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How Do Your Words About Marriage Impact Others?

I enjoyed this post by a young engaged gal who is excited to be getting married. Yet, colleagues and even complete strangers fill their days warning her about how hard marriage is, celebrating their divorces with her, and suggesting she still has time to get out of the marriage deal. Read her reaction. (And as an added bonus at the bottom of her post, see a classic 1965 performance of Jackie DeShannon singing “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”

I applaud her ability to be hopeful and positive within a negative climate. Yes, the cloud of young love is hovering over her, but her point is that she doesn’t live under a rock, and she knows all about divorce and failed relationships. (Don’t we all have more than a glimpse?)

I would guess that readers of this blog are rather fond of marriage. After all, you care enough to read marriage tips and research about boosting your relationship. How do you project your marriage to others? (Or if you are engaged, do you present a happy marriage as your ideal?) It’s so easy to fall into negativity and complaining. Try to be a positive voice even in a negative culture. Not only will you shape how others feel about marriage, you will help put your own relationship in its best light.

Sure, you may choose to have a serious discussion about the challenges of marriage to your nephew or your daughter, but are you overall bullish or bearish on marriage? Do you praise your spouse and your union? Do you share your positive experiences, how you felt at your marriage?

I like to tell people I’m a big fan of marriage and share how it’s been a great blessing to me. I get to share my life with my best friend. I get to reveal all my insecurities and dreams and concerns without fear of rejection. I always have someone to encourage me when I’m down or lend me the corner of his t-shirt to wipe away my tears (when I’m happy or sad). I have the perfect Daddy to help me raise my munchkins. I have someone who will even rub my feet if I ask nicely. In short, it’s totally worth the effort.

What’s your story, and have you shared it lately? Feel free to share it here. Or when you hear your coworkers griping about their spouses, say something positive to turn the conversation.

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