How Much Are Wedding Centerpieces?

Are you planning your wedding and want to know how much centerpieces cost? Maybe you have heard some prices and want to know what is accurate?

How Much Are Wedding Centerpieces

Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter your reason, we are here with the answers for you! 

Finding out how much wedding centerpieces cost can be tricky. There are so many different centerpieces out there and so many prices, you can spend hours scrolling through and never finding the answer you need.

With your wedding drawing closer and your centerpieces still not purchased, the stress can get to you. 

Well, no more! Leave that stress at the door and come on in, as we have the answers for you! Keep reading to find out how much wedding centerpieces cost and everything you need to know about them! 

What Are Wedding Centerpieces?

Let’s start with a quick recap for those that need it! Wedding centerpieces are traditionally floral arrangements placed at the center of each table.

They usually feature the same flowers that are in your bouquet and in the lapels of your groom and groomsmen.

The size of the floral arrangement varies from wedding to wedding, and is usually influenced by preference, size of the table, and budget. 

But the flowers are just one part of the centerpiece. There are often vases involved to store the flowers, greenery in the form of garlands or loose leaves, candles, linen, the table number, and even little trinkets. 

Some couples choose to incorporate personal touches here, like photographs of people sitting at the table, some twinkling lights, or other mementos from their time together. You can be as creative as you like with centerpieces! 

We tend to see flowers as part of a centerpiece and the accompanying items change from wedding to wedding.

It’s a great opportunity to tailor the tables at your wedding to your preference and create beautiful spaces that you and your guests will love! 

Now that we have established what wedding centerpieces are, let’s move on to see how much they cost! 

How Much Are Wedding Centerpieces?

Generally speaking, wedding centerpieces cost from $80 to $400 per table. We bet that is more than you were expecting! The cost of your centerpiece ultimately comes down to what you want in the centerpiece. 

If you are adding expensive flowers wrapped in silk, then your centerpiece will cost more than one with cheaper flowers or smaller bouquets.

The same can be said for any extra items that you add to your centerpieces. Ribbons around bouquets, vases, candles and holders, lights, additional greenery, and other personal touches you want to include are added on as extras. 

When having a florist prepare your centerpiece, they will usually charge you for the flowers only. They might have the added extras that can be added to your centerpiece available too, but there is usually an added cost here. 

The same applies if your wedding venue or planner is arranging the centerpieces. They will either charge you a rate including all the pieces needed for your centerpiece, or you will be charged for them individually.

This is where the cost of the centerpieces can mount up and approach the higher price we mentioned earlier. 

Adding lots of extras to your centerpiece does make it look beautiful and personal to you, but drives the cost up.

If a vendor is charging you for each extra item you add, then your budget can disappear quickly! This is especially true if you have a lot of tables at your wedding that need centerpieces.

How Can I Cut The Cost Of My Wedding Centerpieces?

How Can I Cut The Cost Of My Wedding Centerpieces

So how can you cut the cost of wedding centerpieces to suit your budget? Well, there are a few things you can do! Let’s take a look at them now to help you bring your wedding back under budget. 

Keep The Centerpieces Simple 

One way to keep your centerpieces cheap is to keep them simple. Don’t add lots of extras to them, keep them in a small bouquet in a vase and maybe a few candles.

Simple centerpieces work well on small tables where you have limited space or rustic-style weddings. 

Remember, simple wedding centerpieces don’t have to be boring! Some bright flowers or even a classic white bouquet can look beautiful!

And you can have simple centerpieces without the table looking empty. Remember, there will be all the place settings, cutlery, wedding favors, and drinks on the table too. 

Shop Around 

Another way to cut the cost is to shop around. You don’t need to accept the first price you hear. Be sure to shop around to find a lower cost.

Speak to vendors in your local area to get an idea of the cost and even other brides and grooms! It’s often a good way to get recommendations too and find a good price.

Make Them Yourself 

These days, more and more people are making centerpieces themselves. While they might still hire a florist, they will source the added extras themselves. People get crafty here too, and you can too! 

You can purchase candles and glass holders at a low price in places like IKEA, and can be covered with some twine, jewels, or anything you want!

You can also purchase your greenery here and online stores like Etsy are a wonderful place to source wedding centerpieces. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create your centerpieces, you just need to have some spare time to dedicate to it! 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Although wedding centerpieces can be expensive, the cost does vary.

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself you can cut the cost dramatically! Why not get creative and see what wonderful centerpieces you could create at a fraction of the cost? 

It’s surprising what can be achieved with some wine, a glue gun, and inspiration! Good luck! 

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