What Does The Groom Throw At A Wedding?

Whether you want the décor and atmosphere to be a little of a shock on the big day or if you plan to be completely involved in the planning process. The groom will still be held accountable for certain duties.

What Does The Groom Throw At A Wedding

Many men believe that their only obligations as a groom are to attend their wedding and appear dapper in the suit that was likely chosen by their significant other. 

And while it’s okay to let your better half organize the wedding (if that’s what they prefer), there are still some aspects that the bridegroom is unquestionably in charge of.

We believe that the groom’s obligations should begin with the wedding preparations.

The groom should really be involved and make sure their partner understands they are supporting them, no matter what part you play in ultimately getting the special day across the finish line. 

It’s crucial as a contemporary groom that you recognize that no one should be required to do everything and that you always make yourself available to your partner – even if just to provide moral support.

Everyone is aware that the bride will throw her bouquet. It’s a significant event that draws a lot of interest. In addition, single women seek to capture it for luck.

The omen suggests as much. What about the groom, though? Is there anything he throws, and if so, then what? 

What then does a groom toss during a wedding? Grooms have customarily thrown their bride’s garter back in the direction of unmarried male guests. 

However, this custom is not always adhered to in more recent times. Nowadays, grooms are known to substitute another object (such as a football) or skip this ritual entirely. Likewise, some grooms will substitute a second garter.

The garter-throwing ritual is ultimately entirely voluntary. In the end, it’s up to the bride and groom. There is also a cause for the shift in this custom. 

Additionally, before the toss, it is customary in some cultures (such as those in Northern America) for the bridegroom to retrieve the garter with his teeth in front of the guests.

It’s up to the pair whether they want to continue doing this, but it should come as no surprise to discover a contemporary interpretation.

But what exactly is a garter, why is it thrown in the first place, what are some other options grooms might take into account?

Let’s investigate!

The Meaning Of A Wedding Garter

A classic item of bridal undergarments, a bridal garter is a strip of cloth. It is a ring that the bride wraps around her upper calf and wears underneath her bridal gown. However, not all brides wear bridal garters at every wedding.

The culture and beliefs of the customs of the traditional wedding do matter. In spite of this, brides have traditionally worn garters.

The reasons why and when they were initially employed range from being a method of consummating the wedding after the ceremony to being a good luck charm for guests if they succeeded to pull it from the brides.

The garter is still a well-liked item of bridal undergarments, nevertheless. Many brides still opt to wear one, even if convention is not followed, despite the fact that the toss will never actually occur.

Due to its importance, there are some beautiful garters that can be bought.

You can quickly find several lovely ideas and examples if you browse on Etsy, for example. Additionally, many brides want to preserve them as a memento of her special day and an heirloom.

What Purpose Does The Garter Toss Serve?

What Purpose Does The Garter Toss Serve

The purpose of the garter throw has changed over time and between cultures. At first, one of the goals was to divert attention away from the attendees so that the bride and husband could leave quickly. 

It has also been utilized more recently to provide the groom a similar moment to the wedding bouquet throw or to entice the attendees to the dance floor.

In any case, the wedding bouquet is often thrown to unmarried female guests, just as the garter toss is usually thrown to unmarried male guests.

A spare, secondary garter that the groom purchased especially for tossing has been utilized when a bride wishes not to lose her garter.

Regardless of how the garter is thrown, the groom will now have the option to do so at the reception if he so chooses.

What Does It Mean To “Catch The Garter”?

It is said that catching the garter will bring you luck. If you accept the theory, it may also imply that the next wedding will most likely be the catcher’s. It is analogous to capturing the bridal bouquet in many respects.

In place of a garter, what else can you throw? The primary alternatives to tossing the bride’s garter include having the husband throw his boutonniere or something related to his personal interests (such as a football or baseball).

In addition, the groom can participate in the wedding bouquet toss instead of having the garter toss. That is a choice made by some couples as well.

Traditionally, the groom would toss a garter. But that doesn’t necessarily imply he should or needs to. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, the groom and his bride will decide what customs to include, or not to include, in their wedding. There are actually lots of alternatives – whether it’s the genuine article, a backup garter, or something completely different.

And there can undoubtedly be benefits, from a special moment to an incredible photo opportunity. But there are hazards involved as well, such as the possibility of embarrassment, harm, or loss of property.

The bouquet toss can also be compared to this. The bride and groom’s comfort and agreement are what matter most in this situation. 

Whether you choose to include any traditions in your wedding or to make your own, the most important thing is to enjoy your special day together.

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