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Join Online Love Dare™ Community

If you’ve purchased The Love Dare™ based on the movie Fireproof or you are considering getting the book, here’s a unique opportunity to go through the 40-day journey—either by yourself or with your spouse—along with an online community.  Go to 40daylovedare.com to register and gain access to an online, private journal along with a public message board. It has become one of the largest online marriage enrichment communities.

The site is sponsored by Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, which has marriage experts in a multitude of specialties. AMFM also has small group study kits if you wish to gather a group of married friends to walk through the 40 days together.

You will follow along each day of challenges and make brief notes about your reactions or your spouse’s reactions that day. You can post questions or comments for others to read, or read the public message board. You can also read AMFM cofounders Eric and Jennifer Garcia’s journals if you’re looking for ideas on how to proceed on a given day.

At the site, you’ll rate the quality of your marriage before and after the challenge. I’d be interested to know if you choose to go through it how it impacted your relationship.  What’s your favorite marriage book?

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