How To Dance At A Wedding?

Weddings are one of life’s biggest parties. What better way to celebrate love between the newly weds and new relationships between family and friends than a massive party? With such a huge event comes the best expression of celebration – dancing. 

Here’s the thing – you can’t exactly dance at a wedding as you would at a club. For those who are insecure about dancing at a wedding (whether they are a guest or the one getting married), the thought of dancing can be anxiety-inducing. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself, after all. 

If you’re thinking about spending tens of dollars on dance classes, put away your money and read this guide. Here is everything you need to know about how to dance at a wedding! 

How To Dance At A Wedding As The Newly Weds?

The first dance at a wedding reception is the most important one – the newly married couple’s first dance. If you are the soon-to-be couple reading this guide, the first thing you must do is choose the appropriate first dance song that means the most to you. 

First dances are generally a slow waltz, where the man guides the woman. Depending on the vibe of the song, couples might simply sway in the same spot, or they might dance around a bit more. Whatever you do is up to you, so it doesn’t matter if you have a choreographed routine or not!

Here are the key things to remember:

Entrance and ending

The entrance and ending of the first dance are equally important. The entrance will set the tone of the dance, and the ending should encourage your guests to dance with you for the rest of the night. 

The dip

No first dance is complete without the classic dip towards the end of the song. Even if you’re going to dip your partner just to make them laugh, it’s a classic dance move. 

Get lost in the moment

The first dance doesn’t have to be serious. The song you pick should be meaningful to both of you, so allow yourselves to get lost in the moment. 

How to dance at a wedding as a guest

If you’re attending a wedding as a guest with a partner, here are our top tips on how to dance at a wedding.

Go with the flow

The key to dancing is to allow your body to move how it wants according to the music. During a fun 80s disco song, allow yourself to dance like crazy. When a slow song comes on, relax and go to a slow waltz with your partner. 

The beauty of weddings is that most guests will be drinking, so as the reception continues late into the night, people won’t care about how you’re dancing. Of course, have some etiquette and respect when dancing, as you have to remember there will be elderly and young guests present. Also, don’t forget about the photographer. You will want to keep your dignity. 

The classic hip sway

If in doubt, simply rock your hips to the beat of the song. This is great for if you don’t know the song or if you’re in the middle of talking to another guest. 

Don’t be sexual

This goes without saying, but don’t go too overboard with the hip swaying or anything remotely sexual. Keep it clean and modest!

How To Dance At A Wedding Without A Partner?

If you’re attending a wedding without a partner, there’s always the embarrassing thought of “are people going to look at me when I dance alone?”. Truth is, you won’t be alone. Dance with your friends, or better yet, make friends on the dance floor! 

Copy others

If you’re struggling to get involved but your body wants to dance, simply watch how the other guests dance. Mimic their moves or make your own version. This is also a good way of introducing yourself to other guests, as it creates a conversation without words. 

Don’t stand still

There’s nothing more awkward than standing completely still at the side of the dance floor. This is a party, after all, so even the slightest movements will be more appropriate than doing nothing. Tap your feet to the beat of the song, bop your head, sway your hips. All of these small movements will ease you into dancing. 

Dance with a kid

If you’re struggling to dance seriously without embarrassing yourself, get yourself into a situation where embarrassing dancing is suitable – such as dancing with a kid! If you know some of the young ones at the wedding reception, encourage them to dance with you to a fun song. Pull a Ross from Friends and get them to stand on your feet as you dance around! 

Not only will this give you more confidence on the dance floor, but it will encourage others to dance with you, too. 

General top tips on how to dance at a wedding

People will often forget that a wedding is meant to be fun, not an event that’s going to judge you on your dance skills. At the same time, a wedding isn’t the same as a regular, alcohol-induced party. Here are some general top tips on how to dance at a wedding. 

Be mindful of others

The last thing you want to do at a wedding is embarrass yourself by dancing too provocatively or like a maniac. Remember that there will be elderly family members and children present, so be mindful of your dance moves. 

Let the family do their thing

Aside from the first dance, the other important dances will be all about the families of the newly weds. This means that if you’re a guest with no relation to the families, be respectful and let them dance by themselves. Wait your turn!

Have fun!

A wedding is not a dance competition, so just have some fun with it! Wedding music is always great, so you can expect to know the majority of songs. Go with the flow, and remember that this is a celebration. Don’t take it too seriously!