What To Engrave On A Wedding Band

What To Engrave On A Wedding Band

Whether you are adding an engraving after years of marriage, or are soon to be wed, adding some words or lettering as an engraving on the inside of a wedding band is a wonderfully romantic gesture. 

Whilst it can be difficult to choose something to add, the best way to go is to have something that is meaningful to you both, rather than a fad – for example, YOLO (you only live once) or something silly that will go out of date quickly. 

You will be holding onto these rings for the rest of your lives together, so the decision should not be rushed.

That means it may not immediately come to mind, and instead you might need to put a bit of extra thought into it.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some great ideas when it comes to engraving some sweet words on the inside of a wedding band. 

Why Engrave A Wedding Ring?

Whilst it is a beautiful thing to do as a couple, there are many reasons as to why people decide to get words, phrases, or numbers on the inside of a wedding band.

Firstly, it is private between the couple. For them, they can each share something that is a little message between them both daily. This makes it sweet and intimate.

Secondly, adding engraving makes the ring personal, especially if the rings you have bought are premade. This means there might be a lot of other couples in the same ring, and having it engraved makes it personalized.  

Lastly, it can commemorate certain situations that are special. This could be the date the couple met, or the day of the wedding. It gives a personal significance to the couple. 

Let us take a look at what sort of things you can add to a wedding band…

Things You Can Engrave On A Wedding Band

Adding Names And Initials

Adding names and initials is a wonderful way to add both partners within a wedding ring as being a symbol of the life you share with each other, and how you plan to do so for the rest of your lives.

You can use both a ‘+’ and an ‘&’, depending on which one you prefer. So for example, Daniel + Katy, or even Sarah & Emma. Here are a few ideas:

  • Using a nickname can provide a fun way to keep it personal.
  • Initials are a simple way to add your names in as well as a message if you need the space.
  • A last name can be added if one of you is taking the last name of the other. 

Time Stamp

When you are a couple, there are many significant dates that could be added, such as the day you met, the day of your wedding – or even engagement.

Whilst they may not carry any significance to other people, they will to you, and that is what makes it special. 

You can do it in three ways: 12/25/22, 12.25.22 or December 25, 2022.

Short Sentences That Mean A Lot

A common way to engrave a ring is by adding in a short but sweet sentiment. This can create another uniqueness to the ring, as well as to surprise your loved one with a romantic message that they can cherish forever. 

Some of these examples are:

I love you, always and forever, eternal love, I will love you always, written in the stars, you have my heart, my heart is yours, to my husband or wife, for eternity, you are my soulmate, with you always, perfect fit, you are worth the wait, all my love, yours eternally, we are one, true love, worth fighting for, keeper of my heart, grow old with me, I do, happily ever after, I choose you, and better together. 

Keeping It Light-Hearted

If you are a couple who like things a little more light-hearted than ‘cheesy’, then adding a funny phrase will be perfect for you both.

Something cute yet meaningful to you both could also make you smile if you feel angry at the other person after a silly fight. It could also be an inside joke that only you two understand. 

So, here are some examples:

You are stuck with me, I love you more than coffee, may the force be with us, finders keepers, non-returnable, no refunds, alarm will sound if removed, put your ring back on!, insert finger here and I’m not done with you. 

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics are a huge thing when it comes to being a couple. Because musicians and poets have such a good way with words, sometimes it is better to leave it to them to come up with the words for you.

If there is a particular song that you both love and that means something to you, then seek out some words from a line that you both like to sing to.

Also, if the song was used for something important like your first dance at the wedding, or when you met, then that is even better. 

Separate Messages That Join Together

A split message is a great idea if you want the rings to make sense when you are together.

Whilst it might not work on its own, a split message ring will join both the rings together, and only those two rings have the other connecting message making it extra romantic. Some examples are:

  • Little spoon, big spoon
  • To infinity, and beyond
  • I love you, I know
  • To have, to hold
  • I found my other half, my other half found me
  • I love you, I love you more

A Tiny Image

Whilst words are a great option, you can also engrave an image too. Modern technology can engrave a design onto the band, but it will need to be small enough to fit onto the inside of the ring.

You could also think of having a heart, or even a yin and yang symbol. Whilst you can have words on your ring, a symbol may be just what you are after to show how much you love them. 

How Does Engraving Actually Work?

For the best results, an experienced jeweler will engrave the rings with the appropriate tools. If you are currently planning a wedding or engagement, then ask the jeweler if they do engravings, as they can do it before you get hold of the ring(s).

If your specific jeweler does not do it, instead of not buying the rings at all, seek out another jeweler to engrave them, as they will not turn it down just because the rings were bought elsewhere. 

You will need to make sure that they know your timeline and exactly what you would like engraved. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you know exactly what you want engraved on the ring and write it down clearly.
  • Give the jeweler the latest time you will need it done by, and be specific – but do give them a short time to do it, for example, do not request it for the following day.
  • The jeweler will use tools to engrave it onto the ring.
  • Once it has been done, check to make sure it is all correct before taking them home and realizing there is a mistake.

Do remember that prices vary depending on where you go to have it done, as well as how many letters and such are used.

If you want it hand engraved rather than by machine, it will not only cost more but also take longer. 

Final Words

Having rings engaged is super romantic, and can make a huge difference when it comes to owning a mass-market ring. Not only does it make the rings romantic and special, but an engraving can also become a part of time.

If you are planning on having a ring or two engraved, take your time when deciding what to have on the band, and make sure it is meaningful between you both so it stays special for years to come.

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