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Three Ways to Enjoy Your Relationship More

Please check out these three relationship tips that I was asked to provide for Redbook’s Shine! from Yahoo blog. These are the tips I would share if I had just a couple of minutes in an elevator with you and your spouse, and you asked me for simple, yet meaningful, advice you could take to your marriage today.

For more detailed advice, check out the archives, as I’ve written extensively about each of these topics. If you haven’t yet subscribed to automatic blog posts, take a second to do that (on the right column). Or consider sharing the blog with a friend whose marriage you want to encourage. I generally send three research-based marriage tips a week, and you can opt out at any time. I hear from readers all over the world how simple tweaks can benefit their relationships and family life.

The always helpful  Michele Weiner-Davis writes about Why You Haven’t Seen Change in Your Marriage (and what you can do to fix it).  She is spot on.

The Generous Husband explains how one person’s changing the way you talk or argue can make a big difference down the line. Most of us are waiting for our partners to change. You don’t “lose” if you are the one to change; you both win.

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Vote for Marriage Gems as Top 10 Marriage Blog

First, I’m so appreciative to have you as a reader here, whether you read every post or visit occasionally. I am always interested in your feedback and suggestions.

I’m honored that Marriage Gems is a finalist for one of the Top Ten Marriage Blogs of 2010. It’s a list that started at The Marry Blogger, and is a great way to introduce yourself to other marriage blogs if you have an interest. Here’s the list to browse. The competition is heightened this year, with 45 finalists compared to last year’s 18.

During the last year, if you have found tips, research, insights or interviews helpful in your marriage I’s appreciate your vote. This blog is done on a volunteer basis with no advertising or affiliate programs. Even my e-book is free. You can read about why I write about research-based marriage tips here.

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