What To Wear To A Barn Wedding

What To Wear To A Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are becoming more popular, which is causing the guests to wonder what is the proper attire for a barn wedding?

This venue is more rustic than that of a more traditional one, so are you still expected to wear formal wear in suits and smart dresses? 

Barn weddings typically take place on a large plot of land covered in greenery, with gorgeous views and magnificent scenery. This type of wedding is considered to be more laid back than the more traditional sense.

This makes for some confusion when it comes to the expected attire. Today we’re going to be giving you some tips on what to wear to a barn wedding. 

What Aesthetics Does A Barn Wedding Point To?

When attending a wedding, you might want to use the aesthetics of it to determine what you’re going to wear.

Barn weddings are rustic and laid-back affairs compared to a wedding in a place of worship. They are more natural-themed and typically feature earthy colors. 

These colors could include greens, browns, oranges, and yellows. You could also choose an outfit with a little more texture than you might wear at a traditional wedding, as texture is in keeping with the barn wedding vibe. 

Consider the fact that as the wedding is in a barn and surrounded by nature, you might not want to wear a floor length dress and high heels that could get stuck in grass.

Instead, a knee length gown with some flats would pair together well for a barn wedding. 

Think About Functionality

As we’ve just mentioned, it’s important to consider how well you’re going to be able to enjoy the wedding in your outfit.

If you’re struggling to walk in high heels because it’s been raining and the grass has become all marshy, you might not enjoy yourself very much. 

You might also want to consider wearing a shorter dress so that the material doesn’t get dirty on the floor.

If you’re wearing a suit, perhaps choose one with a slightly shorter leg so that you don’t get mud and dirt around the cuffs of your pants. 

Don’t Forget Your Personality

A barn wedding is out of the realm of ordinary for these types of special occasions, so why don’t you have some fun with it?

Throw on a pair of boots and a hat that would fit right into the barn setting. While you couldn’t dress like a cowboy at a more traditional wedding, you certainly can here! 

If the hat isn’t in keeping with your personality either, you could consider a fun belt or bag to liven up your outfit.

If the bride and groom have chosen to have a barn wedding, it’s likely that they’re wanting their guests to have fun and don’t care too much what you look like. So go wild and wear whatever you want to! 

Short Is Smart

We cannot stress enough how barn weddings are for more casual couples. The bride and groom are likely to be laid back and just happy that you’re there to celebrate with them.

While we’re not suggesting that you should wear jeans and a shirt, you don’t have to wear a ballgown either. 

Go for a shorter mini or midi dress so that you can dance and move around freely without worrying about your dress.

Most people feel more comfortable in a shorter dress than a full length ball gown, and barn weddings are all about keeping you comfortable and happy.

If you were to wear a ballgown, we think you might stick out from the crowd at this type of wedding. 

Examples Of What To Wear To A Barn Wedding

If you still have no idea what to wear to a barn wedding, then here are some examples laid out for you to consider. 

Example 1: Florals And Flats

Pair a knee-length floral dress with a pair of flat sandals or boots. You can either dress this up with a complimentary shawl or dress it down with a cowboy hat. The floral pattern works great with the natural theme and the shoes will be comfortable throughout the entire day. 

Example 2: A Slip Dress

You might be thinking that a slip dress sounds quite formal for this type of occasion, but you can dress it down enough to fit into the barn wedding. Wear some block heel shoes so that you don’t sink into the mud and dress it down with a cardigan and a fun belt. 

Example 3: Earthy Tones All The Way

Browns, greens, and oranges are lovely earthy colors that can be worn to a barn wedding. They might stick out in a more traditional setting, so have fun with them here! A chocolate brown dress with muted green boots and bag could look amazing in the pictures. 

Example 4: Cowboy Boots

Pair them with anything you like – a mini dress, a midi dress, or pants, cowboy boots are an amazing piece to wear to a barn wedding. And let’s face it, where else do you have an excuse to wear your cowboy boots? Take this opportunity and revel in the moment! 

Example 5: Classic Chiffon 

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional and elegant to wear to a barn wedding, chiffon is a good option for you.

This material is classic enough to be worn to a traditional wedding yet still flowy and textured enough to fit into a barn wedding. Pair it with your cowboy boots to dress it down, or stick with some block heels for a more elegant look. 


So now you know exactly what to wear to a barn wedding. We hope that you’ll find our tips helpful when planning your outfit for such a special event.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to go so formally to a barn wedding, so have some fun with your outfit! 

If you’re still worried about what to wear, why not ask the bride or groom what they want the attire to be? You’ll be able to get confirmation that you’re allowed to wear your cowboy boots and hat!

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