How To Pay For A Wedding

Becoming engaged is a beautiful thing, but the mood can soon be dampened when you start to realize that you will need to be able to actually afford the wedding.

In fact, it is likely to be the most expensive event you will plan in your lifetime.

Whilst little things might not seem so expensive, it will soon add up and can become overwhelming.

It is natural to want to enjoy the experience of being engaged and reveling in the excitement about the big day, but more often than not, couples find that the financial stress of planning a wedding can impact them significantly, both as a couple and their bank balance.  

How To Pay For A Wedding

Whilst it might be easy to talk about sticking to a budget and sacrificing spending, there are ways to save up so you can afford the wedding you would love.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some easy (and not so easy) ways to save money for the big day. 

Plan Ahead

Whilst you might be up in the clouds enjoying the feeling of being engaged (that is both of you), there is no better time than right now to plan your wedding day, even if you are not planning to be married within a year or two.

Looking at the things you want to spend money on – the dress, catering, venue, etc. – you can see how much you are likely to spend.

This way, you can start breaking down the different expenses of the day and budget accordingly.

If you stick to your plans as much as possible, then when the time comes to paying the money out, you will hopefully have the funds ready to go. 


Looking at your current expenses and seeing what you can cut out can be a scary and time consuming thing to do, but it is oh-so necessary when it comes to budgeting for the wedding day.

If you plan to save money, then you are going to want to cut back on daily and monthly expenses.

Whilst it might be nice to have a number of subscriptions on the go, think Netflix, Spotify, and the gym, think about how much you use each one and if they are a priority.

The subscriptions that are frivolous, or the ones you pay for and barely use – they can go.

Whilst it might be sad not to be able to catch up on Marvel on Disney Plus, you can always resubscribe later on, or think about saving money by sharing an account with somebody else.

You will find that the money you save from not paying out for these things will amass in your bank account within a short space of time.

You might even find that you do not need to subscribe to these anyway, helping you to save even more money post-wedding. 

Stop Spending Daily

Along with the monthly outgoings of TV subscriptions and cell phone bills, there is also the daily spending habits the majority of us do.

The problem with little spending habits is that they mount up over time, despite each one only being a few dollars at a time.

For example, that coffee you buy before work, lunch, and the parking fee – whilst it may only seem like a few dollars spent in the morning, after a week it mounts up.

If this is just a part of your weekly routine, then after a month you will be spending more than 200 dollars which could be saved for the wedding.

Whilst the parking fee might not be something you can remove from your daily spending, you can always take a coffee and lunch to work with you instead of buying it from Starbucks.

Plus, once the wedding is paid for, this is something you can enjoy again blissfully if you would like to. 

Compare Prices

When you are looking at venues, flowers, photographers, and caterers – for example – for the wedding, do not just go for the first company you like.

It is always better to compare prices and see if anyone can do any deals, or has an offer available.

Sometimes it is easy to become over excited with what a company can offer you, but before you say yes and end up spending more than you can afford, take a moment to compare the prices from other places. 

Always make sure that it is within your budget, and that you have looked at what else is out there before committing to a company and price.

You might realize later that you could have saved elsewhere for the exact same service. 

Get Creative

If you have decided to break-up with Netflix and still have not found a way to save extra money each month, then you could always start a side hustle.

If you have old clothes or house items that you have been meaning to get rid of, then eBay is a great place to sell them.

Etsy is also a good option if you have any collectables or a hobby that you can make into a business.

You never know, you could always keep it up post-wedding if you find that you are enjoying it and have begun making some money. 

Use Your Savings

If you have savings, then this is a great option compared to borrowing money from friends, family, or a loan company.

The last thing you want is to start your married life in debt, so always think twice about borrowing money.

Whilst using your savings is a better idea, there are a couple of things to think about before you do so.

Firstly, are you planning to use the lot, or are you only adding the money to what you have in the wedding fund?

Also, are you and your partner using 50/50 of each other’s savings, or is it only you who is using yours?

Before you pay out, make sure it is exactly what you want to do, and that it will not put you in financial ruin in the long term. 

Ask For Help

If you are really struggling to pay for your wedding, rather than putting yourself in debt by getting a loan, see if any friends and family can help with favors.

This could be asking a friend to take pictures instead of buying a wedding gift, or seeing if a friend of a friend wants to DJ.

You may have to compromise on some aspects of quality going this route, but it will help you in the long run, and it will still make for an amazing day. 

Final Words

Getting hitched is exciting, but once reality sets in you realize that both of you have to pay for the wedding.

Whilst the tradition of who pays for the wedding has long gone, these days it is up to you and your partner to fork out the bill.

Even though at first it might seem daunting, if you plan ahead and budget, you will find that a wedding is relatively easy to pay for without putting you both into debt.

All you need is to cut some costs to your daily and monthly spending habits, as well as potentially create a side hustle, and you will be saving extra money in no time.

Unfortunately, weddings can be a big financial burden on a couple, but do not let it spoil that special feeling of being engaged. 

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