What Does It Mean When It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

Whether you’re the bride or groom, the last thing you want is rain falling on your wedding day. You may want to avoid rain at all costs, but if it starts to pour, don’t worry!

Rain can be a sign of good luck. Many cultures believe that rain on a wedding day is a sign of good fortune. There are also some benefits if wet weather happens on your special day.

You can still hope for dry weather, but if it does start to pour down on your wedding day, here are some reasons why rain isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Some Believe A Rainy Wedding Encourages Fertility

If it rains on your wedding day and you want to have children, you’re in luck! Some cultures believe that wet weather on a wedding day reflects greater fertility. This is fantastic news for those who want to start a family soon.

If you don’t believe in superstitions, this may sound ludicrous, but there is some logic to this belief. Water is essential for life to grow. Think about how plants shoot upwards when supplied with enough water. A downpour is just a symbol of increased fertility.

If you don’t want children and it rains on your wedding day, you shouldn’t worry. You don’t have to believe in this belief if you don’t want to. It’s up to you and your partner if you want to have children or not. But if you do want kids soon, this belief can be another way to enjoy your wedding, whether you believe in it or not.

Rain Can Purify The Air

Spring weddings are beautiful as they symbolize new beginnings. With spring comes flowers, and with flowers come – allergies. You might have planned for a lovely wedding, but may not have considered potential sneezing as you say your vows.

Rainfall on your spring wedding day can stop allergies in their tracks. The downpour will wash away dust, allergens, and any other nasty things in the air. You’ll find it easier to breathe as the rain removes any airborne irritants.

A Rainy Wedding Will Test You As A Couple

Rain isn’t the worst thing in the world, but if you’ve planned for a sunny outdoor ceremony, it can be frustrating if it starts to pour down. It’s not just the couple who may feel stressed. The guests, wedding planner, and hired help might feel anxious and may not know how to make the situation better.

This isn’t a bad thing. A rainy ceremony can show you and your partner how you handle chaos and conflict. If your partner handles the rain well, without much fuss, this can show you how they will deal with problems further down the line.

If they do handle the rain badly, this doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed, but it can hint at whether you are compatible or not. Rain is just one thing that can go wrong at a wedding, so if they handle the showers well, they’re likely to adapt to other mishaps occurring on the day.

Rain Is Romantic

Sometimes, a little bit of rain can be calming, soothing, and romantic. We’re not talking about full-blown thunderstorms, but the sound of light to medium rainfall can inspire romantic feelings in everyone at your wedding.

As the showers bring cold weather, you’ll have the perfect reason to keep hugging your partner, so you’re both warm. Showing this affection can make everyone else feel the love too.

Rain also brings a sense of freedom with it. The rain was meant to happen, so you and your guests should go with whatever it brings. This free-spirited attitude is contagious; it can encourage reserved people to have fun and express themselves for a while.

Rain Will Be Beautiful In Photos

Most photographers know that rainfall can make photos beautiful, especially in traditional wedding photos. The water from the raindrops and the different shades in the sky make pictures more romantic.

If you’re worried about rain ruining your hair and clothes, a little damp hair and slick clothing can look romantic and sultry in photos. Some people even plan to take photoshoots in the rain, so you’ll have this opportunity right there and then.

If rain might fall on your wedding day, try to prepare in advance. Use waterproof mascara and liner. Swap light thin clothing for thicker materials that won’t become see-through when wet. If your wedding is outdoors, see if the venue has an indoor area that you can use if rain falls, or find a different place altogether to take your pictures.

You Can Cry Freely

Weddings can bring out tears, and that’s perfectly understandable. These ceremonies are filled with love, history, and joy. This mix of emotions can make people cry, which is completely natural.

Even so, there are people that have been told that expressing emotions is bad, or that crying makes them weak. They might be emotional at heart, but have been repressing that side of them deep inside.

Rainfall can make it easier for these people to shed some tears. As the rain falls, those attending may find it easier to express themselves, as the rain disguises any tears or running makeup.

Your Wedding Will Be Memorable

If it does pour down, your wedding will certainly be memorable! You’ll always remember the rain falling while you had your first kiss or dance as a married couple. Dancing in the rain is always romantic, especially as you smell the rain and feel the drops on your skin.

The rain might drench everyone, but that means you’re all in the same boat. Dancing and celebrating your union with surprise rain can make a wedding more fun and lively. As rain is out of the ordinary, your guests won’t forget your wedding either. It’ll be a topic of conversation for a while!


A little rainfall on your special day doesn’t have to be cause for alarm. There are many benefits to having your wedding day in the rain. Nevertheless, it’s always smart to plan for rain, so you’re less stressed on the day.

Your wedding is a celebration of you and your partner’s love for each other. No matter what the weather is, remember to have fun!