What To Wear To A Rehearsal Dinner?

Have you been invited to a rehearsal dinner and you aren’t sure what to wear? Perhaps it is your rehearsal dinner, and you have found yourself stumped over your outfit choice? Maybe you are just curious about rehearsal dinners and their dress codes? Whatever the reason that brought you here is, we have the answer for you!

We know how stressful rehearsal dinners can be and leave many of us tense, staring at our closets, unsure what to wear. We find ourselves searching online, desperate for some guidance or an outfit to appear from nowhere and answer all our prayers. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to tell you what you can wear to a rehearsal dinner to ensure that you never stress again! Keep reading to get all the answers that you need! 

What To Consider When Going to a Rehearsal Dinner?

Before we go any further and offer advice on what to wear to a rehearsal dinner, there are some factors that you should consider! Considering these beforehand can remove some of the stress and the need to ask what to wear! Let’s look at some of these factors quickly now. 

Check the dress code

You can usually find information about the dress code on your invitation, and it can be invaluable information! Some invitations will come with a clear dress code, such as black tie optional or compulsory, or the couple might ask for a certain dress code, such as casual or smart casual. Knowing the dress code can help take some outfit stress off you and allow you to go forward and find an outfit that will fit the bill. 

Check for clues

If the invitation doesn’t come with a dress code, there are other clues you can check. The time can be a good giveaway. If the rehearsal dinner is late afternoon or early evening, say 5 pm, then chances are the dress code will be less formal.

In these cases, you can dress less dressy, for example, a skirt and dressy blouse or a knee-length cocktail dress would be perfect! For a man, slacks and a casual shirt would suffice.

Check the location on the invitation too. Outdoor events tend to be less casual, whereas if the rehearsal is in your town’s fanciest restaurant, you will want to dress to match the environment. The location might also give away a theme too.

For example, if it’s held in a barn with a barn dance, you might be required to wear a costume and will need to dress accordingly. If there is a specific dress code or theme, the invitation will reveal all! 

Ask the couple 

If you were verbally invited or misplaced your invitation, you could always ask the happy couple or a wedding party member directly. They can tell you if there is a theme or a dress code you will need to follow. Some venues will not allow trainers or sportswear to be worn, and they can usually provide you with this information beforehand to dress accordingly. 

If you feel awkward or can’t ask the couple what to wear, you can always check with friends attending the rehearsal dinner. Chances are there is at least one organized friend who has their outfit planned that you can take inspiration from! 

Failing that, you can always go for a fail-safe option! For men, a suit with the jacket and tie removed is guaranteed to look perfect in all situations! For women guests, you can’t go wrong with a black dress just below the knees. We know they aren’t the most exciting options, but you will never look out of place in these options! 

What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner?

The bottom line is that your rehearsal dinner outfit will not be as formal as your wedding outfit. You will also want an outfit that doesn’t upstage the bride and groom in any way. It’s often safest to avoid wearing white, just on the off chance that the bride has a white dress. 

We recommend black tie tuxedos for men and cocktail dresses or long gowns for women for a formal rehearsal dinner. These can be in any color or style that you choose, and you can always color coordinate with your date! 

If the rehearsal dinner is a little less formal, or not black tie, then women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits. If you are sticking with a dress, we think knee-length is a good length. It always looks classy and elegant but can work all night if you end up bar hopping at 3 am (it happens to the best of us)!. Men can wear dark suits and ties, possibly color-coordinating their ties with their dates. 

For semi-formal dinners, jackets, suit pants, and ties are appropriate for men to wear, while women can wear dresses, pantsuits, or dressy skirts and blouses. You can opt for bright colors and patterns here if you want to stand out or more neutral and muted tones if you wish. 

If it’s a casual dinner, polo or button-downs with dress pants for men will suffice, and women can wear dresses or blouses with skirts or pants. Again, we would keep the dress length around the knee. 

You should also consider your accessories, having one piece as the focal point of your outfit. If you wish, you can layer your jewelry, stacking necklaces, or pairing a choker with a chain necklace. We would save any headpieces for the wedding day, and instead, opt for a glitzy bag or a statement necklace that will tie your outfit together. 

Final Word 

And just like that, we have come to the end of our rehearsal dinner journey today! As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to your rehearsal dinner outfit. Remember to check the invitation for clues and to trust your instinct.

The focal point of the rehearsal dinner will be on the happy couple; as long as you are smiling and feel comfortable in your outfit, no one will be bothered about what you wear! You can adjust the dress code to suit your style and enjoy your evening with friends and family!