What Is Considered A Big Wedding?

A wedding is an extraordinary event in everyone’s life. The preparations, the venue, the food, the dress, the flowers, the music, the cake, the guests, the photographer, the videographer, etc., are all part of the experience.

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There are two types of weddings: religious and civil ceremonies. Religious ceremonies include Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or other religions. In addition, civil ceremonies include a simple wedding (no spiritual elements) and a same-sex marriage.

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Some things should never happen at a wedding. For example, don’t wear white if you’re not the bride. If you want to get married in a church, check the availability before you book the date. And if you are having a religious ceremony, make sure you choose a location appropriate for your religion.

The most important thing about any wedding is to have fun with it. The more relaxed you can be, the better it will go. It doesn’t matter if you hire people or do everything yourself as long as the day goes smoothly, and you enjoy its many aspects.

What Is Considered A Big Wedding?

A big wedding has many people who attend, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc.

When you think of a wedding, what comes to mind? What kinds of events would you like to see on your wedding day? Do you want a small ceremony? Or do you envision something much more significant?

Whatever you picture, there are many ways to make it come true. In fact, there are always options available to you when it comes to organizing a wedding. 

Here are some examples of big weddings:

  • A wedding reception occurs at a large party hall, where hundreds or even thousands of guests gather.
  • A wedding rehearsal dinner takes place at a restaurant or club.
  • An outdoor wedding includes an open tent or pavilion, which holds up to 10,000 people.
  • A destination wedding is held somewhere exotic or far away from home.
  • A winter wedding includes snowballs and ice sculptures.
  • A decadent fall wedding is held during harvest season.
  • An extravagant spring wedding is held between April and June.
  • A summer wedding could take over a whole beach.
  • A wedding on a cruise ship is great fun!

Where Should Your Wedding Be Held?

Your wedding should take place at a specific location, depending on your budget and preference. You may also consider holding a smaller wedding elsewhere and then attending your big event later in the year.

There are several locations to choose from, including churches, chapels, hotels, resorts, private homes, country clubs, barns, parks, beaches, tents, farms, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

What About Venues?

You might be wondering how you could possibly afford to host a big wedding. You might decide to hold your wedding elsewhere and then travel to the actual site later.

Of course, this does mean you need to reserve the space months ahead of time and pay extra costs for transportation and lodging. But, you can probably find a convenient spot for your big event.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Big Wedding?

Your budget will determine the size of your wedding. You may start by looking at venues and asking whether they offer discounts for families or couples.

Then you can discuss other details with them and finalize your plans. For instance, if you plan to use a chapel, you may want to know what kind of service it offers and what additional fees apply.

What Are Some Tips For Choosing A Location For My Big Event?

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Consider the following tips when choosing a venue for your big event:

1 . Ask Around and Talk to Everyone you Know

Find out which places they like best. Then compare their prices and services. Some vendors may charge extra for special occasions, such as weddings. You may want to ask about these charges beforehand and add them to your budget.

2. Consider the Weather and Seasons

Look online and contact local vendors for information.

3. Choose a Location that Reflects Who you Are

For example, if you are having a religious wedding, then look for a place that has a church setting. On the other hand, if you are getting married outdoors, go for a secluded cabin. As long as you have the right ambiance, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

4. Talk to others

See if anyone else who gets engaged or married nearby is doing the same thing. They may have some good ideas about your choice of venue.

5. Plan Ahead

Make sure you pick a date before starting to set up everything. Also, ensure you make all the arrangements well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to call the caterer, photographer, florist, DJ, etc.

6. Decide on the Style of Music you Want

For example, do you prefer classical music, jazz, rap, rock, techno, or something completely different?

7. Prepare for a Variety of Weather Conditions

The type of food you serve will depend on the season. Also, you want to make sure you have enough sheltered seating space.

8. Create a Detailed Itinerary

Include maps, directions, phone numbers, and other important information. You may even have a list of things you do not want during your ceremony.

9. Get a Marriage License

 If you get married in another state, you will need one here.

10. Write Down the Vows you Want to Say

After you write them down, try reading them aloud to yourself. What works best? What doesn’t work? Are there parts you don’t really agree with? Maybe you want to change them. Or perhaps you should keep them the same.

11. Print Invitations and Send them Out

Be careful not to give out your personal email address. Instead, use an invitation website to create your own personalized invites.

12. Start Saving Money for the Wedding

Even if you have no experience, you can save money by going through the process yourself without hiring someone else.

13. Determine who will Help you Put Together a Guest Book and Order Gift Baskets

You can also hire someone to prepare the cake.

14. Keep Track of Bills

Record them on your checkbook register to see how much you spend every month.

15. Take Care of any Loose Ends

Have copies made of important documents and return rental items at the end of the event.

16. Clean up After Yourselves

It may be hard to clean everything up, but it’s worth it.

17. Go Shopping 

This step is optional. However, many people enjoy this part. You can shop at bridal stores, department stores, clothing stores, discount malls, or specialty shops. Also, you can browse online.

Large Floral Arrangements

To make a big wedding, it’s often essential to get large floral arrangements. These large bouquets can easily cost several hundred dollars. Therefore, you’ll need to take time to plan and place these flowers properly. Follow these tips when arranging flowers:

1. Choose the Correct Location

An aisle, walkway, or garden area will allow guests to view each arrangement. Avoid placing these arrangements where they could block the path of traffic.

2. Place the Flowers Along the Centerline of the Aisle

Guests walking down the aisle will find it easy to avoid stepping into the middle of the flower arrangements.

3. Try to Arrange Flowering Plants Vertically rather than Horizontally 

This will allow guests to see the blooms from further away.

4. Select the Proper Height and Quantity for the Arrangements

Most florists recommend hanging floral displays 10 to 12 feet off the ground. In addition, they suggest using about three to four individual containers per foot of the display.

5. Add Extra Stems to Make the Centerpiece Look More Complete

You can mix and match certain flowers to make a unique bouquet for your special day.

6. Make Sure that the Flowers are not Wilted or Dead

Flowers’ stems should still be green.

Flower Bouquet Ideas

Here are some ideas for creating beautiful floral arrangements:

1. Use Real Flowers such as Roses, Peonies, Daisies, Tulips, or Lilies 

Real flowers may not last as long as artificial ones, but they tend to look better and give off wonderful scents. Go for the real deal to get the best looking arrangement!

2. Put the Most Attractive Flowers First

This ensures that the arrangement looks its best. For example, if you’re making a bride and groom arrangement, use red roses in front.

3. Create Vases with Different Shapes or Sizes

The shape of the container determines the overall appearance of the arrangement. For example, smaller containers appear smaller, whereas larger containers appear bigger.

4. Fill the Container about Half Full with Water

Then add cuttings of fresh greenery. Don’t overdo the amount of foliage included in the arrangement because this can make it heavy. If there isn’t enough greenery, the display won’t look natural.

5. Include Two to Three Stems of Greenery for each Flower

This makes the arrangement seem fuller and more attractive.

Wedding Dresses

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To choose the perfect dress for your special day, consider how much you want to spend on it. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out a price range:

1. Determine How you Want the Dress to Fit

Do you prefer fitted dresses or loose-fitting gowns? Will you buy one-shoulder or low-back designs? Do you want to have a custom-made dress made by a designer, or do you prefer purchasing ready-to-wear styles?

How long do you want the dress to be? Will you wear it again? All of these questions affect your final purchase price.

2. Find Similar Dresses in your Size

You don’t want to pay twice for the same item. So, if you know that you like a particular style, try finding a similar design at another store.

3. Consider Other Factors

For example, what color does your skin tone match? Are you pregnant? Do you plan to breastfeed? These questions determine which fabrics work well with your body type.

Also, select materials that hold up well under high heat conditions. Silk, satin, organza, rayon, polyester, and taffeta are excellent choices.

4. Be Realistic when Choosing the Length of your Dress

Don’t assume that a short skirt is appropriate for every occasion. Instead, choose a style that’s flattering for your body type.

5. Look for Details

The right accessories will enhance a simple outfit. Try to find jewelry, earrings, scarves, handbags, shoes, belts, and watches to complement your dress. Your wedding ceremony is the time to show off your personality. Select items that represent who you are.

6. Ask Friends and Family Members About their Experiences with Purchasing Wedding Dresses

Ask them if they had any problems getting the dress altered to fit correctly or if they received helpful suggestions from salespeople.

7. Once you have Narrowed Down your Choices to a Few Dresses, Take Advantage of Online Resources

Many brides today shop online rather than visiting department stores. Online sites offer many benefits, such as ordering directly, comparing prices among themselves, and receiving information without having to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

8. When Looking through an Online Catalog, Focus on the Most Appealing Features

For example, if you’re concerned that your dress may not fit nicely after the wedding, avoid models showing large bust lines.

9. Check for Return Policies before Ordering Online

Some businesses require customers to return purchased goods within a specified number of days or weeks. In addition, some companies allow only specific colors or types of fabric to be returned. Make sure to review any return policy before placing an order.


To conclude, there are many things to consider when deciding what a large wedding is. A few of the most important considerations include:

The cost of the wedding gown: This includes both the dress itself and the alterations involved in making it fit correctly.

How much money do you have available for your wedding? If you have limited funds, spending less money on the dress makes sense than saving money on flowers and other decorating elements.

Your choice of venue: Where you decide to get married may influence your decision about what is considered a big deal because the cost of renting a space can vary widely.

Your personal preferences: Since each bride has a unique style, selecting a perfect look requires careful thought.

It helps to consider whether you will need additional help once you arrive at your destination. If you choose to stay in a hotel, the room rate will usually depend on how far along you are in the process.

There are so many options when it comes to weddings. Each person decides what is considered big depending on their needs. However, keep in mind that there is no one way to find the best option for you.

Rather than following trends, try to find out more about the different styles and designs that exist. Then, you’ll be able to make an intelligent selection based on your budget and what you prefer.

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