How To Fill Out A Wedding RSVP Card

You’ve planned every detail of your big day down to the last detail, from the flowers to the cake. Now it’s time to start thinking about who else is going to attend your wedding.

The invitation is the first step toward welcoming guests into your special event, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to show off your style and personality.

When sending invitations, it’s important to remember that they should reflect your personal taste and style. In addition to inviting friends and family members, consider adding some fun details to your invites.

For example, you might include a map of where your reception will take place or a photo of your venue.

How to Fill Out a Wedding RSVP Card

Your wedding invitation is the perfect way to let your guests know what to expect at your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want something simple or elaborate, these tips will help you create a memorable invite.

Decipher Who’s Invited

You should check the wedding invitation carefully before making any assumptions about whether you can bring a date.

There are several places on the wedding invitation where you might see information about who is invited.

If you are unsure whether you can bring a plus one then the answer is usually no, it takes a lot of money per person to plan a wedding and unless the RSVP specifically says you can bring a plus one then it is likely that you can’t.

If you have a close relationship with the hosts of the wedding you could ask them if you could bring a plus one, but we recommend refraining from this as planning a wedding is a very stressful affair.

The Envelopes

The names of the people in the family that are invited to the marriage ceremony are written on the inner envelope.

The names of the guests are written on the outer envelope. The names of those who aren’t invited are left blank.

A plus one is someone who is invited along with the main guest. You should not invite your plus one as an extra guest unless otherwise stated.

How To Fill Out A Wedding RSVP Card

How you should fill out a wedding RSVP card will depend fully on the card that you have, there will normally be allotted spaces that you will need to write in.

When writing on an RSVP card it is important that you write clearly and in ink, so stay away from writing cursive and try to only write in clear capital letters.

By writing in ink you are ensuring that your information doesn’t accidentally get rubbed away or misshaped.

It is likely that you will have to fill out your name and the names of the people that are attending the wedding with you.

There will also likely be a food option that you will have to fill in along with any allergies that you may have. On some RSVP cards, there is also space to put a small message to the hosts of the wedding.

When To Respond

You should plan your wedding attendance ASAP. Don’t wait until the last minute. You might miss the deadline.

It is important to respond to an RSVP as soon as you know that you are going, for some people this might be quite difficult as different people have different schedules.

There is usually a deadline that the hosts have to know exactly who is coming by. 

If you don’t know when the deadline of the RSVP 

Writing The Number Of Attendees On The RSVP Card

The number of people you are allowed to bring to a wedding will depend on the wedding. If your name is on the invite and the RSVP then you are invited to the wedding, whether you can bring a plus one is a different matter.

If the RSVP states that you can bring a plus one then you will probably have to indicate on the RSVP that you are bringing the plus one and then write the name of the plus one. 

How To Indicate Your Food Choice

Most weddings will have a food choice on the RSVP, this will normally be selected out of a few options.

There should also be a space where you indicate any allergies or preferences you have with your food choice, it is important to let the hosts know of any preferences you have on the RSVP to avoid confusion at a later date.

Is It Possible To Add A Personal Touch To An RSVP Card?

If you are the one sending out an RSVP card then yes, it is possible to add a personal element to an RSVP card. This would normally involve printing pictures of yourself onto the RSVP card.

Some people like to do this because it gives the RSVP a personal touch, and if you are inviting a large number of people who are on the verge of family and friends, then it also makes a good way to add names to faces.

Having a picture on your RSVP card will also make for a great moment after the wedding.

If you are receiving an RSVP card then there is less you can do to add a personal touch. Some RSVP cards will have a little space for you to write some notes or a message to the hosts of the wedding.

This can be a good place to say congratulations or good luck.


Learning how to fill out an RSVP card is something important for both the host and the guest.

A simple and easy-to-fill-out RSVP card makes things easier for both parties involved. It is important to make your RSVP card easy to fill out, clearly marking how they should answer and where to write.

Guests should always try to write a legible reply on the RSVP card as well. Make sure that your reply is clear and not in cursive, try to make as little work for the hosts as possible in receiving your RSVP.

We hope that we have helped you with your RSVP and that you enjoy any occasion that you are attending.

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