How Old Are Flower Girls?

Are you planning your wedding day and wondering how old your flower girl should be? Or have you been asked to be a flower girl and wondering if you are too old? Or perhaps your daughter will be a flower girl, and you find yourself wondering if she is too old or too young for the job? Well, you aren’t alone!

Weddings can cause everyone stress, whether it’s the bride, the groom, or parent of the flower girl, and you can find yourself lost in a sea of questions, unsure where to turn and get your answers from. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to tell you how old flower girls typically are and how you can incorporate them into your wedding day. Keep reading for all the answers that you need! 

What Is A Flower Girl?

For those in the room that need it, let’s have a quick re-cap! A flower girl is a young girl at your wedding whose job is to carry flowers in front of the bride at a wedding. She will usually have a small basket of flower petals that she will scatter in front of the bride as she walks down the aisle. 

Sometimes a flower girl is referred to as a child bridesmaid, but often known as a flower girl. They are a common part of a wedding party in most Western weddings, usually in a dress similar to the bridesmaids might wear. The dress might be similar or the same color, but perhaps more suitable for a younger child. The dress that you choose for your flower girl, however, is entirely up to you! 

But generally, they are dressed the same or with a similar hairstyle to the other bridesmaids, if you have any. Remember that it is your wedding, and if you want to differ from tradition, then it’s your wedding, and you are free to do so!

How Old Are Flower Girls?

Now that we have covered what a flower girl is, let’s look at how old they usually are. Flower girls are typically between three to eight years old, the same as ring bearers.

A flower girl is a fantastic way to integrate any young family members or children into your wedding party, giving them responsibility and making them feel involved. It’s also a guaranteed way to generate some ‘awws’ from wedding guests; there’s nothing cuter than a small child scattering petals as you walk down the aisle! 

Having said that, a flower girl doesn’t have to be a young child if you don’t want them to be. For example, if you have an older daughter, niece, or cousin that you want to include as part of the wedding, you can make them a flower girl!

There are no hard and fast rules or an age cut-off for flower girls; if you want them to be a flower girl, ask them to be one! Chances are, any child excited about your upcoming wedding will want to be a part of it and be happy to be a flower girl. 

The same goes for children under three. While it can be more challenging to get a two-year-old or younger to stay focused and walk down the aisle scattering flowers, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Many weddings involve very young children in flower girl or ring bearing roles and are executed successfully. We recommend enlisting the help of their parents or a family member to keep an eye on them and assist them if needed. Often, you can ask one of your bridesmaids to do this if they are willing. 

Remember, it’s your wedding day, so you can choose the flower girl that you want to have. The age doesn’t necessarily matter; as long as they can walk down the aisle and scatter or hold some flowers, they can be a flower girl! Remember that you will also need their parents’ permission if they aren’t your child and make sure they want to be a flower girl. No one wants a sad or grumpy child or flower girl! 

Can I Become An Adult As A Flower Girl?

Now there might be instances where you don’t want children at your wedding, or there aren’t any children in your family, and you can be left wondering who I have as a flower girl? Well, you can have a teenager or an adult as a flower girl! You could even have one of your bridesmaids scatter some petals like a flower girl; there are no rules here! 

Not everyone wants children at their wedding (especially if the reception is going to be a wild party), or they might not have any young children in their family or friendship circle that they can ask to be a flower girl.

In these cases or any case where you don’t want a young flower girl, you can ask anyone to do it for you! Yes, you might get an eye roll from a sulky teenager that doesn’t want to be a flower girl, but don’t let that stop you! 

In these cases, people tend to dress an older or adult flower girl in the same or a similar dress to the bridesmaids and have them walk just before the bride, holding or scattering flower petals as they walk down the aisle.

It might take some guests back, but in child-free weddings, it’s not an uncommon sight. Don’t let differing from tradition put you off from asking who you want to be your flower girl! 

You can also omit the role entirely if you wish and just have bridesmaids. The choice is entirely yours! 

Final word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our flower girl journey today! As you can see, flower girls are usually between the ages of three and eight, but there is no hard and fast rule here!

Your flower girl can be older or younger, providing that they and their parents are happy for them to be a part of the wedding. A flower girl can be whoever you want, just ask them and hope they are willing to be a part of your wedding day!