Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

Long Island is one of the classic sights and locations in the state of New York.

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

The island offers a little more private settings than the mainland state, but like its encompassing state capital, Long Island remains a fairly suburban and metropolitan area but offers a few different looks than New York.

Like most of the temperate coastal areas in the Northeast of the US, Long Island can have pretty warm and semi-tropical humidity in the summers, whereas in the winters it can get cold and snowy.

So even within the island’s climate there is some variation to choose by the season.

The island provides some unique and private settings for a wedding that is uncompromisingly American and also many varied settings that a couple can find their own preference within.

In this guide we have provided some of the best venues to host a wedding on the island!

Bourne Mansion, Oakdale NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

If a grand reception fit for a Disney princess is the type of setting you want for your wedding, then consider the sophisticated and up-scale Bourne Mansion.

The 205-acre lawn is the perfect setting for a summer celebration more special than your everyday cookout.

The private estate is an enchanting look back into a world of class and high society, proving the perfect private setting for a big but classy affair.

The Grand Ballroom is perhaps the classiest of all the rooms and boasts elaborate chandeliers, glass domes and 40ft ceilings.

This venue has won all kinds of awards for a wedding venue and there’s no surprise why, for those who can afford it, this is a setting that could make any bride feel like the belle of the ball.

Villa Lombardi’s, Holbrook NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

If you are looking for something a little more down market but still a sophisticated and tranquil location, Villa Lombardi is a great choice.

Here things take a little more of a charming approach that has a lot of character. They achieve this by blending European traditionalism with a level of modernity that is familiar and warming.

Guests won’t feel out of place and will be comfortable enough to let loose and celebrate the marriage of the bride and groom.

There is much to enjoy about the venue including their huge luscious gardens, tranquil settings, as well as roaming halls.

For a traditional family setting that keeps things low-key but still makes them really special, consider Villa Lombardi.

Flowerfield, Saint James NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

Following on from the last, if your dream wedding is surrounded by opulent gardens and magnificent greenery for a beautiful summer wedding, then Flowerfield may be worth an inquiry.

The expansive grounds the venue covers are not only private but well-preserved and beautiful. From vineyard to pond the whole grounds are something from a period drama.

Forget your space worries as Flowerfield has a stunning 7600 square foot ballroom to hold a classy but welcoming reception.

While luxurious the natural settings only a glimpse away out the window maintains a level of natural light that humbles the surroundings.

Moreover, Flowerfield’s Atrium is the perfect setting for a private but beautiful ceremony that feels worlds away from the bustling city on the mainland. Flowerfield is the perfect setting for a more private but also natural setting for a wedding.

Land’s End, Sayville NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

Of course, Long Island is known for its encompassing coastline that shouldn’t be overlooked for a beautiful aquatic setting for your wedding.

You can forget bringing something blue as the ocean and beaches have you covered with their marine beauty.

Land’s End Catering owns and runs the venue and has opened their doors to hopeful couples since 1895.

One plus for the venue is that if food is important to you then Land’s End Catering has some of the best examples of American-cuisine out there that is sure to impress many of your guests.

Another plus for the venue is that you can choose a few different carried locations for your gathering. If you want to get married on the beach, they got you covered.

However if you want to make use of their 46000 square feet of ballroom then you can do this too. Dancing in the moonlight on the beach is the best way you could end any wedding.

The Beach Club Estate, Lake Ronkonkoma NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

Right in the middle of Long Island you will find the Beach Club Estate located on Long Island’s largest lake, Lake Ronkonkoma.

The grounds of the estate are full of tropical flora and fauna with some truly beautiful settings for wedding photos. There’s nothing more tranquil than watching the light dance on the water with your loved one.

This is another venue that offers some great variation for the bride and groom to choose from.

Whether you want to take advantage of the large ballroom in the estate, or if you want to take the more natural route among nature, there are worlds to explore within the venue that remain well serviced by the staff who offer assistance for any request.

Pavilion At Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park NY

Best Wedding Venues In Long Island

Pavillion, in the beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park, offers one of the most compelling beach marriage venues on the list, and in the country.

The happy couple can select the indoor venue with a terrace, right on the beach, or can choose to get married on the white sandy beaches of Long Island’s shores.

The wedding package offered is truly stellar, and can provide everything a happy couple needs on their big day. If a north coast beach wedding is on your cards, then give Pavilion a look for something unique and special.

Final Thoughts

Long Island is a great destination to get married, the island has many venues which present varied and unique venues to pick from.

From beach ceremonies to fairy tale ballrooms, the island is full of tradition as well as modern settings. Whether you want privacy in nature, or estate ballroom settings, the island has more than you can imagine.

We think Long Island is great and hope that the list has demonstrated the variety present on the island in some different and unique venues.

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