How To Announce Engagement

Getting engaged is a monumental moment that neither you and your partner will ever forget. After the initial surprise, maybe some tears and the inevitable overwhelming excitement have all calmed down a little, how are you going to tell people?

Everyone around you for the foreseeable will know something is up because of the glow in your face, the never-ending smile that stretches across your face and the extra weight on your left hand! 

The old fashioned methods may not be applicable nowadays as it so easy to tell people en masse due to technology and advanced communication methods.

How To Announce Engagement

It would be a lovely gesture to still tell your parents and maybe siblings and best friend sin person if possible rather than over the phone or a text. Whatever you do, don’t put it on social media before telling those closest to you. They will never forgive you for it!

Here are some creative ideas and innovative ways to announce your engagement to the world, both on social media for the times and in person for tradition.

Sum It Up In A Picture

Whether you get engaged next to a famous landmark, in your parents basement or at a restaurant, sharing key aspects of your proposal in a photo that capture the special moment  is a sublime way to share your story.

Use the caption to sum everything up as best possible because sometimes it can be difficult to tell the entire story in one photo. This is a moment you do not want misinterpreted or not fully understood, so get it right and sit back whilst the reactions and many congratulations messages all come flooding in!

Even if you aren’t the type to show off on social media, creating and documenting a pivotal moment in your lives is not always about the here and now.

Think how fantastic it will be to look back on and when it makes you smile each year by popping up in your memories. Think of the big picture and plan ahead for more cherished moments. 

Unique Moments To Last Forever

If you are lucky enough to have your special moment filmed or pictured then using this footage and these images to announce your engagement is hard to beat and will be something neither of you ever forget.

It also allows others to really share the experience with you and in a few years, maybe show the kids and eventually the grandchildren about your loving setting. Capturing the moment is often the last thing on anyone’s mind and can take some effort or expense to get it right.

A DIY job is feasible but also raises the possibility of mishap and missing the main event through nerves or error. If budget allows, hiring a professional photographer to remain discreet and hide nearby to snap the proposal is an amazing idea.

Alternatively, get your mate to dress up in a decent disguise and do it for free!

Show Off Your Sparkly New Ring

Keep it simple and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. By showcasing your ring and flashing it about achieves a few different things.

Firstly it will give your fiancé a real buzz to see how happy and proud you are. Secondly it means you don’t even have to speak, lifting your hand is enough a message for all to see the great news.

Also, once you settle on a background setting, a snapshot of your hand bearing the new ring is a real classy and sophisticated picture to take. Captions and words won’t be necessary if you get it right.

Take The Hint

Why not take the opportunity to have some fun and mess wth people. Delaying the announcement and seeing if people can guess or work it from your clues or subtle hints is very entertaining if throwing it out there is a bit too blunt for your liking.

Little tricks such as referring to yourself as ‘Mrs.’ in conversation, or writing it on your coffee cup when the vendor asks who the order is for. See who picks up on things and questions you first, it may be silly but it will prolong the butterflies in your stomach and the overall excitement within. 

Use A #Hashtag

As long as you don’t forget that by using a hashtag will also allow anyone searching for that hashtag to see your photos then it can be a cool and modern way of going about your business.

If you want to make it a more private affair then make the hashtag unique to you. For example #mikeandemilyengagement rather than #engaged which will generate more searches by randomers rather than the one specific to you and your fiancee. 

Announce Engagement

It’s Party Time

Make it an intimate moment by inviting your friends and family round for a relatively small get together. Tell then all together and have yourselves a private mini-engagement celebration before you tell the world.

This is a really precious idea that will mean a lot to all those invited along to celebrate with you before the news becomes common knowledge.

Child’s Play

If you and your partner have kids together, get them in on the act. By allowing them to share the news with your friends and family creates a unique bond and a lifelong memory for you all.

Holding up a sign saying ‘mom and dad are engaged’, having a t-shirt printed with a similar message on or by you sharing a photo of them looking at a church or modelling the ring, including your entire family is a truly one off experience to cherish. 

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Far too often, couples get caught up in the moment (understandably ofc ourse!) and forget to make the most of what is all around them. They find themselves in beautiful, picturesque locations with stunning views and beautiful landscapes but in the excitement just snap the ring and move on.

Appreciate your surroundings and take in the moment by capturing everything around you with a short video or multiple snaps to look back on in years to come. Don’t miss the ponce in a lifetime opportunity that you have at your disposal and get snap happy!

A More Subtle Approach

If the big fanfare is not your kind of thing and you appreciate that people will be pleased for you without making a fuss then simply change your status.

Going from “In a relationship” to “Engaged” will pop up on the timeline in more discreet fashion and allow you to skip any unnecessary hype you don’t particularly court but still get the message across about your happiness.

It is straightforward, uncomplicated and does not draw attention like a typical ‘look at me/us’ engagement post will. Each to their own. 

Animal Magnetism

Pets are like family to so many of us and a lot of people refer to their dogs as heir children for example. If you are head over heels with your pet then celebrate the special bond you have with them and don’t let them miss out on all the fun.

Get creative and involve them in the announcement. Tie a message to their collar, see if they will carry a ringbox into the room while you film it. Show the world that they are a huge part of the latest wonderful news that you are sharing.