How To Tie A Tie For A Wedding

There are many different ways to tie a tie to help reflect the collar style you are wearing as well as your facial structure. The big day is coming up and you’ve probably got your outfit all ready and waiting, but how should you tie your tie?

How To Tie A Tie For A Wedding

The majority of weddings adhere to a formal dress code and would expect guests to wear suits and ties, elegant dresses, and hats.

Even if you aren’t a typically formal dresser, there are certain occasions when you need to know how to tie a tie and pick an appropriate style. 

Being able to tie your own tie is an important skill to have and one that will come in handy when you need to make sure the rest of the wedding party looks their best!

Learn the proper way to tie a tie for a formal wedding dress code with this article.

Choosing The Right Tie

Picking out the right tie to match your wedding outfit is crucial as a mismatched combination will stick out like a sore thumb.

The best place to start is with the color scheme of your wedding, the tie should match the bridesmaid’s dresses and the flowers. 

We would suggest choosing a monochromatic tie to blend in seamlessly rather than a boldly patterned tie that will stand out when you’re at the altar.

Solid color ties are also a good choice, they can look very elegant and still make a statement with the right color choice. 

A standard tie size is best, these are between 3.25 to 3.5 inches wide. Although skinny ties are popular with workwear and other event types, keeping it traditional for your wedding creates a more timeless and classy look. 

That being said, this depends on the formality of the wedding and the theme! If it’s a non-traditional wedding, everyone might be wearing their wackiest tie.

Some people might opt for a bow tie, but that is a whole other story we won’t go into here. 

Tying A Windsor Knot

Choosing The Right Tie

The Windsor knot is named after the Duke of Windsor, otherwise known as King Edward VIII.

The English King was known for his preference for a wider tie knot over the popular styles at the time. Perhaps due to the royal influence, the Windsor is considered the most formal of tie knots. 

Looking at the knot itself, it can be distinguished from others due to its large, well-balanced, and symmetrical appearance that can be easily undone.

The firmness of the knot means there is less chance of the tie moving or slipping over the course of the day.

Here are the basic steps on how to tie a full Windsor: 

  1. Place the tie around your collar with the wider end on your right, this end should be hanging around 4 inches lower than your waistband.
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrower end of the tie. 
  3. Loop the wide end under and through the neck loop near your collar. The wide end should be pointed down.
  4. This should give you a basic knot, similar to how you would start to tie a bow. Pull the wider end down to the left. 
  5. Thread the wide end around the back of the thin end of the tie to the right. 
  6. Bring the wide end up to the center towards the neck loop and thread it down and through the neck loop to the right.
  7. Take the wider end and bring it across the front of the knot to the left. 
  8. Thread the wide end under the neck loop and over the top of the knot. 
  9. Here, thread the wide end of the tie through the knot you’ve made at the front of the neck loop.
  10. Pull down the wide-pointed end of the tie to pull the knot securely and adjust until it’s comfortable. 

Tying The Half Windsor

The Half-Windsor is nearly identical to the full Windsor knot, however, it is less thick and easier to master. This tie knot is more suitable for wider or open collared shirts.

The style sits somewhere between the formality of the Windsor and the casual, laid-back Four In Hand knot. Therefore, it’s ideal for a less formal wedding where appearances still matter. 

Here is our guide on how to tie a Half-Windsor knot: 

  1. Hang your tie around your collar with the wide end hanging down to your right, this should hang down to your thigh meaning the thin end will be at your rib cage. 
  2. Cross the wide end over the thin end to the left making an ‘X’ shape. 
  3. Take the wide end and loop it horizontally around and behind the thinner end.
  4. Thread the wide end down through the neck loop and pull tight. 
  5. With the wide end in your right hand, wrap it over the front of the thinner end from right to left. 
  6. This should give you a sort of triangle formation. Using your left hand bring the wide end towards your chest and up behind the neck loop so the wide end is pointing down at the top of the knot. 
  7. Open up the triangle formation at the center of the knot and thread the wide end through the middle of this opening. 
  8. Then you should be able to adjust the knot by pulling it up to your collar and pulling on the thinner end in a downward motion.

Top Tip: print out a picture guide to keep with you on the day to serve as a reminder. 

Other Tie Knots

There are plenty of other tie knots to choose from if you feel that these don’t reflect your personality or style. These include: 

  • Eldredge Knot
  • Double Knot
  • Trinity Knot
  • Balthus Knot

The Bottom Line

The tie you wear on your wedding day will be a prominent feature of your outfit, so it’s important to get the style, color, and knot style right. For formal weddings with a standard dress code, the full Windsor knot is the most appropriate.

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