The Best Wedding Venues In Arizona

Arizona can be an ideal place to get married as an American.

The Best Wedding Venues In Arizona

The state is large enough that you can find places that are a little more hidden and away from the city lights, but the state is also home to some of the country’s most desirable weather, touting 300 days of summer across the state.

Whether it’s the red rocks, or the varied flora and fauna that embellished the state, we’re sure you can find somewhere in the state that could just be your dream wedding location. Let’s explore this great state together!

Enchantment Resort, Sedona

If you want to escape to a paradise of red rocks, desert plants, and high quality service, then the  Enchantment Resort could be for you.

You really feel like you are stepping into a western fantasy here. 

The decor is south-western inspired, choc full of viewing decks to take in the martian, yet familiar, landscapes of the Boynton Canyon.

The lodges are built right into the natural landscape and feel private but also special. 

Many couples choose to get married right on top of a red rock, or at least take a picture on one, just like the figures on top of a wedding cake, a picture you will never forget.

The Saguaro, Scottsdale

For something a little more upscale and contemporary consider the Saguaro is Scottsdale.

Here, things take a little bit more of a South American approach, forget cowboys. The decor is modern but still withholds the natural beauty of Arizona.

Many may enjoy the Saguaro for the multi-use facilities that are at hand. You could technically have your bachelor and bachelorette parties here, as well as the wedding.

The people at the Saguaro have been doing this for years, so you can guarantee that everything will go to plan.

This is great to consider for a non-conventional wedding that isn’t obsessed with tradition.

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix

With the right inquiry, you can easily have your wedding in this park. The gardens are fraught with beautiful flora and fauna that is endemic to the desert regions of Arizona. 

Many couples like to get married here, especially if they have a special memory in the area with their partner.

Perhaps it was here where you knew he or she was the one, or maybe this is where he or she proposed.

Although, the reason we included the gardens in our list is because it is an ideal marriage venue if you want something more low key, non-religious, but also private.

The Monroe Abbey, Phoenix

For something a little more out there and left of field, while still conforming to traditions, consider the Monroe Street Abbey.

If you have been in Phoenix before and seen the sights, you may have already seen this amazing abandoned church.

The church caught fire in the 1980s and was declared a hazard by city officials in the 90s.

Therefore, it was longer in use for religious ceremonies for a number of years. 

Thankfully, things have changed! Now that the venue has stabilized in terms of safety, it has been opened back up for the lucky couples who chose to be married here.

The venue itself is pretty bare, but this gives it a certain elegance and beauty, no external mirage of tradition or religion, simply a place of worship and celebration.

Heritage Square, Phoenix

For something a little more traditional and historic, but still special, travel to Phoenix town square’s charming locations.

Church included, the whole square is built on the foundations of a Victorian version of Phoenix that is beautiful and out of time.

If you are into the older style of life in Arizona, this is not only interesting and educational but also a beautifully looked after establishment that has anything you would want for a traditional and historic wedding.

The Boulders, Scottsdale

This venue has already won quite a few awards for wedding venues from both ‘The Knot’ and ‘Wedding Wire’ who both recognized its function and success as a wedding venue. 

If you want to appreciate the natural beauty the state of Arizona has to offer, then this is a great place that displays it all.

You can get married right between the magnificent boulders here, and enjoy being surrounded by the cacti and fauna that is local to the area.

‘Promise Rock’ has their own waterfall you can get married by, as well as guarantees that some adorable animals may join the ceremony like rabbits and quail, a true fairy tale.

Nature not your thing? There is a whole spa to get away from the commotion as well as anything else you can think of!

Granite Creek Vineyards, Chino Valley

While this location sounds a little remote, it is darn beautiful and a vineyard is a really great place to get married that is non-traditional but still beautiful.

At Granite Creek, you will receive a truly pastoral experience that is so wholesome.

Getting married by the wooden arch is so rugged, just as the high elevation granite peaks are. The vineyards are complemented by the rolling prairie that is just beautiful on a summer’s day.

The farm is super cutesy and wholesome and feels quite low effort, but at Granite Creek Vineyard, they have been doing this since 2004, so you can trust they will look after all your needs and guests.

If this hasn’t convinced you, just remember that it’s a vineyard. So, forget the annoying alcohol orders, quality, and fresh drinks will be available all day!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the state of Arizona has plenty to offer.

Not only does the state have a beautiful geography that can be quite varied in reality, but it also has the infrastructure so that you are never too far from home.

You can really escape the city life in this state and enter into a true fantasy of romance and ceremony.

Whether you want something traditional, historic, pastoral, non-conventional, or contemporary, the venues we listed hopefully hit these spots and more.

Arizona is full of beautiful sights, geography, weather, and culture. It is a truly unique place to tie the knot.

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