How To Make A Courthouse Wedding Special

If you are engaged and hoping to plan your dream wedding, your venue doesn’t need to get in the way. Courthouses weddings are still weddings, after all, and with the right choices, your wedding can have every guest leave with, both impressed and with a heartwarming feeling.

We’ve put together a few tips – if you use just a few of these ideas, you’ll be counting down the days to your big day in no time!

How to make a courthouse wedding special

The Way You Dress Is Important

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding is the bride’s dress! If you want your wedding to be as special as it can be, the way that you and your partner dress on your big day is important!

If you choose to wear a wedding dress, try to find one that makes you feel as special as you imagined you would on your wedding day.

For some, that might be the prettiest dress with the biggest train they can imagine, whereas, for others, it may mean finding an outfit that lets them make a statement. Every wedding is unique, just as the people hosting them are, so make sure that your wedding represents you. 

Other things to consider may be make-up or accessories – do you want to wear a veil, or a particularly treasured piece of jewelry?

Or maybe you’d enjoy something less traditional, with a personal twist – the groom could even wear an item representing their favourite superhero or sports team (perhaps a shirt underneath their dress shirt, with the logo on – this can be a great idea for group photos).

There’s no reason you can’t look absolutely jawdropping on your big day! The most important thing is that what you are wearing makes you happy and excited on this very special day. 

Invitations Are Always A Great Idea

Invitations are a good way of showing how much effort you have put into planning your wedding. They serve a dual purpose – they give a personal touch, whilst also allowing you to notify your guests of any details regarding the wedding. 

Invitations are especially important for the sake of planning – if you’re trying to plan your wedding, you’ll probably need an idea of how many people will be attending, so that you can make decisions on food and seating arrangements.

Invitations allow your guests to respond, meaning that everything is nicely arranged for your wedding day. 

Asking For Help Is Never A Problem

Always ask for help! Your wedding day is supposed to be spent with the ones that you love the most – but you can’t arrange it all on your own! You might want to consider getting your best friends, siblings, or parents on board to help you, and maybe even assign one of them as hostess for the day!

With a team of people behind you, you can all keep an eye out for accessories, decorations and ideas that will make you and your partner feel as special as you can on the day of your wedding. 

Don’t Skip The Reception!

Please don’t skip the reception! Your wedding reception is a chance for both of you to mingle with your guests and properly celebrate your special day. 

Whether you choose to have a party that no one will forget or a nice, sit-down meal, a wedding may be one of the only days that you will have the opportunity to have so many of your loved ones around you at once.

Loads of wedding traditions are typically done within the reception, from throwing the bouquet, to the groom removing the bride’s garter – with a bit of music and some great company and food, your reception will be a night that neither of you will forget!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

If you want to give your wedding the romantic atmosphere that you’ve always imagined, flowers are SO important! 

A bouquet will give you something to hold as you walk down the aisle, and something to throw at the reception! You might also choose not to throw it and preserve it, as bouquets can often be kept as keepsakes. 

If you ensure that you have plenty of your favorite flowers scattered around your venue, you can spruce the area up in no time. 

Make A Wedding Playlist

The music that you play at your wedding gives both you and your partner control of the atmosphere that your guests will experience whilst at your wedding. 

Try to choose a mixture of songs that mean something to both of you – you need something to play whilst you have your first dance!

You can grab some bonus points here by choosing some fun songs to put on this playlist, too – if you can have fun, whilst also allowing your personalities to shine through, your wedding day will almost certainly be a day to remember. 

Some couples might choose to also learn a dance to perform at their wedding – this can be equally entertaining for the guests as it is the newly married couple, so if you’ve got the moves (or even if you don’t – it’s your wedding day!), get your dancing shoes on! 

A Photographer Is A Must!

Imagine looking through a photo album in a few years, reliving all of your favorite memories from your wedding day. 

Without a good photographer, this isn’t likely. Photographers are extremely important – they’re responsible for capturing the essence of both you and your partner, in pictures that you’ll both be excited to look back on for years to come. 

Photography isn’t easy, so making sure that you hire a good photographer should be a priority on your list. If this is going to be difficult, try to put some time aside and find a friend with a good eye – if you prepare, you can both decide on the shots that you want of your wedding day beforehand, and practice them so that you get the outcome that you would like.

You might even consider hiring a videographer so that you can have a beautiful, edited movie of your very own wedding day for both you and your partner to watch. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of our ideas, you can go ahead and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

Try to remember that the most important part of your wedding day is that it is special to both you and the person you are marrying – it’s a day to celebrate how much you love each other, so try to make it count!