What Is The 21st Wedding Anniversary Called?

The 21st wedding anniversary isn’t really seen as a milestone anniversary, so it doesn’t have another name like the Bronze (8 years of marriage) and the Silver (25 years of marriage) anniversaries. 

However, in more recent times, the idea of a wonderful 21st wedding anniversary present has been linked with nickel or brass. 

What Is The 21st Wedding Anniversary Called?

Traditionally, the 21st year of marriage has no symbolism nor materials associated with it. These two beautiful metals can be combined to create a wide range of products and presents that are ideal for your 21st year after marriage.

After 21 years, you should be an expert when it comes to purchasing wedding presents, but since your anniversary is indeed a special moment for you to reflect on the wedding day and the marriage vows, you may need a little assistance, which is what we can offer. 

Keep reading to find out more about the 21st wedding anniversary and what sort of gifts you should think about giving your spouse on this special occasion.

Facts And Figures About The 21st Wedding Anniversary

You got married in 2001, thus you’d be enjoying your 21st anniversary this year (2022).

You will have been wedded for 21 years at the time of your 21st wedding anniversary.

7,665 days, 183,960 hours, 11,037,600 minutes, or more than 662 million seconds, are in one year.

If you don’t work together, you’ve been separated for over 44,402 hours, which is around 5 years, 1 month. 

During this period, you would have, on average, shared approximately 57,400 hours of snuggling time (sleeping!). Together, you would have eaten for nearly 16,700 meals by this point, which is equivalent to a year and a month.

Whatever gift you choose to give your spouse on this memorable occasion, be sure it will impress them and have a significant impact. 

Although there aren’t any conventional themed gifts available to purchase, you could use this as a chance to use the brass or nickel modern theme gift and incorporate the iodite stones. 

Start making the 21st anniversary special by getting her fresh flowers of her choosing to compensate for the lack of holiday-themed blooms.

Gifts For A 21st Wedding Anniversary 

The 21st marriage anniversary was not historically thought of as a significant occasion. According to some perspectives, there aren’t any customary presents given to celebrate a 21st wedding anniversary. 

Modern couples have however instituted a new custom of gifting one another presents made of brass as restitution.


Brass is a great present for a 21st anniversary due to its meaning. The metal was regarded as having the ability to cleanse negative energy in the past. When polished, its color and sheen give it solar associations. It stands for blessing, abundance, life, clarity, warmth, and joy in this way.

The Color Orange

The 21st anniversary has recently come to be symbolized by the color orange. It symbolizes vitality and warmth as well as vivacious energy, much like the metal brass.

The Gem Iolite

The gem designated for the 21st anniversary is the stunning blue stone referred to as iolite. The stone, also referred to as “water sapphire,” represents spirituality, intuition, and purity of vision.

The Flower Iris

The flower connected to a 21-year wedding anniversary is the iris. Iris flowers have long been prized by gardeners, painters, perfumers, lovers, and other people for their beauty, but there are other reasons why they make appropriate gifts for special occasions. 

Irises represent adoration, bravery, hope, faith, and wisdom in the Victorian languages of flowers, all of which are characteristics of a strong bond.

What Is The 21st Wedding Anniversary Called?

Why Are These Gifts Great For A 21st Wedding Anniversary?

Brass is ideal for indoor or outdoor furniture, and nickel is a beautiful metal that is used in many jewelry pieces. You might get a stunning sculpture or a stylish paperweight made of the metals along with the 21st marriage anniversary gift inscribed on it. 

You’ve been with your spouse for a couple of decades, and you’re now in your third. So that you can fully appreciate the marriage anniversary gift together, you should think of a way to make it particularly memorable.

Unexpectedly, unlike numerous other anniversary gifts, the 21st anniversary does not involve flowers. 

But since all women adore freshly cut and purchased flowers, purchasing some of her favorites for the anniversary will be the cherry on top. And since there aren’t any standard flower bouquets, it’ll appear much more special and demonstrate that you took the initiative.

Iolite rings in a blue jewelry-cushioned container displaying the kinds of presents that might be bought for a couple celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary.

Iolite, a magnificent gem which is another term for cordierite and can occasionally be a colorless, brittle gem with a blue-purple tinge and appears divine, is the gemstone that is connected to the 21st wedding anniversary. It is ideal for jewelry including rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Iodite is found all over the world, including Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Canada, Brazil, Madagascar, and even Connecticut. 

The color of the iodite will vary based on where it was found. The gems are typically blue to purple, although there are equally amazing yellow and gray variations of the same gem.

Great Days Out For 21st Wedding Anniversaries

A Romantic Spa Day

Give yourselves the chance to get pampered with each other in the luxurious environment of a spa as your anniversary gift. Several treatments are available that will give you the impression that you are 21 years younger.

A Show And Dinner

A wonderful way to spend a night is to have dinner either before or after seeing a show within one of the popular West End’s theaters. 

Give your partner that as their 21st anniversary gift and watch date night soar. They can indulge in a Michelin-starred meal as well as the show of their choosing.

Masterclass In Cocktail And Chocolate Making

We have the ideal 21st wedding anniversary present idea for you if the two of you are foodies. Send yourselves to a master class in creating cocktails and chocolate. With the help of seasoned chocolatiers, you’ll have a blast creating a variety of mixtures and confections.

Final Thoughts

You can say that your marriage has matured when you mark your 21st wedding anniversary. It’s a great occasion that calls for elaborate celebration. 

In order to find the ideal approach to surprise your partner, we hope that this guide has given you some ideas for 21st wedding anniversary gifts for wives, husbands, and couples.

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