How To Accessorize A Black Dress For A Wedding

Going to a wedding usually means having lots of photos taken so it is only natural that you want to look your best. The first decision is deciding what color dress to wear so you have already taken the first step.

You’ve gone for black, black is a daring color to wear to a wedding but we all know an LBD (little black dress) can be the centrepiece of a magnificent outfit. You aren’t wearing white and outside of that anything goes so now it’s time to decide how to accessorize your masterpiece. 

The plain yet elegant style that black dresses bring to the table leaves you free to accessorize in numerous different ways. We have gathered some of our favourites here for you but there are an infinite number of possibilities and combinations. 

How To Accessorize A Black Dress For A Wedding

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry can be a brilliant way to brighten and liven up an otherwise black outfit. Statement jewelry, can come in the form of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Some good colors to use could be neon pink, green or yellow as these would really pop when next to a plain black dress.

If wearing bright colors isn’t really your thing then that’s okay, statement pieces can also be patterned so having some funky patterned jewelry could work just as well. 

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is beautiful and if you don’t want to wear anything as bold as a statement piece then this could be a fantastic option. Silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces can come in various different styles from being dainty little things all the way to being eye catching large scale pieces with identities of their own. 

A Watch

This useful accessory can allow great freedom of expression while still appearing effortless. Depending on the style of watch that you go for it can be used to show sophistication or to add a bit of fun to your outfit.

There are so many different brands and styles of watch available today, each providing different connotations. Some watches can be slim and discreet whereas others can be bold and beautiful, the style that you go for is completely up to you. 

A Scarf

Scarfs can bring any outfit together beautifully and a wedding outfit is no exception to this rule. Scarfs come in a variety of materials, colors, patterns and styles and you’re bound to be able to find one that suits you and your sense of fashion.

With wearing a black dress there are two ways that you could go about adding this iconic piece to your outfit. You could either pair your dress with another plainish coloured scarf such as a white or grey one or you could go for a brighter choice to create a daring contrast.

If you opt for the second option then there are some other decisions to make as you can choose whether to simply use a bold block color such  as pink or blue or whether to go for a patterned scarf. Using a scarf also allows you to add layers to your outfit, layers are both stylish and practical so this could be a win win. 

A Jacket

Once again, a jacket is a more practical accessory, it allows you to layer up and keep warm. Depending on the season that the wedding is being held in and whether it is going to be outdoors or indoors there are lots of different styles of jacket for you to consider.

Jackets can range from thin fashion pieces to fluffy warmth providers. If it is a summer wedding a nice option could be a denim jacket. Denim jackets go really nicely with black dresses and are simple yet stylish so they can bring your outfit together really nicely.

If you want something a bit more out there then you could consider pairing your dress with a bright or patterned cardigan to add that wow factor. For a winter wedding it may be a good idea to opt for a more seasonal jacket.

One of the most common winter colors is red, red and black are renowned for going together so this could be a great idea. Another good idea is to wear something bold and fluffy in order to keep you looking stylish and feeling warm. 

Co-ordinated Shoes

Shoes are an important part of any outfit, in fact there is actually a theory to suggest that initial judgements that people make about us are heavily influenced by the shoes that we are wearing. Therefore, to look and feel good you need an amazing pair of shoes.

Luckily, black is quite a plain color so it is easy to find shoes that will compliment your dress. Most women opt for heels when attending a wedding so this could be a good idea however there is no reason that flats cant look just as fantastic.

There are many different colors that go with black so finding some shoes that compliment you dress shouldn’t be too much of a task. Adding some sparkly or silver shoes could make your outfit a little more glamorous.

Light colors could however make your outfit more in keeping with a traditional wedding guest style, for instance, guests at weddings usually opt for non-intrusive colors such as pastel pinks, blues and purples or nice whites or creams. 

Final Thoughts

The fact that you already know that your dress is going to be black suggests that you already have a certain style in mind. However, a black dress acts a lot like a canvas and provides you with the freedom to express yourself in any way that you want.

As stated above there are countless ways to accessorize with a black dress including, with your shoes, jewelry, jackets and scarfs. Depending on the style you are going for you can use accessories to give your outfit a nice sophisticated finish or to truly make it pop by adding bright and bold colors and patterns. The most important thing when it comes to outfits is that you feel comfortable as this will make you wear it with more confidence.