How Much Do Wedding Officiants Cost?

Most couples want their weddings to be unique and memorable. They also want to save money wherever possible. That means hiring a professional wedding officiant instead of a friend or family member.

Wedding officiants are professionals who perform ceremonies at weddings. Officiants are usually ordained ministers or priests. Some officiants are trained musicians, while others are skilled speakers.

How Much Do Wedding Officiants Cost (1)

You might wonder how much a wedding officiant costs. The answer depends on several factors, such as location, number of guests, type of ceremony, etc. In general, the average price ranges from $500-$1,200.

However, you can expect to pay more for an upscale wedding with lots of extras, such as flowers, music, food, entertainment, etc.

You should also consider your budget when deciding on what is right for you. If you have a limited budget, you may need to compromise on some things in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The following article will help you figure out how much a wedding officer costs. It will give you information about different types of officiants and their prices. You’ll learn whether it makes sense to hire a professional.

What Is A Wedding Officiant?

A wedding officiant performs various functions during a wedding ceremony. These include:

  • Reading Scripture
  • Reciting vows
  • Performing a blessing
  • Signifying the beginning and end of the ceremony

If you decide to use a wedding officiant, here are some important questions to ask yourself before making a decision:

Do I want a religious wedding? Religious weddings require the presence of a minister or priest. This person typically reads scripture, recites vows, gives blessings, signs the marriage certificate, and signifies the beginning and end of a ceremony.

Do I want a secular wedding? Secular weddings do not require any special services. Instead, they are performed by a celebrant who simply reads scripture, recites the couple’s vows, and symbolically blesses them.

Do I want to have my own wedding party? If so, you’ll need to find someone else to serve as your wedding officiant. Your wedding party includes people who stand up with you during the ceremony. For example, bridesmaids and groomsmen stand with the bride and groom during the ceremony.

Can I afford this? Many couples choose to get married without a wedding officiant because they cannot afford one. However, if you plan to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, then you probably should hire a wedding officiant.

Types Of Wedding Officiants

There are many types of wedding officiants. Here are some examples:

  • An ordained minister or priest
  • A celebrant (a non-religious official)
  • An interfaith clergy person
  • A spiritual leader

The type of officiant you want will depend on your personal beliefs and preferences. In addition, there are other factors that influence your choice, including location, size of the venue, etc.

How Expensive Are Wedding Officiants?

How Much Do Wedding Officiants Cost (1)

Wedding officiants come in all shapes and sizes. Some charge very little money while others charge hundreds of dollars. Here are some examples of typical costs:

  • $250-$400 – An ordained minister or priest
  • $300-$600 – A celebrant (non-religious official)
  • $350-$700 – An interfaith clergy person
  • $450-$800 – A spiritual leader

Of course, these numbers are just estimates. The final price depends on several factors, such as the number of guests attending the wedding, the length of the ceremony, etc.

How To Find The Right Wedding Officiant

To find the right wedding officiant for your needs, it helps to know what you’re looking for. You can find out more about each type of officiant below.

Ordained Minister/Priest

These ministers perform marriages according to their faith tradition. They may be Catholic priests, Protestant pastors, Jewish rabbis, Muslim imams, Buddhist monks, Hindu swamis, or members of another religion.

Ordained ministers usually charge $250-$400 per hour.

Celebrant (Non-Religious Official)

Celebrants are non-religious officials who perform weddings according to state laws. These individuals are required to complete an educational program called “Certificate of Recognition” or CR.

They also must pass a background check and pay a fee to obtain their license. Most states allow celebrants to marry anyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Interfaith Clergyperson

Interfaith clergy persons are trained to conduct ceremonies between two faiths. They typically belong to both religions, but may only be licensed to practice one of them.

They may be Christian ministers, Jewish rabbis, Sikh gurus, Buddhist lamas, or members of another religious group. Interfaith clergy persons often charge less than ordained ministers or celebrants.

Spiritual Leader

Spiritual leaders are not ordained by any religious organization. Instead, they are self-taught individuals who teach spirituality and help people connect with God.

Spiritual leaders may include meditation teachers, life coaches, counselors, and psychotherapists. They charge anywhere from $50-$150 per session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea of how much wedding officiants cost, you’ll need to think about what kinds of questions you’d like to ask potential officiants before deciding which one to hire.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

Have They Been to your Venue Before?

This is a good thing to know because officiants that have experience at a certain location are more likely to be able to help out in an emergency situation.

Let’s say the ceremony is 5 minutes away and nobody can find the maid of honor. You’ll definitely want an experienced officiant to know exactly where to look for them.

Do they Have a Backup Officiant?

Again, this is the sort of thing you’ll want to know about if an emergency crops up on the big day. If your officiant falls ill or can’t perform the ceremony for whatever reason, you’ll definitely want to have another one on standby.

Do They Charge Extra for Rehearsals?

If you plan to have a rehearsal prior to the wedding, make sure you ask whether there will be a charge for that. Some officiants offer free rehearsals while others charge a small amount.


Wedding officiants are professionals who provide services to couples looking to tie the knot. It’s important to understand how much these services cost, so you don’t end up paying too much for them.

The best way to figure out the price of a wedding officiant is to contact several ones and compare prices. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it should be easier to decide which one to go with.

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