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Married and Thinking about Self-Employment?

Patty Newbold

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, you might wonder what kind of stress it may put on your marriage and family. I’ve run my own business for more than a decade, so I know while there are challenges, balance can be found.

Patty Newbold, whom I introduced you to in this post “What if today were your last day with your spouse?”, is now beginning an online self-study course designed to help married individuals who want to become self-employed. She’s allowing me to hold a drawing for one free attendee. Win a free class on how to enjoy being married while taking the self-employment plunge. If you’re interested in being entered into a drawing for Marriage Gems readers, leave a comment here. I’ll have the drawing on or shortly after August 1st. Visit Enjoy Being Married for information about the class or to register.

Thanks to Patty for making this available to our readers.