Best Wedding Venues In California

Getting married in California is a great choice that a lot of couples are making – and who can blame them? California has so much to offer when it comes to great wedding venues.

Best Wedding Venues In California

Whether you want to get married in a vineyard, by the beach, in the city or out in the mountains, there are a lot of choices available so every couple can find their dream wedding venue. 

Here, we are going to look at some of the best wedding venues in California so you can find the right one for your wedding. 

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

For a stunning indoor wedding venue found in the heart of Los Angeles, then the Ace Hotel is a beautiful, modern location with so much to offer. 

There is plenty of art and culture on offer here as it is found within the United Artists skyscraper, where there are art installations and a restored theater filled with classic furniture and modern fixings.

It’s the perfect place for couples who don’t want to compromise on tradition or modern tastes as both go hand in hand at this stunning venue. 

Take advantage of the technology here on offer with the state of the art digital projectors and cinema sound systems.

You can even get married within the Gothic-Spanish theater that can seat over a thousand guests, so it is a great choice for large weddings.

Don’t worry – there are other rooms available for smaller weddings so the Ace Hotel is perfect for whatever you have in mind. 

The Beverly Hilton

Get married in luxury and style at the Beverly Hilton nestled in Beverly Hills! This hotel is classic and modern with plenty of rooms and options on offer for the wedding of your dreams. 

It is the dream wedding location for many couples due to its celebrity links and high-end service, plus you have the option to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors.

There are many stunning gardens and roof terraces for you to take advantage of, as well as a huge ballroom for those who plan on having a huge reception afterwards. 

So, the Beverly Hilton is the ideal choice for couples who want the perfect wedding in one of the most sophisticated venues in California. 

The West Shore Café

Inner city weddings are not to everyone’s tastes and for couples looking for a more peaceful venue to enjoy their wedding at, then the West Shore Café at Lake Tahoe is definitely a place to consider. 

Here you can get married with the beautiful backdrop of Lake Tahoe behind you, and dance your reception away near the calm shore.

It’s a tranquil alternative to the hustle and bustle of inner city hotel weddings, and you are sure to enjoy plenty of privacy next to the soothing waters of Lake Tahoe. 

This venue is known for accommodating their guests and offering both indoor and outdoor weddings with a great range of packages on offer so you can tailor your wedding to suit your tastes with little fuss. 

Chalk Hill Vineyard And Winery

Vineyards are a dime a dozen in California, but one of the most romantic and stunning wineries that doubles as a wedding venue is the Chalk hill Vineyard and Winery in Sonoma County. 

Have your ceremony beneath the clear blue skies of California surrounded by grapevines or opt for an indoor ceremony at the nearby mission-style chapel.

There is plenty of space here to set up pavilions and lights for you to enjoy your reception wherever you choose. 

Chalk Hill is one of the oldest wineries in California and has a lot of beautiful, traditionally built buildings that serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Or, take your photographs out in the vineyards and enjoy some delicious chardonnay on offer from the venue itself. 

Santa Margarita Ranch

Tradition is a great theme for a wedding and a venue like the Santa Margarita Ranch is perfect for those who want a rustic, barn-style wedding.

Here, you can get married beneath the rafters of this huge, historical barn or outdoors in the stunning gardens. 

There is a lot of history in these old beams so those who desire a natural, traditional wedding can have their ceremony and reception.

Surrounded by the ones they love in a place that already holds a lot of emotional and sentimental meaning for many people already. 

So, Santa Margarita Ranch really is one of the most beautiful ranch-style wedding venues for those who desire their wedding to be set against a background of history and lush nature. 

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate

The Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate and Vineyard is elevated above 2,000 and can be found in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Here at this Tuscan-styled venue, your wedding could be held against the backdrop of some stunning views that stretches from miles. 

From the balconies you can see miles of greenery all around as well as the distant ocean so when it comes to views, there is no better venue than the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate. 

This estate also doubles as a winery that produces award-winning wine that is protected and cannot be replicated.

Celebrate your wedding with more than just views and take home a few bottles of this unique wine to serve as a constant reminder of your precious wedding day. 

Newport Dunes

Beach weddings and waterfront weddings have never been more popular, and one of the most stunning venues to pick is Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina. 

Here, you can choose between saying your vows under a gazebo against an ocean backdrop or heading down to the sandy beach itself to say ‘I do’.

Whichever type of ceremony you choose, you are sure to enjoy a luxurious reception with bar access and late-night dancing. 


California is a huge state with so many different wedding venues available. Here, we have only included just a few of the best on offer.

Each has their own unique locations and generous packages for you to choose from so every couple can tailor their wedding to their own tastes. 

So, whether you want to get married by the ocean or high up in the mountains of Santa Monica, there is a wedding venue there waiting for you. 

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