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New Inspirational Marriage Book Available

After three long years of preparation and work, I’m thrilled to announce that my book, First Kiss to Lasting Bliss: Hope & Inspiration for Your Marriage is now available!

Just in time for Christmas, the book is ideal for married couples of all ages and stages who want to achieve a blissful  marriage, but who understand life sometimes gets in the way.

First Kiss to Lasting Bliss features the real-life stories of couples across the U.S. Many of them used adversity to improve their marriages. Couples overcame drug addiction, infidelity, stranger rape, bankruptcy, raising a special needs child, infertility, loss of a child, military separation, opposing religions, differing races, unsupportive families, life-threatening injuries and illnesses, depression, brain injury, and MUCH more. These couples didn’t just survive, they became great love stories that can inspire us all. You will get to know the couples and their often difficult journeys, as well as the keys to their now-strong marriages.

In the book, I also share 12 overarching lessons that these couples taught me while writing the book. These lessons can inspire you to take your marriage to the next level.

The book is offered in print and e-book editions. The print version is $14.95, and e-books range from $7.99 to $9.99 depending on which format you choose. But no matter what format you choose, I’m happy to offer seven free marriage tools/products from other marriage educators and writers who are generously offering them to all those who purchase my book. Visit my web site for the awesome list (and thanks to all the contributors!) and the links to the different book formats. You can also find testimonials, the book introduction and interviews with me on my site www.LoriDLowe.comGo here if you would rather go straight to Amazon.com to buy the book. (You still get the freebies if you email me).

I’ve shared hundreds of research-based marriage tips here at Marriage Gems during the last three years. If you have found this blog helpful, I hope you will check out the book. Please consider sharing it with your friends or family who could use some encouragement.

I thank all of you for your support and for your interactions here, which keep me motivated to research and write about this important topic that has the potential to help so many families. I especially thank my family for their patience during this rather large undertaking.

I wish you bliss in your relationships!

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There is Hope for Your Marriage

Occasionally I hear from couples or individuals who are truly struggling in their marriage. Recently I heard back from one such wife who reports her marriage has made a complete turnaround. They overcame a period of disconnection and infidelity after a period of hard work in individual counseling. A couples’ retreat (Weekend to Remember) served as a time of reprioritizing and reuniting. The degree of improvement surprised them. Many couples never realize what can be accomplished if they have the right intervention.

I’m celebrating with this couple and thankful for them and their four young children that the marriage is strong and happy once again. If your marriage is in a down cycle or in crisis, don’t give up hope; a turnaround is possible. The marriage is in grave danger when one or both partners give up hope and stop trying to improve the relationship. Serious problems often require professional help to determine if you can get past them as a couple. If you are struggling in your relationship, check out my resources page for books, web sites and tips on finding a pro-marriage counselor.

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