What To Do With Dried Flowers From Wedding

Do you have dried flowers from a wedding you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you are unsure what to do with your dried bouquet? Or are you planning your wedding and want some inspiration for your leftover flowers? 

Flowers can be an expensive part of your wedding and are often forgotten about after the big day. With the best of intentions, many couples dry their wedding flowers.

What To Do With Dried Flowers From Wedding

After all, dried flowers are super trendy these days. But once they are dried you are faced with a dilemma, what do you do with the dried flowers? 

You head online for answers but are met with conflicting advice and reams and reams of opinions that leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. You wonder if you will ever know what to do with dried flowers from your wedding. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading for a complete guide of what you can do with dried flowers from a wedding. We are sure to have the inspiration you need to display your beautiful dried flowers from your special day! 

What To Do With Dried Flowers From Wedding

Let’s dive straight in! There are lots of things you can do with dried flowers from your wedding. You can display them around your home, gift them, or turn them into cool crafts.

To help you find the option that best suits you, we have compiled a list below that you can use. Keep reading to see the list and find your use for your dried wedding flowers now!

Gift Them 

One option is to give your dried flowers to friends and family. This is a wonderful option if you saved multiple bouquets or centerpieces from your wedding. For example, you could dry your bridesmaid’s bouquets and give them to them as a thank you and memento from the day. 

You can also dry and regift your flowers used to decorate the aisle or that were centerpieces on your table. Why not give them to friends and family that attended your wedding or helped beforehand to make your day so special?

Your parents, grandparents, in-laws, and friends are sure to appreciate a part of your wedding that they can keep! 

You can also give them to people that were unable to attend your wedding. Take a bouquet of dried flowers next time you visit a friend who was away during the wedding to show her your pictures and present her with part of the wedding.

Or you could take them to a relative that was too poorly to attend? It’s a wonderful gesture your friends and family are sure to appreciate.  Plus, every time you visit them you will see your flowers and be reminded of your special day! 

Display Them At Home 

If you don’t want to part with your bouquet, why not decorate your home with them? Dry and preserve your flowers and they can be placed around your home for years to come. Plus it saves money as you won’t be purchasing fresh or artificial flowers! 

We love seeing our wedding bouquet in our living room every day! Another option is to adorn your sideboards or dining table with centerpieces or flowers from your aisle. Why not add some pampas grass to them too and fill vases with beautiful flowers from your wedding day?

Reuse Them For A Special Occasion 

What To Do With Dried Flowers From Wedding

You could also reuse your flowers for a special day. Why not use them for your table at a dinner party, a birthday party, or take them to another event? They could work beautifully for your birthday, a friend’s anniversary, or any special occasion you have coming up! 

What’s more, you will save money! You won’t need to worry about booking any florists for your next special occasion. 

Take Them Apart To Reuse Them 

It might be painful to do, but you could take apart your bouquet and reuse the flowers for other crafts. We wouldn’t do this with our bouquet, but other flowers used at your wedding could be broken down and reused! 

You could add some flowers to your wreath on your front door, break the large bouquet into small groupings for small vases, or add them to a photo frame.

Any craft you want to complete that calls for dried flowers could be completed with your dried wedding flowers! Again, it is a money-saving hack as you won’t need to pay for flowers for your craft. 

It’s also a wonderful way to gift your wedding flowers or breathe new life into the dried flowers! 

Finally, you could donate your dried flowers from your wedding. These could be taken to an old people’s home to brighten up people’s rooms, or to charities where they could be used. You could also take the dried flowers to women’s refuge homes or centers. 

A lot of women in these centers leave with very few personal possessions and don’t often have the means to replace items. A small bouquet of dried flowers would brighten up their living space and provide them with a touch of luxury they have been missing.

Remember, their lives have been uprooted as they escape violent and dangerous situations. You can contact charities or organizations in your local area to see if they would accept your donation. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, everything you can do with your dried flowers from your wedding! Whether you want to display your bouquet in your home, give flowers to friends and family, turn them into crafts, donate them, or keep them for a special occasion!

Whatever you choose to do, we are sure you will be happy to breathe new life into your wedding flowers. 

Don’t forget to dry your flowers correctly and care for them to ensure they last. Provided you do, your wedding flowers will last forever! 

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