could deliver showers instead. The wind can be an issue in spring, as it can leave people cold, or even lift floatier skirts!

To be on the safe side, opt for dresses or skirts around knee length. You shouldn’t reveal too much if the wind starts to pick up. Both genders should bring some layers. A light cardigan looks great over dresses, while a smart jumper adds to both casual and formal shirts. If the wedding is formal, wear a shawl for a classic, but stylish look.

Rainy Days

If the bride and groom have planned an outdoor ceremony, it’s smart to wear rain-appropriate attire. Rain could occur even if the forecast says differently. Check the forecast on the day and make sure that you have an umbrella nearby.

To keep your feet warm and dry, swap your sandals for closed-toe shoes. It isn’t the worst thing in the world if rain falls, so if it does, try to have fun! Don’t let a little smudged makeup ruin your day.


Spring brings colors and happiness back into our lives again. You can bring this feeling into your outfit by picking bright or pastel colors. Try to pick colors that go with the wedding’s color scheme. If you’re unsure, look at the invitation. The colors on the invite will most likely be used at the wedding. Also, remember to find out what color the bridesmaids are wearing, so you don’t end up looking like one yourself.

People differ on whether black is appropriate for a spring wedding. Black tends to look too harsh in the day, but you can get away with it if the ceremony is at night. If you’re wearing a suit, you can still inject a bit of color with ties and pocket squares. If the wedding is casual, feel free to go for a different color shirt or matching socks.

Spring Wedding Accessories

As a guest, you typically won’t need to bring much to a wedding. A small clutch that can hold lipstick, your phone, and a little money is all you need.

For shoes, think about where the wedding is based. Even if the ceremony is outdoors, you shouldn’t be wearing flip-flops! A strappy sandal or low heels are good for outdoor weddings. For indoor ceremonies or night events, feel free to wear heels. Just make sure that the heel is conservative enough for the wedding. If the wedding is more formal, swap the strappy sandals for a wedge heel. These are comfortable and won’t look out of place on the scene.

People differ on whether you can wear flats to a wedding. If the ceremony is semi-formal, try to find shoes with tiny heels, or flats with a pointed toe. These will look better with a formal dress or skirt. If you don’t like heels at all, it’s perfectly fine to wear flats! Just make sure that they work with the rest of your outfit.

Jewelry should be understated instead of distracting. For both formal and casual weddings, you can’t go wrong with delicate chains or small stud earrings. Save huge stones and sparkly metals for another night. The attention should be on the bride, not on you!


Spring makeup is typically fresher to reflect the season. While winter calls for burgundy lips and thick liner, spring needs a lighter touch. Stick to sheer eyeshadows, peachy lip gloss, or a dab of blush. Leave brighter or vivid colors for summer. In spring, your makeup should look soft and pretty, rather than loud and garish.

Formal vs Semi-Formal

The formality of the wedding dictates what you should wear. Casual weddings are self-explanatory. However, it’s difficult to know what the line between formal and semi-formal is. Here are some guidelines.


If you’re a woman attending a formal or black tie wedding, opt for a floor-length dress. If the ceremony is in the evening, a long gown is appropriate. Ones without sleeves will keep you comfortable while looking classy. If your dress is made of a lighter fabric, take a wrap with you. A pashmina looks better with heavier dresses. You can wear your pashmina with your clutch as an accessory. Statement earrings look better at night, but be aware of your dress’s neckline. If your earrings and neckline don’t work together, this could take away attention from your face.

Men have it slightly easier. Tuxedos or suits are appropriate for formal weddings. Remember to wear a good pair of socks, and make sure that your suit is fitted well.


It can be difficult to know what is appropriate to wear at a semi-formal wedding. To be on the safe side, keep your skirt or dress just below your knee. Pair your skirt with a sleeveless shirt or a blouse with light sleeves. Take a light jacket, you can always take it off if it gets too hot. Opt for closed-toe heels, but feel free to wear some heavier jewelry.

Men can stick to a suit, but stick to gray or blue colors for a day ceremony. Darker suits look best in the evening. You can remove your tie if no one else is wearing one. If you’re still unsure about what to wear, remember, it’s always better to look overdressed than under!

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to know what to wear to a spring wedding, but there are clothes that can look stylish and appropriate. Remember that the most important thing is to be a good guest. Arrive on time, send a nice gift, and have fun while you’re there!