How To Create A Wedding Toast

You can make a touching or funny toast at your wedding. Or, of course, embarrassing.

When you’re part of the wedding party or given the honor of speaking at a friend or family member’s wedding, it’s important to prepare in enough advance so that your speech will be memorable.

Follow the steps below if you want to maintain your toast’s celebration of the newlyweds and enhance the wedding’s merriment.

How To Create A Wedding Toast

Speak About Your Toast To The Newlyweds

Ask the couple what they want in terms of in terms of material, duration, and themes.

It’s also a good idea to inquire if there’s anything you shouldn’t do, just to make sure you don’t share any private information with them.

It is all about the bride and groom; give them a toast that will bring happiness to them. While you may want to make a lighthearted toast, the happy couple may prefer that you remain solemn.

Before you start writing, check with the bride and groom to see what is acceptable and what is not.  

Even while it’s a good idea to double-check with the bride and groom on what content is appropriate, don’t reveal all the contents of the toast!

So that your speech remains a surprise on the wedding day, get some information from them without telling them what it’s about.

Choose A Theme

Is your toast going to be funny? Personal? Touching? Identify the type of toast you wish to give, considering both your strengths (remember, not all of us are funny) and what you believe the bride and groom will enjoy.

You can focus on a more specific theme once you’ve established the general tone of your toast (anything from funny to serious). Perhaps it relates to their relationship, or something about their journey.

General themes could include “love always finds a way” if the couple overcome hurdles such as long distance, “love at first sight” if the couple had a passionate love tale, and so on.

Think about the message you want to convey, not the name of your toast theme. Use memorable or meaningful quotes as part of your toast!

Introduce Yourself

It’s a good idea to say hello if you don’t know everyone at the wedding and tell them your relationship with the couple. It sets the context for the rest of your speech and is an easy way to start.

A good place to begin is by introducing yourself. As the best man, perhaps you’ll tell the story about how you first met the groom and how it relates with his new wife in the rest of your speech.

When you provide the context of your relationship with the couple, the wedding guests can relate better to your toast, and it will help you start writing!

Tell A Story

Consider your friendship with the pair and, if possible, create a tale that highlights their connection and why they’re a good match.

Regardless of whether you are closer to the bride or the groom, make sure you include both. If you tell a tale, be sure it has anything to do with their marriage and is acceptable.

Anecdotal toasts are frequently the most memorable, especially if they are related to a message about the couple’s relationship or future plans.

Consider telling stories about their first date, the first time your friend told you about their new love interest, or other events in their relationship.

To keep your stories appropriate and within the happy couple’s required topic, you may need to curate them a little.

Brainstorming Ideas

Perhaps it’s time to brainstorm if you’re having trouble coming up with a theme or a story. Try to think of some ideas for your wedding toast by using these prompts!

  • What is your favorite memory of the bride or groom?
  • How would you describe the bride and groom’s relationship?
  • Your first meeting with the bride or groom
  • What is your favorite wedding story regarding the bride and groom?
  • When you initially heard about the bride or groom’s new love interest, what attributes do you admire about them or their relationship?
  • A tale that best exemplifies their bond
  • What you learned from them
  • The moment you realized they were meant to be together
  • Their engagement story

Putting The Couple In The Spotlight

How To Create A Wedding Toast

During your speech, avoid talking about yourself. The bride and groom are the center of attention at weddings (or the same-sex bride and groom in a gay wedding).

While you are free to talk about yourself in connection to the couple, make sure they are the center of attention.

It’s also crucial to emphasize the importance of both the bride and the groom. A toast from the maid of honor to the bride may be simple, but one from the best man will almost certainly be more difficult.

No matter how close you are to one of the couple’s members, remember to include both in your sentiments.

Wishing Them Well

End your speech by wishing the couple good luck in their marriage. When you raise a glass to the newlyweds, be sincere in your well-wishes. 

Tips For Writing A Wedding Toast 

Take advantage of this advice for better toast writing!

Get Started Early With Your Writing

Don’t wait to write your toast until the week of the wedding. You can even start brainstorming immediately after your best friend asks you to be the maid of honor or best man!

When giving your wedding toast, don’t procrastinate. It should stand out for all the right reasons, not for the wrong ones.

Keeping It Short Is Key

Writing a novel isn’t necessary. Be brief and to the point. The last thing you want when you’re planning a fun wedding is a wedding toast that lasts forever.

Prepare Multiple Drafts

You don’t have to stick to just one speech. So that you have a variety to choose from, ensure that you have a few versions so that you can select the one that suits you best.

It would be fine to write both versions and decide which is superior if you aren’t sure whether to be funny or heartfelt.

Practice Delivering Your Toast

Practice your speech beforehand, perhaps with a mutual friend to achieve a fresh perspective.

You can ask them to point out any awkward jokes and awkward moments in your speech, or they can suggest ways to make it even better. 

Take Notes With you

It’s a good idea to have notes with you when you speak, regardless of whether you have memorized it. Your confidence in your ability to memorize and deliver a speech depends on you.

If you want to stay on track, you can either write out your entire speech or just a few prompts. 

When giving a toast, a notecard can also be useful since it gives you something to do with your hands!

What Not To Do When Writing A Wedding Toast 

There are certain things you should avoid when it comes to toasting.

Don’t talk about their previous relationships. In most cases, it does not work, and may offend the couple or their families.

Don’t share inappropriate stories with your parents or older relatives.

On the wedding day, it’s important to show the bride and groom in their best light, not make fun of their past mistakes or rowdy nights.

You shouldn’t drink too much before your speech. In spite of its appeal, liquid confidence is not a good idea, especially for those who are nervous about public speaking. Give a toast without appearing drunk or slurring your words.

Don’t swear. Try to keep your toast clean. There are likely to be members of the older generation who may not appreciate foul language, and in the end, it would be better to deliver a speech that is classy and free of curse words.

In Conclusion

Toast the happy couple! Your best friend’s wedding is a great opportunity to show your love by following our tips, dos, and things to avoid.

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