18 Stunning Wedding Arch Ideas For Your Special Day

A wedding arch is a beautiful feature at any wedding ceremony and serves as a focal point where the couple will exchange their vows. It is also a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos or to frame a particularly beautiful setting. 

18 Stunning Wedding Arch Ideas For Your Special Day

There are many different types to choose from, but we have found 18 stunning wedding arch ideas for your special day. From statement pillars to rustic wedding arches and even hexagonal arches, there’s something for every type of wedding. 

1. Classic Trellis Arch

Sometimes less is more and that is definitely the case with a classic trellis arch. A simple wooden arch can be transformed into the perfect spot to exchange your vows with some beautiful floral arrangements and white fabric. 

Adding some lanterns at the base of the arch finishes the look and creates a beautiful location for some stunning photos. This arch would suit a rustic or countryside wedding but could be adapted for other venues. 

2. Outdoor Arch Indoors

You don’t need to have an outdoor ceremony to incorporate a wedding arch into your venue. Bring the outdoors inside with a beautiful backdrop of flowers and greenery to frame you and your spouse as you tie the knot. 

Lining the aisle with the same flowers and greenery will tie the whole look together. Adding candles or lanterns on the floor and fairy lights above creates a soft and romantic scene. 

3. Rustic Wedding Arch 

The great thing about rustic weddings is you are already incorporating the outdoors into your wedding. A rustic wedding arch can be as simple or as over the top as you want. 

The best look is reclaimed or rough timber softened with delicately colored flowers and elegant, flowing fabrics. 

With a woodland scene or countryside setting framed in the arch it will make your wedding ceremony even more beautiful and romantic. 

4. Hexagonal Arch 

Instead of the typical round topped arch or classic trellis a hexagonal arch can be a real statement for your nuptials. It can work really well in a lush green setting covered in foliage which will make it feel part of the scenery. 

These arches also work indoors too and can be very modern and geometric or soft and romantic. Incorporate your wedding colors into the flowers and fabrics covering the arch. 

5. Beach Wedding Arch 

A beach wedding is a perfect occasion for a wedding arch. It denotes the area where the couple will stand while they exchange their vows and is a focal point for the guests.

 Decorate with beach themed objects, flowers and fabrics to complement the setting. 

If you are having a sunset wedding the arch can be positioned to catch the setting sun as you say ‘I do’. And you will have some stunning photos to remember your special day. 

6. Circle Wedding Arch

A circle is a wonderful shape for your wedding arch. It echoes the circle of your wedding rings which themselves represent your wish to be together forever. What better backdrop for your exchange of vows?

The circle arch can be as big or small as you like and decorated very simply or extravagantly, depending on your taste. They can also be used indoors or outdoors and make great backdrops for your wedding photos. 

7. Statement Pillars

Rather than having a wedding arch you can choose to have a pair of statement pillars. The pillars are not intended to be symmetrical but rather asymmetrical and designed to frame  the happy couple. 

The pillars can be decorated with fresh flowers, dried flowers or fluffy pampas grass to match your wedding palette. They will suit any type of wedding and look just as stunning outdoors as they do inside a venue. 

8. Tropical Inspired Arch

For a tropical location or beach wedding an arch decorated with palm fronds and exotic flowers is perfect. If there are palm trees already present you could improvise an arch with a piece of wood between two trees and cover it with greenery and flowers. 

Add some candles around the base of the arch for an evening beach wedding and match the colors of the flowers to your wedding palette. 

9. Heart Shaped Arch

If there is a perfect shape for a wedding arch it has to be a heart. What better backdrop for exchanging your vows than the universal symbol for love? Indoors or outdoors this is a wonderful addition to your wedding venue. 

It can be decorated with just about anything, flowers, balloons, dried pampas grass. Whatever your wedding theme and colors you can add them to a beautifully romantic heart shaped wedding arch. 

10. Simple Wedding Arch

A simple wedding arch will perfectly complement your minimalist wedding. Dressed elegantly in soft flowing fabric and delicate, white or pastel flowers it will look stunning in both inside or outside venues. 

For an added touch, place stoneware vases full of flowers and greenery at the base of the arch to make it more of a focal point. The arch can be either a simple wood construction or made of lightweight metal. 

11. Arch Trio

Why have one arch when you can have three? For a larger outdoor venue a triple arch will look amazing and really make a statement at your wedding. They can be as ornate or simple as you wish and fit in with most wedding themes and color palettes. 

A smaller triple arch can be used for an indoor location and enhanced with beautiful fabrics, flowers and greenery. The same flowers can be placed along the aisle to tie the look together. 

12. Asymmetrical Arch

If you want a focal point for your wedding but are not sold on the idea of an arch why not try an asymmetrical arch. It is a more modern arrangement and adds an interesting visual element to the venue. 

Create a stunning spot for exchanging your vows and a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos with this asymmetrical design. The arch can be used inside or outside and with any type of floral arrangement or color palette. 

13. Forest Focal Point

A woodland wedding location is about as magical as you can get, so your wedding arch needs to be just right. As trees are the theme the arch should be as natural as possible and blend in beautifully with its surroundings. 

Using native flowers and lots of greenery will make the arch feel part of the forest itself. Add trails of flower petals to outline the aisle and draw the eye toward your focal point. 

14. Balloon Arch 

Balloon arches are so versatile and can be used just as effectively for an outdoor venue as inside. You can have just balloons, or a mixture of balloons, flowers and fabrics. Choose from monotone, dual colors or a combination of colors to complement your wedding palette. 

An arch made from balloons can be whimsical, pretty or dramatic. Different sizes of balloons make interesting creations and can be sculpted into almost any shape. 

15. Big & Bold Arch

For those who want to make a statement and create an impact for your guests, have a big and bold wedding arch. Incorporate your wedding colors or if you think the venue needs a splash of color use lots of flowers and go big. 

This is great for a maximalist wedding and will give you the most amazing backdrop for your photos. It will be a show stopping centerpiece for your ceremony. 

16. Single Flower Arch

A single type of flower or color can create a very dramatic wedding arch and look incredibly luxurious. If you have a favorite flower or want to stick to a single hue then this is the perfect wedding arch for you. 

Red roses are particularly popular for this kind of arch, but you can choose whichever flower you personally like or which features in your wedding color palette. 

17. Arch With Hanging Flowers

The most romantic wedding arches are those with hanging flowers which look like they are softly raining petals down on the happy couple. It also adds movement and an extra dimension to the wedding arch. 

Choose flowers and blooms that naturally drape or cascade such as wisteria, ruscus or amaranthus. Incorporate greenery like eucalyptus and willow branches to create a more natural feel to the arrangement. 

18. Scenery Framing Arch

If you have chosen a stunning outdoor location for your ceremony then a wedding arch is a wonderful way to create a focal point. Placing the arch to frame the best possible view will maximize your beautiful surroundings. 

You can then incorporate a pretty wedding arch with the backdrop of your location for your wedding photos. Whether it is capturing a beautiful sunset or majestic mountains, use the arch to frame the scenery at your wedding venue. 

Final Thoughts

Wedding arches are a wonderful addition to your ceremony and create a focal point for your exchange of vows. It particularly helps in large outdoor wedding locations such as a beach or woodland setting. 

We hope this guide to wedding arches has been helpful. 

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