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Trust your partner for a smooth married life

Guest post by Amanda Kidd

Love, care, passion are all inseparable parts of a long-lasting marriage. But one more factor is very important to consider pampering your married life—and that is trust. Trust serves you with the confidence, relaxation and a deep, comforting feeling of forever togetherness. It means that you have confidence in your partner and believe in your partner. We need to learn to trust our partner, but some people find it a hard to do. Let’s consider few of the situations where you can lean more into trust.

Tie the knot and your trust too

At the time of marriage, make a decision to do your utmost to trust each other and be open and honest with one another. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt, and have faith in him or her.

Trust your partner even you are away

If you are away from your partner, don’t get suspicious. Think positively, and give your partner the benefit of the doubt (especially if they have no history of cheating). It may happen that when you tried to reach out to him/her, she didn’t respond immediately. If it happens a few more times, it’s natural to get worried. But lean into trust, or your partner could become resentful. Simply wait and ask your partner about his/her day and the gaps will likely be filled.

Beware of backbiters

Your marriage is going smoothly but some people in your life may simply start speaking ill of your partner in his/her absence. Stop it right there. Then keep people who are negative or who sew seeds of discontent at arm’s length or further.

Trust his/her opinions

Disputes and quarrels are part of any relationship and hence, of married life, too. As you both are very different personalities, it is obvious that differences arise. Share your point of view, then hear your partner’s views with an open mind. Discussion ends the problem in a healthy way, but argument makes the disagreement worse.

Show your trust

Demonstrate your trust to family or friends. When others understand you are united, there will be fewer attempts to divide you.


Amanda Kidd is a frequent blogger on the wedding portal. She has covered many interesting topics related to pre and post wedding scenario like wedding cakes, themed weddings, bridal shower, honeymoon destinations and romantic gateways.

Are there times in which you find it difficult to trust your spouse? Has your partner proved to be untrustworthy in the past in areas, such as finances or sexuality, that make it difficult to trust them? How can you rebuild that trust?

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Can Social Networking Lead to Divorce?

Divorce lawyers are reporting this month that 20 percent of divorce petitions cite Facebook as a contributor in the marriage’s demise. It’s unclear whether the numbers are accurate, but social networking can pose a new kind of threat to relationships if not used appropriately.

Facebook’s 350 million+ users find the site allows them to easily connect with friends and relatives, people they once knew, or new people with common interests. For some people, these connections can lead to curiosity, online flirting, wandering eyes, and the opportunity to rekindle old relationships or begin new ones.

The increasing use of mobile devices to communicate on social networking sites can make  posts seem more private. However, nothing posted to the Internet is private, and these communications frequently become public knowledge.

Lack of trust by the offended spouse can result, and marriages may be splintered. Once relationships have been sparked, users may be tempted to cheat on their spouses, or may leave their marriages for a new or old flame. Temptation is as old as time, but some people may find this new type of temptation too alluring.

Some couples are opting to avoid social networks for these reasons. Others are putting in place guidelines for communicating with the opposite gender.

A helpful article at the Marriage Junkie gives 5 ways to protect your marriage if you use social networking.

A few tidbits they share include not sharing negative information about your spouse, choosing your “friends” wisely, discussing with your spouse what topics or people should be out of bounds, and avoiding private chats or the development of close relationships with members of the opposite sex. When in doubt, “unfriend” someone who is offensive or who sparks inappropriate feelings.

One tip I would add is to “friend” your spouse, or if they are not a member, provide your spouse access to your page at any time—not to “check on you” but so that you can chat about common friends and activities and have an air of openness.

A previous post details why emotional affairs can be just as deadly to a marriage as physical ones. Guard your mind and heart, and keep your focus and attention on your beloved spouse.

Do you use Facebook? Do you have any safeguards in place or do you see no need for them?

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