How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

How much a wedding invitation costs depends on where you live, who you invite, and whether you want them to send their RSVP card or attend via email. A wedding invitation is usually sent out at least six months before the event date. 

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

If you don’t have enough time to plan ahead, you can always order custom wedding invitations from a professional printing company.

In this article, we are going to discuss how much wedding invitations cost.

Average Wedding Invitations Costs

The price of your wedding invitation can be quite confusing. The average cost for an invitation ranges between $25-$50 per invitation depending on the type of paper used, design, size, quantity, and location.

As a result, on average, a couple could pay between $300 to $500 on just invites. Some couples are known to pay more, but this again depends on the style of your invitation and how many that you need.

You may also find that some companies offer free shipping, which will help reduce the overall cost.

Yet this is also why some couples make their own invitations, which are sometimes cheaper, but not always. As you still need to purchase all the supplies to make your own, and then you need to find the time to be able to create them. 

Graphic Design Studio Invitations

For a completely custom-made wedding invitation created by a design studio. You will be expected to pay a very high price. With a customer design, there may also be some illustrations and hand calligraphy and multiple proofs.

This is to make sure that your invitations are exactly who you want them. As a result, you could be looking to pay about $1000 and more for this kind of wedding invitation. 

Online Shop Invitations

There are a lot of online businesses today that can create high quality wedding invitations at a more affordable price.

You can buy a complete invitation suite online, and they contain various choices and customizations to make the invitations personal to you. 

Alongside that, you can complete your wedding invitation from your couch and it is much more affordable for people on a tight budget. An online shop could still charge you around $350 for around 100 invites. 

Do-It-Yourself Invitations

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

You don’t have to source this job to someone else. If you are an arty person and on a tight budget, you could design your own wedding invitations. 

However, if you want to do your own wedding invitation you still need to make sure that you have the time to commit to quite a large protection for your wedding.

However, with this kind of invitation, you may only be looking to spend $150 on the materials. 

Why Are Wedding Invitations So Expensive?

Wedding invitations are expensive because it takes money to make them. There’s no doubt about that, but as mentioned earlier, you can save money by making your own.

There are a couple of factors that lead to the high price of wedding invitations. 

Invitation Quantity

The larger number of invitations you want, the higher the price is going to be. As typically, most inventions are priced per card, yet some companies may do bulk orders if you have a very large amount of guests to invite. 

Degree Of Customization

The more custom your invitations are, again the price for them is going to be higher, as they have been created to be a lot more personal.

Bespoke and one of a kind invites may look beautiful and a great keepsake. Yet they will cost a lot more, as much more time and labor is needed to get them right for you. 

Printing Method

The majority of wedding invitation printing methods are quite basic. They are just downloading and then hitting print on your printer.

Although, there are some other printing methods that are still used, which require particular machines and very expensive materials. Thus, the latter requires a lot more time to get the printing right, and so the cost of the invites goes up. 

Decorative Elements 

There is a large range of decorative elements that can be used on your wedding invites. Popular choices are rounded edges, foil printing etc.

These decorative elements make your invites more personal to you and can really set the tone for the style of wedding you are planning. Even the type of paper or card you choose can affect the price. 

However, the more decorative elements you select to have on your wedding invites, means the price of the invites will begin to climb higher and higher. 

Shipping Costs

It is easy to forget about shipping as you are so focused on getting your perfect invites created. Postage per envelope is commonly determined by weight, so the heavier your invites are, the more the shipping costs will be.

However, some companies will do a deal and provide free shipping for a particular amount of invites. 


Speaking of envelopes, some companies may include envelopes with your order. However, if you are creating your own invites, you may forget about envelopes.

You will need to buy envelopes that are big enough to hold your invite and anything else you may want to include with the invite, this could be a menu or response card. 

Also, you may have to include a stamped envelope as well for your response card. Additionally, on envelopes, this is another chance to add more decoration, which could then add even extra money to your invite price. 


This has become a really popular feature recently. Calligraphy can make your invites and envelopes look beautiful, but as this takes time, this could add an extra $5 per invite or envelope.

It may seem a small increase, but it will add up over the amount of invites that you have. 


On average, most couples could spend anywhere between $300 to $700 on wedding invites. Yet, depending on how custom and one of a kind you go, this price could quietly creep up without you noticing.

It can be surprising how much wedding invites will cost you. 

There are ways to reduce this price, and hopefully this article has given you an insight into how to keep the price down. Now you know how much wedding invitations cost, so you can be prepared when it comes to ordering your own. 

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