How Much Wine For A Wedding?

How Much Wine For A Wedding?

A wedding is a special occasion, and food and drink play a big role in creating memories.

The average cost of a wedding ranges from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the location, number of guests, and other factors.

You don’t want to spend too much or go over budget. Instead, plan ahead and choose wines that complement the menu.

For example, you can use reds with meat dishes and whites with fish and seafood. If your wedding takes place outdoors, consider serving white wines like Pinot Grigio and chardonnay. 

Find out how much wine to serve at your wedding in this article.

How Much Wine Should I Serve At My Wedding Reception?

Whether it’s the couple planning the wedding or a wedding planner, you should always check that there is enough wine at every wedding reception.

It is common for people to drink a lot more at weddings than at any other events, so you should definitely know how many bottles you need beforehand. 

A wedding planner needs to estimate how many guests will attend the wedding, and then figure out how much wine is needed.

This helps prevent guests from running out of wine before the reception starts. You should always have enough drinks for each guest during the reception. 

To do this, you should have enough wine for every guest but make sure you also have plenty of beer and liquor as well. For example, if you have 100 guests, then you should have 20 beers, 40 liquors, and 60 wines.

These factors also depend on how much your guests tend to drink, and how many guests will attend the reception as well as the actual ceremony.

If your guests prefer liquor to wine, you may need to provide more liquor. If only 20 guests are attending the ceremony but 100 are attending the reception, you can know that you will need less wine in the daytime. 

Once you know how many bottles of wine you may need for your reception meal and reception party, you will need to think about what wines these will be. For example, you need to know if red will be less popular, or if people prefer sparkling.

White wine is considered the most popular type of wine during the summer months, while red wine is more commonly served in the colder seasons. In order to get a 50/50 ratio of white and red wines, you’d need to drink about 2 bottles per person. 

You could also add some rosé into the equation to make up for the lack of red wine.

Red wines go well with meat dishes while white wines go with fish and poultry. You should choose your wine based on what your guests prefer.

How Much Liquor Do I Need to Provide For A Wedding? 

If you are planning a large wedding, you may need to provide alcohol for all of your guests. It is best to discuss this with your venue when booking your wedding date. Some venues charge extra fees for providing alcohol, while others offer free service. 

In general, the amount of alcohol required depends on the size of the wedding party. However, most people only require one bottle per person.

What White Wines Should I Provide?

White wines are usually easy to drink and go well with most foods, and well on their own. When pairing wine with food, pick a light, zesty white wine. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are perfect choices. 

Don’t go too heavy on the oak with these wines. Instead, opt for more citrus flavors, as these are light and refreshing, and can be drunk throughout the day, much like your guests! 

What Red Wines Should I Provide?

Red wine is a classic crowd-favorite and will be about 50%-60% of a wedding-wine purchase. It’s one among the wines where if you discover you’ve got a lot of leftovers, then you can simply store it and enjoy it later. 

Selecting the ideal ‘crowd-winner’ red wine is a lot of fun. People love red wine because it is rich, fruity, and delicious. It has a deeper flavor than white wine, and it can be great, even when drunk on its own. 

When choosing red wine, think about the food you are serving, because red wine has a richer and more powerful flavor than whites. Stick to simple red wines such as Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

What Rosé Wines Should I Provide? 

Rosé wine is not that popular compared to reds and whites, but it is always helpful to provide it anyway. Rosé wines such as White Zinfandel or Grenache will be good for a wedding. Rosé wines are not often drunk with food, so bear this in mind. 

What Sparkling Wines Should I Provide?

Most folks won’t drink more than a half glass of champagne. You should get about 1 bottle per 8–10 guests. Save money on lower quality sparkling wines.

Look for inexpensive bubbly options such as Prosecco, Cava, and Champagne. These types of wines are great for entertaining because they are easy to drink and pair well with almost any meal.

What Is The Difference Between Champagne And Sparkling Wine?

Champagne and sparkling wine are two different types of alcoholic beverages. Both contain carbon dioxide gas, which makes them fizzy.

They differ in their production process, however. Sparkling wine is made by adding yeast to grape juice or fruit purée. 

The fermentation process creates bubbles in the liquid. Champagne is produced using a similar method, but instead of fermenting grapes, it uses sugar-rich must (the mixture of water and sugar left after the grapes have been pressed).

Final Thoughts

It can be incredibly difficult to know how much wine to provide at your wedding, especially if you are not sure what some of your guests like to drink.

To solve this, find out what your guests’ preferences are, and then do some alcohol math. 

If your budget allows for it, consider getting a professional to help plan your menu and serve your drinks.

This way, you and your guests will be able to focus on enjoying themselves rather than worrying about whether there is enough booze.

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