Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

Weddings can happen pretty much anywhere and in reality, any building can serve as a wedding venue – and in a place like Chicago, there are a lot of potential wedding venues out there. 

Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

If you want to find the right wedding venue for you in Chicago, then this is the place for you. We are going to list some of our favorite places in Chicago where you can get married against a stunning backdrop and enjoy the perfect ceremony.

So, if you are planning on getting married in Chicago, check out our top picks of wedding venues right here! 

The Old Post Office 

This restored landmark has now become a beautiful wedding venue that is one of the most desired places in the whole of Chicago. 

There are many different rooms on offer for you to hold your ceremony or reception at, including a historic lobby filled with elegant architecture and traditional decor.

There are also more modern lounges and Art-Deco rooms if you prefer something more contemporary to serve as the backdrop for your wedding, as well as a lush garden for an outdoor space even in a bustling city like Chicago. 

There is a lot on offer at the Old Post Office alone with a range of styles and architecture to suit your fancies, meaning that it is the perfect place for a lot of very differently styled weddings.

It can also adapt to suit weddings of all shapes and sizes, including a reception call that can fit over a thousand guests. 

City Cruises

Enjoy your wedding while cruising down the Chicago River with a city cruise. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can enjoy the Chicago skyline or riverfront by hosting your wedding on an actual boat as it floats through the heart of Chicago.

Weddings held on the water are very unique and romantic, plus they can be incredibly sophisticated and also flexible.

Chicago’s City Cruises offer a range of different vessels for you to choose from, as well as offering a dockside option in its packages. 

So, if you want a truly magical ceremony and reception for your wedding, then perhaps you should consider a wedding held out on the water instead of on dry land. 


This Italian restaurant also doubles as an amazing, sophisticated wedding venue that is perfect for high-end weddings.

Formento’s offers plenty of private space to accommodate weddings of up to 200 guests in their high loft that overlooks Restaurant Row of Chicago. 

With a private bar, restrooms and even a sound system for that late-night partying, Formento’s is more than what it appears on the surface.

It provides a warm and cozy atmosphere which is perfect for the ceremony and dinner, plus the food here is outstanding and the service is incredibly hospitable. 

So, it’s very easy to see why a lot of couples are choosing Formento’s as their Chicago based wedding location. 

Barrel House

Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

Owned by the Goose Island Beer Company, Barrel House is a rustic and authentic venue for those who want a more down to earth wedding. 

This brewery venue features industrial walls and open beamed ceilings, with plenty of beer barrels stacked on the walls as a part of the contemporary decoration.

It is a very private and refined venue with staff who are very friendly and hospitable, allowing you to enjoy your wedding day in comfort and peace. 

Convenient and charismatic, Barrel House is the ideal wedding location for those who enjoy the cuisine and culture of Chicago as well as the deep history that lurks in this brewery. 


Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

For those looking for somewhere colorful and quirky to be the backdrop for their wedding, then this is the place for you. 

Carnivale is a high-quality dining location found in Fulton Market that also doubles a great party venue.

The decoration and design takes inspiration from Mexico, Central and South America, with these locations reflected in the cuisine and cocktails on offer at this stunning venue. 

It is the perfect place for a lively and energetic wedding, especially if you want your wedding to stand out and be one that all your guests remember for all the right reasons.

It’s impressive with lots of unique decor that makes it a desirable venue for weddings and other events. 

The Skydeck 

Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

High up in Willis Tower is the Skydeck, a venue that offers adventure and stunning views for the perfect, exciting wedding. 

While you may have visited the Skydeck to experience the Ledge – a glass box which you can stand in and look straight down at the busy Chicago streets below you – you can also book the 99th floor to host your wedding. 

With large windows, you can hold a unique wedding reception that looks out over Chicago from over one thousand feet up in the air!

This also inspires a sense of privacy so you can celebrate your wedding in complete peace while enjoying the stunning scenery on offer. 

Stan Mansion 

Best Wedding Venues In Chicago

This wedding venue is a restored lodge found in Logan Square that is perfect for wedding parties of larger sizes.

There is plenty of room in this one building along with numerous beautiful ballrooms and lounges for weddings with guests reaching up to 300 guests. 

Plus, there are also smaller rooms available for those wishing for a more intimate event, so no matter the size of your wedding party, you are welcome at Stan Mansion. 

Another great thing about Stan Mansion (other than its elegant architecture and amazing history) is its promise to be a safe and inclusive wedding venue for all parties.

Stan Mansion is very open about its stance on social issues and not only goes the extra mile to hire diverse staff, but also promises to be a venue for all people of any gender, religion or sexual orientation to enjoy their beautiful and luxurious wedding at. 


Chicago is a city that is rich in all kinds of architecture and culture, which means that when it comes to wedding venues, there is a lot to choose from. 

Whether you want your wedding to take place on the Chicago river or thousands of feet up in the air, the options are endless in Chicago – so take a look above at our favorite picks and see if the best wedding venue for you is up there! 

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