What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do?

When planning your wedding, you will become familiar with all the logistics of a wedding day – and one of the most important parts is hiring a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. 

But what is a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and what do they do? Are they any different from a wedding planner? 

What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do

If you are wondering what a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator does and if you really need one, then stick around – we are going to cover everything you need to know about Day-Of Wedding Coordinators so you can understand their role and how important they are when it comes to the big day! 

What Is A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator or DOWC (Day-Of Wedding Coordinator) is someone who helps coordinate the details for your wedding on the day itself. 

They help plan the ceremony, reception and other events that happen during the day. They also assist in making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the day and ensure that everyone has everything they need.

They are the ones that ensure that everyone is on track and on schedule. They make sure all the boxes are ticked, that everything and everyone is in place, that the music starts and ends at the right moments, etc. 

The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator usually works closely with the wedding couple as well as the venue and caterers, acting as a go-between throughout the day and sometimes even before the wedding itself.

Their duties do not just stop there. If there’s a bump in the road or a last minute issue, then the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is to be told.

Hair and make-up is taking too long? The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will step in to save the wedding party any embarrassment. 

Not enough chairs for all the guests? The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will sort it.

An accident in the kitchen has pushed things back? The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will let those who need to be informed and sort out the schedule.

The reception room is ready to open and let guests in? The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will shepherd everyone in and give the signal to the musician to start playing the music when the wedding couple enter. 

They are the ones who help think of a solution or start rearranging things so the day continues without a single hitch despite any issues that are going on behind the scenes. They are in charge of the timeline and are the key to ensuring that the wedding goes smoothly. 

This helps in taking the pressure off the wedding couple so they can enjoy their wedding day without stressing about the finer details and keeping things on track.

That is all handed over to the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator who will keep an eye on the time, signal when it’s ready to start certain events or move into different rooms ready for some of the most important parts of the wedding day.  

Because of this, Day-Of Wedding Coordinators are usually very organized people, great timekeepers, amazing problem solvers and adaptable to any changes of situations. Without them, some weddings can fall apart – so you may want to hire one for your wedding! 

What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do

How Much Does A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Cost?

While Day-Of Wedding Coordinators are invaluable, they do of course come at a cost. 

While cost does vary depending on the amount of duties you pass over to your Day-Of Wedding Coordinator, the average price of their services range between $800 to $3,000.

The cost of a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is also affected by how large your wedding is including the number of locations, guests, and hours it is expected to last. 

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Vs Wedding Planner

Because Day-Of Wedding Coordinators are so heavily included in the wedding day and have to know all the details about the big day, a lot of people mix up their role with the role of wedding planner.

These two different roles are often confused with the other when in actuality, they are very different. 

A wedding planner is someone who works directly with the wedding couple to create a detailed itinerary for the entire wedding process. This includes planning the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, transportation, and more.

They are more involved with the beforehand planning of a wedding and will help the wedding couple book caterers, musicians, and the venue. They will communicate the ideas and desires of the wedding couple to the venue and florists, helping design where every detail is from the flowers to the chairs. 

They will also help design the invitations, send them all out on time, and help organize seating plans, music playlists, and the timeline of the day. They can also give their opinion and expertise when it comes to choosing good vendors, florists, etc. 

A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is not really involved in the planning. They will not give their opinions about which flowers complement each other nor will they hire the best vendors for you.

Their job is to make sure things are on track and going smoothly. Basically, Day-Of Wedding Coordinators do not plan the schedule of the day, but they are the ones who make sure everyone else follows it. 

Sometimes a wedding planner will double as a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator , but sometimes, you may be required to hire two separate people to suit each role.

If this is the case, then the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator should be hired early so they can help anticipate any problems and raise any concerns. Other than this, Day-Of Wedding Coordinators will stay out of much of the planning. 


And that is the role of the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator! 

As you can see, they are vital to ensuring that your wedding day goes smoothly. They fix any problems, make sure everything is on time, and help take the pressure off the wedding couple so they can enjoy their wedding day without any stress. 

Despite this, not all weddings hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator while some venues may even offer a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator in with their wedding packages. Some wedding planners may also offer to be your Day-Of Wedding Coordinator while others will require you to hire a separate person. 

However, they are very useful to have and you should definitely consider hiring one for your wedding!

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