12 Perfect Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas For Their Big Day

Weddings are the most wonderful occasions. But once the day has passed, it’s nice for the married couple to look at their wedding gifts as a means to reminisce about all the family and friends that shared that special day with them.

12 Perfect Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas For Their Big Day

Wedding gifts are symbolic of the well-wishes you have for the happy couple, and something that can be enjoyed again and again.

But, what if you have left things to the last minute?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! In this article, we’re going to share with you our top 15 last minute wedding gift ideas that the couple are sure to adore (just not as much as each other)!

They aren’t presented in any particular order. Feel free to scroll ahead.

1. Personalized Swivel Cheese Board

One of the most popular wedding gifts for couples is a personalized cutting board or cheese board…

Not only are they something that looks good, and symbolizes the coming together of the two in marriage, but it’s also extremely useful, something they may even use on a daily basis.

The cheese board linked to here is no ordinary one, but a swiveling one with three individual trays to place different items on, and it even comes with 3 complimentary pieces of cutlery, namely 2 cheese knives and a cheese fork.

It’s made with 100% organically grown bamboo, and is available in different shapes and sizes, and is laser engraved.

What’s more, it ships in one day and is eligible for free delivery.

2. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Every special occasion should be marked with a toast. And preferably with either fine champagne or prosecco – any kind of bubbly.

With these beautiful champagne flutes, the bride and groom can toast their marriage on their honeymoon, and for every celebration they share together from thereafter.

There are a whopping 11 different design options, all with beautiful calligraphy lottery and a choice of different fonts.  

The personalization can be composed of just about every combination of Mr/Mrs/Hubby/Wifey/Bride/Groom/First name/Surname and the date of the wedding.

The engraving comes at no extra cost, and the glasses are dishwasher-safe.

Depending on how close you are to California, you could get these glasses delivered in as little as one business day.

3. Custom Album Cover Music Plaque Lamp

Couples often think long and hard about what music and songs they associate with their getting together, or match how they feel in their relationship, and the first dance at their wedding is often something that’s deeply important to the two of them.

This cute, thoughtful gift includes a plaque that lights up, displaying the name of their chosen song, along with a custom-made album cover, which could be a favorite photo of the pair, just being happy together, enjoying each other’s company. 

4. Where It All Began, Personalized Anniversary Canvas Gift

This would be such an excellent gift to hand over to the happy couple on their big day, especially if they’re not expecting it!

All you need to know from them is when and where they met, when and where the proposal happened, and when and where the wedding venue is located where they make their vows.

This canvas displays the happy couple’s first names, and 3 heart shapes featuring satellite imagery displaying these 3 locations, labeled “Hello” for when they first met, “Will you?” for the proposal, and finally “I do” for the wedding.

What a great way for the happy couple to celebrate their journey together to wedded bliss.

5. Custom Photo Engraved on Wood, Watercolor Style

Another popular wedding gift for couples are special pictures of the two of them together.

They will have lovely wedding day photos of course, but prior to that, they ought to have at least one photo of the two of them together, looking deliriously happy and in love. Such pictures should be celebrated and treasured.

With this particular gift, the chosen photo can be given a watercolor painting effect, but to add even further to the uniqueness of the gift, rather than being on canvas, it is presented instead engraved onto 100% natural wood.

You can have the picture displayed horizontally or vertically, and it arrives quickly.

6. Personalized Constellation Star Map for Newlyweds 

You can also look to the night sky for inspiration for your wedding gift…

With this gift, you get to display the actual view of the night sky as it will look on the wedding day. But don’t worry, you don’t have to take a photo of it. You simply supply the company with the date and location, and they will do the rest.

A digital print of the stars and constellations are presented in a circle on a wooden plank. There is no printing necessary, and the wood planks arrive ready to hang up or stand.

It comes in a choice of three sizes, and you can personalize the star map with a caption of your choice, including perhaps the couple’s name, and the date and coordinates of the wedding.

7. Personalized Photo Collage Light Up Gift

This is a perfect gift for photogenic couples who have lots of memorable photos of their courtship.

The photos are made into the most wonderful photo collage, sized as necessary, into your chosen shape, be it a heart, the infinity symbol, a combination of the two, an initial, or even strips on a bottle lamp.

The bottle lamp features LED fairy lights inside, while the other photo collages have LED fairy lights around the edges.

It creates the most beautiful ambience for the couple to enjoy in their home.

8. Personalized Leather Coasters

Every home needs coasters. If the couple drink coffee, or any hot drink for that matter, they need somewhere to put down their drinks where they won’t stain or damage the furnishings.

These personalized laser engraved faux leather coasters are available in 9 different designs, and can feature just about any combination of surname/first and second names/wedding date/initials.

You can get black ones with gold engraving, or brown ones with black engraving, or gray ones with black engraving. Colors that go well with any decor.

9. Personalized Laser Engraved Plaque With Custom Message

This is such a pretty keepsake that would suit just about any decor. It features the silhouette of a tree, engraved with a heart with the couple’s initials on it, and an arrow going through.

While there are two hearts hanging down from one of the branches, each engraved with a member of the couple’s name.

And that’s not all. In the background of this beautiful wooden tree silhouette, you can see the text of your choice. It could be a favorite poem of the couple, the lyrics of a favorite song of the couple, or if you can get hold of it, their very own wedding vows they’re prepared for the wedding. What could be more meaningful? 

10. Personalized Custom Picture Made by Text

This is such a wonderful and unique idea, and it’s very reasonably priced, too. It begins with a nice photo of the couple, and this photo is made into a piece of graphic art, using text messages the couple have sent each other prior to the wedding, declaring their feelings for one another.

It’s available in a range of different sizes, and you can choose from 4 different fonts for the texts. If you can’t get hold of the couple’s texts to each other, you could perhaps use their favorite poems.

11. Personalized Wine And Beer Glass

This is a very convenient, yet personalized gift to give a couple if you don’t have any good photos of the couple.

All you need is the couple’s names, and you can gift them matching glasses, one reading “girlfriend fiancée wifey”, one reading “boyfriend fiancé hubby”, and their actual names on the other side.

You can either go for one beer glass and one wine glass, or two beer glasses, or two wine glasses.

12. Personalized Wedding Date Monogram Clock

Just like every home needs coasters, every home also needs a wall clock. Whether you have a routine to follow or even if you don’t, you often have to be somewhere by a certain time, and you simply cannot prepare for that without knowing the time. 

This personalized wedding date monogram clock is a wood design that looks great against a wide range of decors.

And it comes laser engraved, personalized with the couple’s names, surname monogram and a special date. This date could be their wedding date or the date the lovely couple first met.

And as time moves along, they will have a constant reminder of a moment that will stay with them forever.  

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our shortlist, and that you’re sufficiently inspired to get the happy couple a gift that they will treasure. You can still get the couple a lovely, heartfelt, personalized present, even if you have left it a little late.

Thanks for reading!

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