20 Mother Son Dance Song Choices For Your Wedding

If you are looking to follow wedding traditions, the mother-of-the-groom dance is something that you will want to incorporate into your wedding. It is similar to the father-of-the-bride dance, and is a lovely way for the mother of the groom to spend time with her son during the wedding, and give him her blessing.

If this is something you are looking to include in your wedding, then you will want to choose the perfect song for this sweet moment. When it comes to choosing the perfect song, this really does depend on the individual people. 

While some people choose their favorite song, others will choose something more sentimental and meaningful. There is no right or wrong song choice, as long as it is something you both enjoy, however, it might be a difficult choice to make.

To help you along, we have chosen 20 brilliant mother son song choices to consider. We have chosen a wide mix of songs from a variety of different genres that may be suitable options for you. We have also included some lyrics to help you determine whether one of these songs is the right choice for your wedding. 

You Raise Me Up — Westlife

This is such a lovely song that is a great dedication to your mother. It emphasizes how she is there for you in the tough times, and how she helped to lift you up from this. It truly is a beautiful song, and a tear-jerker. 

Important Lyrics:

“When I am down and all my souls surround me,
And troubles come and my heart burdens me.
And I am still am waiting here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.”

“You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up to more than I can be.”

Forever Young — Rod Stewart

This is a lovely song that emphasizes your mother letting you go on to live your life. 

Important Lyrics:

“May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam.
And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home.
And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true.
And do unto others as you’d have done to you.
Be courageous and be brave.
And in my heart you’ll always stay.”

Circle Of Life — Elton John

If you are a Disney fan, this is a great song choice that emphasizes the circle of life, and how things change over time. 

Important Lyrics:

“It’s the circle of life.
And it moves us all,
Through despair and hope.
Through faith and love,
‘Til we find our place,
On the path unwinding.
In the circle,
The circle of life.”

4. The First Lady In My Life — Paul Todd

This is such a beautiful song that really emphasizes a mother’ love for her son. It is one of the loveliest and moving songs you could choose, and all the lyrics are deep and meaningful.

Important Lyrics:

“So here we are today, now I’m finally grown,
About to take a wife, and start a family of my own.
Everything I am, I owe to you.
You molded me so carefully and you saw me through.
It’s hard to tell you how I feel, without a lot of mush.
But I must tell you true…
Hey Mom, I’m So Glad… The First Lady In My Life Was You.”

You’ve Got A Friend — Carole King

This song emphasizes how your mom will always be there for you, even through the toughest times. 

Important Lyrics:

“You just call out my name,
And you know, wherever I am
I’ll come runnin’,
To see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall,
All you have to do is call.
And I’ll be there,
You’ve got a friend.”

Because You Loved Me — Celine Dion

This is such a moving song, and all of the lyrics are important and significant. It really does emphasize a mother’s love for her son. 

Important Lyrics:

“You were always there for me,
The tender wind that carried me.
A light in the dark shining your love into my life.
You’ve been my inspiration,
Through the lies you were the truth,
My world is a better place because of you.”

“You were my strength when I was weak.
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak.
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see,
You saw the best there was in me.
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach,
You gave me faith ’cause you believed.
I’m everything I am,
Because you loved me.”

You’ll Be In My Heart — Phil Collins

This is another beautiful Disney song that shows a mother’s love for her child. 

Important Lyrics:

“This bond between us,
Can’t be broken,
I will be here, don’t you cry.”

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart,
Yes, you’ll be in my heart.
From this day on,
Now and forever more.

Beautiful Boy — John Lennon

While this is technically a song about a father and son, it is still a beautiful option to choose. 

Important Lyrics:

“Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age.”

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful boy.”

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) — Green Day

While this song may have the words “good riddance” in the title, it’s not about a mother being happy to get rid of her son, it’s actually a lovely song looking forward, and enjoying your life. It’s a great song for Green Day fans. 

Important Lyrics:

“So take the photographs,
And still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf,
In good health and good time.”

“It’s something unpredictable,
But in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.”

Thank You Mom — Good Charlotte

This is another meaningful song for those who enjoy rock music, and are looking for a slightly different choice.

Important Lyrics:

“You were my mom, you were my dad,
The only thing I ever had,
Was you, it’s true.
Even when the times got hard,
You were to let us know,
That we get through.
You showed me how to be a man
You taught me how to understand,
The things people do.”

“And I thank you, I’ll always thank you,
More than you will know.
That I could ever show,
And I love you, I’ll always love you,
There’s nothing I won’t do,
To say these words to you,
That you will live forever,
Forever, and ever.”

Take Your Mama — Scissor Sisters

This is a fun and upbeat song. The lyrics are not overly important, but it is a fun choice! Sometimes you just want to choose a fun song that both you and your mother will enjoy dancing to. 

Everything Changes — Take That

While this is not typically a mother-son song, it is a great option for fans of Take That, and it is a popular song that shows a mother’s love is a constant.

Important Lyrics:

“We’re a thousand miles apart, but you know I love you.
(Everything changes, but you),
You know every single day I’ll be thinking about you.”

A Song For Mama — Boyz II Men

This is a moving song acknowledging all that a mother does for her child. It is an absolutely beautiful song that is certainly a tear-jerker. 

Important Lyrics:

“And no one else can do,
What you have done for me.
You’ll always be, you will always be,
The girl in my life, ooh oh.”

“Mama, Mama you know I love you,
(You know I love you, you know I love you).
Mama, Mama you’re the queen of my heart, (You are)
Your love is like tears from the stars.
(Your love is like tears from the stars)
Mama I just want you to know (Mama I just want you to know),
Lovin’ you is like food to my soul.”

Sweet Child O’ Mine — Guns ‘N’ Roses

This is a fun choice for old school rock fans. While there are no important lyrics as such, it is an awesome song!

That’s What Mamas Do — Jason Matthews

This is another lovely, and moving song, that your mother will appreciate, acknowledging all they do for their children.

Important Lyrics:

“They raise you,
Ground you.
Build their whole world around you.
And they’ll carry the weight of your world too,
That’s what mamas do,”

There You’ll Be — Faith Hill

This well known song is definitely an emotional and beautiful choice.

Important Lyrics:

“Well you showed me how it feels,
To feel the sky within my reach,
And I always will remember all,
The strength you gave to me,
Your love made me make it through,
Ohh I owe so much to you,
You were right there for me.”

I’ll Always Love My Mama — The Intruders

This is a beautiful soul song that emphasizes how a son appreciates all that their mother has done for them. 

Important Lyrics:

“I’ll always love my mama,
She’s my favorite girl.
I’ll always love my mama,
She brought me into this world.”

Hero — Mariah Carey

Mothers really are heroes, and this song emphasizes that.

Important Lyrics:

“And then a hero comes along,
With the strength to carry on.
And you cast your fears aside,
And you know you can survive.”

Your Song — Elton John

This is a beautiful song that emphasizes the love someone can show. While it is not necessarily a song dedicated to a mother, it is truly beautiful, and a lovely song to dance to. 

Important Lyrics:

“And you can tell everybody,
This is your song.
It may be quite simple, but now that it’s done,
I hope you don’t mind,
I hope you don’t mind,
That I put down in the words,
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

Mother Like Mine — The Band Perry

This is one of our favorite choices as it really emphasizes how much a son appreciates everything that their mother has done for them since they were a child. 

Important Lyrics:

“She’s the sky that holds the clouds,
She’s the lady of the house.
A blind believer in all I dare to be,
There’s no safer place I’ve found.
Than the shoulder of her white nightgown,
Oh I’ve got the best and the worst of her in me.
And I’d share her if I could.”

“So the wars would all be over,
‘Cause she’d raise us all as friends.
And no one would ever wonder if somebody wanted them,
We’d walk on grass that’s greener,
And our cares would all be freer,
If the world had a mother like mine.”


We hope that this article has helped you find the perfect mother song songs to dance to at your wedding. These songs are all meaningful in their own way, and have beautiful lyrics. 

They will certainly bring a tear to the eyes of your guests, and will help you to share a meaningful moment with the first woman who was important in your life — your mother. After all, there is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to a mother, and their love and care for their son.