How To Plan A Micro Wedding

How To Plan A Micro Wedding

Big weddings are slowly becoming a thing of the past for a lot of people.

This is for a variety of reasons-be it having smaller social circles, wanting to have a destination wedding or simply a budgetary reason-less is more with an intimate wedding.

Smaller weddings have become known as micro weddings. But what are micro weddings? And how do you plan one? Read on to find out more. 

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an event that includes up to 50 guests, where invitations are extended only to the closest family members and best friends and their partners.

There are several factors to consider when planning a micro wedding, but the first thing you need to decide on is if it is the right kind of wedding for you. 

As mentioned above, a micro wedding is suitable for when you are planning a destination wedding, which is a wedding with a remote location or limited accommodations available to the guests at the wedding venue. 

Another thing to consider is how comfortable you are with cutting down that guest list. Sometimes managing the guest list against other family members’ expectations is a challenge if you want a small wedding.

However, if you are ok with standing your ground and not inviting your grandmother’s sister’s nephew on her husband’s side, then a micro wedding may be for you!

A micro wedding is great for if you are wanting to cut down on cost and then spend the budget on something else such as a longer honeymoon or a bespoke wedding dress.

A micro wedding is also an opportunity for spending quality time with your guests. 

If you think that you meet the criteria for one or some of the reasons to have a micro wedding, here are some steps to planning the perfect micro wedding:

Manage Your Vision

The first step to planning a micro wedding is to narrow your vision of and budget for your wedding.

It may be worthwhile to find your must-have elements to your wedding and prioritize to include those in the budget. 

Something else to consider here is how the whole wedding will work-for example, seating arrangements to accommodate smaller parties or decor options to offset the small size of the wedding.

Another thing to decide is if you would like to have a full wedding ceremony vs a small one or  just a party or reception.

It may be important to you to have a quick and small ceremony with a delightful reception where you can dance the night away.

What you will need to do is to keep an open mind, decide which options work for you, and solve problems efficiently through the planning process. 

Location, Location, Location

Once you have decided on your vision and budget, you will start to look at when you want to hold your wedding and venues for your big day.

It is essential to make sure that the venue is comfortable accommodating a smaller group of people.

Although, there are beautiful venues that have an event space that is better suited for smaller weddings.

A lot of micro weddings are destination weddings, so if you have the budget, this could be an option for you.

Alternatively, if you are trying to be budget conscious, try having a weekday wedding instead-you will save on costs and as a bonus may be able to hire that photographer that you have always wanted. 

There are other options such as Airbnb weddings or even backyard micro weddings, which are great for a micro wedding or more intimate wedding ceremony. 

All The Right People And Stuff In Between

Next, look at all the other vendors you will need. Look into hiring a wedding planner to take away some stress, finding the right officiant for you, or hiring your dream photographer.


Additionally, many micro wedding throwers decide to forego the wedding party tradition, thus avoiding the necessity of having to account for bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen suits etc. 

Another thing to decide, budget dependent, is if you would like to hire a decorator or florist or if you would like to get creative and do this yourself.

Something else to consider since you have fewer people to worry about is the option to get creative with food, drinks, games, and entertainment for the day. 

A smaller guest list can allow for customization of the wedding experience and the favors offered by you as the happy couple-making for a more memorable experience for your guests.

You have the opportunity of personalizing everything-from invites, to a personal note, to food-with a smaller wedding.

Another consideration to think about is replacing traditional wedding customs with your own.

Instead of having one long speech from certain members of the wedding party, try opting for mini-toasts from those that want to give them.

Another idea would be to not have the traditional cake-cutting but to serve your favorite desserts instead, such as donuts or macarons. 

The Guest List Cull

With regard to a guest list and the micro wedding, it is important to be thoughtful with whom you are going to invite.

It will be a small and intimate affair, and so it is essential to invite those people who have made a substantial impact on your life. 

It is about who must be there for your intimate celebrations and not who would be nice to see again. If narrowing down your guest list is proving to be a difficult feat, you could always include a virtual portion for the ceremony.

Thereby giving those that are not invited to the whole wedding the option to join the ceremony if they so wish. 

Other Admin

Although it is not a full-scale wedding with lots of guests, it is critical to stay organized and maybe make use of a planner app or calendar to book the vendors and send out the invitations on time. 

Another thing to do is to determine when you need to get a marriage license. This is a lengthy process and may be even longer still if you are getting married away from home.

Other elements specifically if you are having a destination wedding to cater for are travel arrangements, passports, and accommodations.


When planning a wedding, even a micro wedding, it is essential to stay organized and on top of things.

Make sure to check that your priorities for your big day as well as your expectations match up to what is available to you in terms of vendors and other offerings. 

The most significant thing about a micro wedding is to have a wonderful time with the people that are closest to you.

Hopefully, this piece has given you ideas on what to think of when planning a micro wedding. Happy planning!

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