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Fun proposals

engaged by Surachi freedigitalphotos.netJust in time for the weekend, check out this very fun proposal that used a pictionary game as a jumping off point to pop the question.  This young man put a lot of work into making sure the proposal went off without a hitch. It’s another reminder that at least occasionally we should be willing to put in some creative effort to please our partner–even after marriage.

While you’re there, you might enjoy the link to the lego video proposal. It seems for a while large group proposals were getting to be quite popular, but I enjoy seeing these very personal and unique proposals. What have you seen lately that struck you as heartfelt and creative?

Have a great weekend!

Most Creative Marriage Proposal?

I enjoy sharing romantic marriage proposals with ya’ll. Even if you’re already married, it’s good to infuse creativity into your romantic lives. Isaac Lamb was inspired when he arranged the first “lip dub” proposal using his family and friends to surprise his fiance. I hope you find it entertaining. Is there something a little creative you can do today for your partner?

You might also enjoy a husband’s rendition of a song he wrong for his wife on their anniversary. The Romantic Vineyard posted a video of the husband, Jeff Todd, performing his lovely song.  Most of us don’t have that kind of talent, but you can just play your song for your sweetie and let them know you still think of them the way you did when you first fell in love. If your anniversary is coming up, try to do something romantic, especially if that’s outside of the norm for you.

Lori Lowe is the founder of Marriage Gems and author of First Kiss to Lasting Bliss: Hope & Inspiration for Your Marriage. It tells the inspiring, true stories of couples who used adversity to improve their marriages–from overcoming drug addiction to cancer, infidelity, religious differences, family interference and infertility, among many others. It’s available at and in all e-book formats at

Be Inspired by Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

“Keeping the Sparks Alive” Series

Who doesn’t love a flash  mob? And the proposal flash mobs are the best. Check this flash mob out from a UCLA couple who we hope will live happily ever after.

I hope this will inspire you to do something creative and a little out of the ordinary for your sweetheart this weekend. Be creative and pick something that he or she would enjoy, even if dancing is the last thing on your list.

If you’re not feeling terribly creative, bring home her favorite flowers or make his favorite dessert, if that is what you think your spouse would enjoy. But try to put some thought into your loving act. Love is in the details, as they say.

I recommend this article from USA Today: Couples Pull Back from Divorce, which explains how more couples particularly in this economy have moved from the brink of divorce back to a committed marriage.