Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

There are countless details to plan when it comes to arranging the perfect wedding, and one of the most important – and probably one of the ones you’ll have to decide on first – is where you’re going to have it.  

Having the right venue can be one of the things that makes your wedding memorable for all the right reasons, but finding that ideal place isn’t always easy.

That’s where this article comes in – if you’re looking to get married in Michigan, this list should set you up with enough ideas to get you thinking, no matter what kind of wedding you’re looking for.

Shadowland On Silver Beach

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This is one of the very best options for your wedding if you want to get married by the sea, being ideal for a destination wedding on the beach. 

The venue offers a wonderful vibe, with beautiful coastal scenery fitting perfectly with the hotel’s charm.  

Its main ballroom can accommodate up to 275 guests, so it’ll be a great venue for any mid to large sized wedding party.

However, the venue also offers packages for much smaller weddings, including those with as few as 50 attendees, so there’s scope for weddings of all sizes to be held here.

The Franke Center For The Arts

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This is a bit of a different option from most wedding venues you’re likely to see.  It’s an arts center, and if you choose to tie the knot here, you’ll be having the ceremony in their Mainstage theater. 

The reception will then be held in their downstage reception space.  It’s an historic building – built as a combined church and community center in 1921 – that provides the ideal atmosphere for your special day.

Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

We’ve seen a beach venue and a city venue, but now it’s time for something rural.  The scenery in this large country farmhouse is absolutely spectacular. 

It’s so picturesque that you’ll be amazed at how close it is to Ann Arbor – it’s only a few minutes away, but it feels like much more.  They cater for weddings of various sizes, from elopements and tiny weddings to larger parties.

Bay Pointe

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

Bay Pointe is a luxurious resort on the shores of Gun Lake, just half an hour from Grand Rapids.  The resort’s grounds include plenty of beach and lakeside, as well as ten acres of wooded land to complete the beautiful scene.

The venue is varied enough to accommodate weddings in all seasons, with both indoor and outdoor spaces available.  If the weather’s right, you can also enjoy all kinds of outdoor and water sports activities on Lake Gun as well!

The Blue Dress Barn

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

The concept of the “Wedding Barn” has exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, and the venue was among the first to pioneer the concept. 

It combines elegance perfectly with an aesthetic that’s still delightfully rustic, making for just the right atmosphere for your big day.  

It has seating available for up to 250 guests, and can cater for weddings of all sizes up to that point

Greencrest Manor

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

You might be a bit surprised to find a grand, stately manor in Michigan, but that’s what Greencrest Manor affords you. 

If you want to feel like you’re in a traditional Old World countryside setting, in a manor house with beautiful ivy covering the walls, then this is the venue for you.  

It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings, so it’s suitable for getting married in any season.

Loft 310

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This wonderful, modern loft space is a great place if you’re looking to get married somewhere a little different.  It has rooms to accommodate the wedding party and a spectacular penthouse to boot.  

You have a lot of options when it comes to catering and other details, meaning that you can customize every detail of the wedding to your exact tastes.

Shanahan’s Barn

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This is a great venue to pick if you want a large guest list – this huge barn can accommodate up to a huge 500 people in its gorgeous, green setting.  The barn itself is wonderfully rustic, with exposed wooden beams and a huge, tall ceiling.

It’s a very sought after venue, though, so if you’re considering it, you might want to book it a long time in advance to ensure availability.

It has an official capacity of 361 guests, which should be good for most kinds of wedding.

Castle Farms

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This venue is the ideal combination of tradition and modernity. It’s an incredible castle house, surrounded by spectacular scenery that makes it ideal for anyone’s wedding.

They offer great options for both summer and winter weddings, so you can trust them to make your special day go perfectly no matter when in the year it falls.  

Their venue coordinators and other support staff are also dedicated and experienced, meaning that you won’t have to worry about anything.

Misty Farm

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This delightful barn and countryside setting can accommodate up to 250 people – 130 in the barn itself, and a tent to accommodate 120 more, if necessary.  

It includes several wonderful, excellently restored historic buildings, and they’re set amidst beautiful gardens and natural wetlands.  With all of this, you can be sure the wedding will be a memorable one.

The venue will also offer help with planning and organizing every detail, taking some pressure off of you.

Mission Point

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

This beautiful seaside retreat is on Makinac Island, and it feels like a world away from the rest of the country.  The gorgeous shores of Lake Huron will be the backdrop for a romantic wedding.

The venue has a great wedding team too, and they can co-ordinate with other local businesses – florists, photographers, etc. – to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

It can accommodate a wide range of different wedding sizes, from small weddings to large parties of 350 people.  It also offers great hotel accommodation for all your out-of-town guests.

Willowbrook Mill

Best Wedding Venues In Michigan

The last entry on our list is Willowbrook Mill.  This mill dates from the 19th century (it was established in 1879) and, although it’s been restored, it still maintains that wonderful rustic charm, and that makes it an ideal wedding destination.

It will happily host weddings with any number of guests ranging from a mere two all the way up to 130, so it’ll cater for you even if you want to elope.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, a list of some very best wedding destinations in Michigan.  There should be at least one option in this list that’ll suit you, no matter what kind of tastes you have. 

Now you’ve read it, you can start planning your dream wedding.

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