How To Clean Wedding Ring

A wedding band symbolizes your commitment to your partner and the vows that you took together.

A wedding ring is usually worn every day, except for certain times such as showering, swimming, working, or doing anything else that might damage it. 

Even if you take your ring off for messy activities such as these regularly, wedding rings are notorious for getting dirty.

It’s no wonder when you wear it most of the time! 

How To Clean Wedding Ring

No one wants a dirty wedding ring. You’ll want to keep your ring sparkling and fresh to symbolize your happy marriage.

So, today we’re going to be looking at how to clean your wedding ring so that it looks as good as it did on your wedding day, even years later. 

Cleaning A Wedding Band At Home 

A wedding band is often a solid gold or silver band with no diamonds or other precious stones on it. It is a simple ring that matches your partners.

This ring is worn on the fourth finger on your left hand. This is otherwise known as the ring finger. 

When you’re first married, you might look at your ring every few moments to admire it and make sure it’s still there. You’ll clean it and handle it with care because it’s new and shiny.

However, once you get used to that ring being there, you might get a little more careless with it. 

Before you know it, there’s a build up of oil and dirt underneath the ring which can get stuck to the material, making it look duller.

If you’re not careful, this could even lead to the ring tarnishing. So, it is important that you clean your wedding band every now and then to keep it in its best condition. 

The good news is that it is very easy to clean your wedding band at home. Here’s how to do that in just a few steps.

1. Soak your wedding ring in a solution of warm water and dish soap for around 30 minutes. 

2. Take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush the ring in little circles. 

3. Rinse the ring under warm water and leave to dry. 

This is a great way to clean your wedding band because it works for every ring – whether it’s got precious stones within it or not – without damaging them.

It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals so you can use this method with confidence that your ring is not going to be ruined. 

What If Your Ring Is Still Dirty? 

How To Clean Wedding Ring

If you’ve tried this method and your ring is not as clean as you were hoping it to be, you might be tempted to use more abrasive cleaning methods such as bleach, acetone, or chlorine.

However, we cannot stress enough how you should not do this. 

These cleaning agents are very harsh and can do more damage to your ring rather than cleaning it.

While bleach might melt the dirt away to begin with, it could also leave lasting damage to the metal itself. 

If you have precious stones to think about, harsh chemicals could disfigure them and weaken their bond in the ring, increasing the likelihood of them being lost. 

Some articles online might also tell you to use household products such as baking soda and toothpaste.

While these are definitely less damaging than bleach and chlorine, they are still abrasive and might scratch your wedding ring. 

So, don’t be tempted to use anything other than mild dish soap and water to clean your wedding ring at home. 

Water And Soap Isn’t Working – Now What?

If you cannot get the results you want from a mild homemade cleaning solution, you should consider taking it to a professional jeweler.

They will be able to clean your ring using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner which can work more effectively than dish soap. 

This cleaning method sends vibrations through a water and soap solution that your ring is in, causing vigorous movement around the ring.

This cleans the ring within minutes and leaves it sparkling and fresh for when you pick it back up. 

You might be worried that this strong movement is going to loosen your precious stones in your ring, but the jeweler will test to make sure that there is no risk of them falling out. 

Some people learn of this service and decide that they’re going to recreate it at home. However, if you do try this at home you might run the risk of loosening your precious stones and losing them in the near future.

As you don’t know how to test if they’re loose or not, you’ll be risking a lot. 

Choosing A Professional Jeweler Cleaning Service

If you know the jeweler that your ring came from, it might be worth contacting them and asking if your ring comes with a lifetime complimentary cleaning service. If it does, then you’ll be able to get your ring cleaned professionally for free! 

If your ring does not come with this service, however, you might want to look elsewhere to get your ring cleaned.

Make sure that you check reviews of jewelers to ensure that no one has had trouble with them damaging their rings in the past. 

You should also talk to the jeweler that you’re considering before choosing them so that you are confident in their ability to clean your ring.

Make sure that they have experience with the materials that your ring is made from, as well as its age and structure. 


In summary, if you’re looking for the best way to clean your wedding ring, you need to find a gentle yet effective way to do it.

You shouldn’t be tempted to use any harsh chemicals on your ring. Instead, you should use mild dish soap and water with a soft bristled toothbrush. 

If you’re unsure in your ability to clean your ring, take it to a professional jeweler with experience to ensure that it’s done safely and correctly.

Enjoy your new sparkling wedding ring!

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