Best Wedding Veils

The tradition of wearing a wedding veil has been around for centuries. The veil was originally used to prevent the groom from seeing his bride until after their vows had been exchanged, and even today many couples spend the night before their wedding apart and consider it bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she walks down the aisle.

Wedding veils themselves, however, are worn as a style accessory nowadays rather than for any practical reason. They are a wonderful way of elevating any gown to true wedding-worthy grandeur, and they add drama and impact to the ceremony itself.

They can often be the additional bit of magic that really makes a bride feel special and that separates the wedding outfit from any other evening gown. We have put together a list of our favorite wedding veils available online today, ranging in price, style and length, so that you can get some inspiration and find the perfect veil for your wedding day. 


First up is this beautiful two-tiered wedding veil with lace edging. This is a traditional style veil with a beautiful sheer blusher that can be worn over the face at the beginning of the ceremony and then folded back to create a multi-layered effect later on.

The bottom layer is fingertip length, which will look incredibly flattering and elegant whilst not taking away from the grandeur of your dress. The lace applique adds opulence and richness and gives the veil an almost vintage quality.

The tulle is high quality so falls softly over the shoulders and down the back, and better still, this veil is available in both ivory and white so will suit whichever color you have chosen for your gown.


Next up we have a great budget option for anyone who has splashed out on their gown and doesn’t have buckets of money left over for the veil. This short tulle veil has a classic cascading shape that is accentuated by the ribbon edging which helps it keep its form.

The lower layer of the veil falls to elbow length so is convenient for dancing and eating as it won’t get in your way, yet it still has plenty of drama and impact. What is more, if you are having a bachelorette or engagement party and want to wear a veil but don’t want to risk ruining your full length one, then this brilliant budget alternative looks fantastic and won’t break the bank.


This incredibly elegant rhinestone and pearl edged veil is breath-taking in its simplicity. It falls to elbow length and has a standard width of 72 inches, giving it plenty of fullness at the back.

It only has one single layer so it does not fall in front of the face, making this a perfect choice for those brides who want to be fully visible throughout their ceremony. The sheer tulle is centre gathered, so the beaded sides can be drawn over the shoulders to really show-off their glittering detail.

The tulle is secured onto a flexible metal comb which has plenty of pliability and grip so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose.


For any brides looking to create lots of volume this 4 layer veil is ideal. The soft, high quality tulle has 4 sculpted layers for maximum impact, and all the corners have been rounded off by hand so that there are no unsightly edges jutting out.

The veil comes in white, ivory and a beautiful champagne blush color, which could add a really wonderful bit of warmth to your outfit. The bottom layer falls to fingertip length, whilst the third layer falls to the waist and helps to accentuate your curves in a very flattering way.

This veil is a great choice if you want to make a dramatic entrance but don’t want too many fussy adornments to distract from your dress. 


This beautiful, single tier veil is floor length so has lots of impact but you won’t need to worry about people accidentally standing on it as you mingle with your guests. The tulle is fully gathered onto a sturdy comb so the veil will not fall over your shoulders as you walk, making this ideal for brides who have a particularly ornate dress that they don’t wish to cover up.

It is available in black, white, ivory or beige and comes with or without sparkles depending on what effect you are after. The raw cut edges give this veil a ‘barely there’ quality which is ethereal and elegant, and will complement a highly decorated dress due to its simplicity.


This mantilla style, chapel length veil is both ornate and subtle in equal measure. The soft tulle is ungathered and therefore falls flat to the head in a traditional, Italian style.

The beautiful floral lace edge is just exquisite and adds depth and drama to the veil as well as helping the fabric to fall beautifully. It can be worn over the face or clipped so that the face is uncovered, and the length is suitable for a chapel wedding so that that intricate lace will be shown-off in all its glory as you walk down the aisle. 


If you are looking for a show-stopper style veil then this cathedral length, sequin and lace embellished beauty is perfect. At over 9 feet long and 9 feet wide it is sure to bring the drama to any wedding ceremony and will look absolutely amazing in your photographs.

The lace and sequins are hand sewn and work especially well with a dress that doesn’t have too many adornments. The sequins will catch the light whether you tie the knot in a church or outside, so you will undoubtedly sparkle like a princess wearing this veil.

It is gathered into a very strong comb that is designed to handle the weight of such a long length of tulle, but you might want to ask your bridesmaids to lift and arrange it smoothly once you reach the altar to ensure all your guests can see the marvelous details in full glory.


Not all brides want a full length, or even mid length veil, and for those looking for something more subtle this 1920s style birdcage veil is just gorgeous. The birdcage net looks incredibly chic and elegant and goes especially well with vintage and retro style wedding outfits.

The net covers only the face and hair, leaving everything from the shoulders down on full display so that no part of your outfit is covered up. This veil has a beautiful applique detail at the comb which adds elegance and femininity to the design and also helps to disguise the comb.

The veil can be removed as easily as a hat, and is incredibly lightweight and portable which is ideal if you are walking between your ceremony and party venue. This style looks particularly great if you have your hair in an


For a different vintage option, this 1930s Juliet cap veil is both classic and unique and will add a retro twist to any wedding outfit.  The Juliet cap is gathered at each side of the skull so that it sits snugly around the head in a very feminine and flattery way.

The applique pearls and lace provide perfect points of attachment where the veil can be secured to your hair using slides and pins, and the overall effect is graceful and serene. This is a beautiful choice for any brides who particularly love Hollywood glamor, and will surely look angelic in your wedding photo album. 


And finally, we couldn’t resist putting this utterly stunning cathedral length veil into our list for its originality and beauty. The 3 meter train is adorned with hand sewn satin butterflies, and is sure to bring a tear to every guests’ eye.

No one will ever forget this show-stopper, and you will feel like you are flying as you walk down the aisle in such a breathtaking wedding veil. If you are only planning to get married once, you might as well make it special!

Best Wedding Veils Buying Guide

Here are some key elements to look out for and bear in mind as you search for your perfect wedding veil.


Wedding veils come in many different lengths, and the one that you go for will depend on what looks best with your wedding dress style, and the size of your venue. 

Full-length veils come in three standard lengths: floor length, chapel length, and cathedral length. And as their names suggest, they are generally worn in accordance with the scale of the venue so that the train is suitable for the aisle.

Shorter veils can be elbow length, waist length or fingertip length, and are often worn with more fitted gowns so as to compliment the body shape, or in more modest venues where there isn’t the space for a long train. 

Some brides have very short veils that only cover their face or come to the nap of their neck, and these mini veils are often worn at registry weddings or as an accessory to a vintage style wedding outfit.


The width of your veil is generally dictated by the fullness of your wedding dress or outfit. Full-length veils generally come in either a slimline width of 54 inches, a medium width of 72 inches, or a full width of 108 inches.

The slimline width looks great with fitted, column-style dresses, the medium width compliments  A-line gowns very well, and the full width falls beautifully around a ballgown style wedding dress.


The most popular wedding veil style is the two-layer blusher veil. A blusher is the layer of the veil that falls in front of the face and is lifted during the ceremony (often by the groom or the father of the bride). When folded back, the blusher creates a two-tier effect that looks very pretty, and the act of lifting the veil is often a particularly moving and emotional moment in the marriage ceremony. 

Of course, not all veils have a blusher, and many brides prefer to have their blusher folded back from the very start so that their face is never hidden. Single layer veils, mantilla veils, juliet cap veils and waterfall veils are all examples of veils that do not cover the face, and the style that you choose will depend on the look and shape of your dress or outfit.


Some veils, like the mantilla and the drop veil, are not gathered onto a comb, however most veils are so that they can be easily secured to your hairstyle or headpiece. There are two key types of gather to choose from: the center gather or the full gather.

A center gathered veil is gathered more loosely at the sides so that the fabric cascades beautifully and can be drawn around the brides shoulders and arms if desired. A fully gathered veil is more slimline and tends to fall down the bride’s back. It has more fullness and lift at the comb, so it is great if you want to create height and volume.


Most veils are made from bridal illusion tulle, which is a sheer nylon netting that is lightweight and easy to see through. Of course, some veils are made from cheaper netting than others, and this often affects the stiffness of the veil, making it more rigid and coarse.

Silk-effect net, chiffon and organza are also sometimes used, however they can be more expensive and are sometimes more difficult to see through (which isn’t ideal when you are navigating your way down the aisle!).


Lots of brides wonder whether they should order a pure white veil, and for some it may be perfect, but be warned: most wedding dresses are slightly off-white even when they are advertised as being pure white and so opting for an ivory or off-white veil is usually safest.

Of course, veils are available in all different colors and some brides like to go for a pink blush or even a shimmering gold to contrast with their dress. Whether you choose to match your veil to your dress or not is up to you, but a top tip is to order your veil in plenty of time so that you can return or exchange it if you find the colors don’t work well together.

After all, it is easier to change your veil than your dress!


Many brides decide that a plain veil is decoration enough, and there can be something ethereal and elegant about a ‘barely-there’ veil with no adornment whatsoever. However, appliqued lace, ribbon edging and beading are all popular forms of decoration that can add that finishing touch to your wedding veil and really tie it together with your dress.

Beading can be pearl, diamante or even rainbow-hued, and can be as sparse or elaborate as you wish. Mant brides who have lace elements to their dress like to use the same lace to adorn their veils, however, too much lace can look heavy and muddled so be sure to test your ideas out before ordering swathes of trim!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear my veil at my wedding reception?

When and where you wear your veil is completely up to you, (you could wear it to the grocery store if you really wanted!), but most brides tend to wear their veil for the ceremony only.

This is due to practical reasons, as veils can get in the way whilst eating a meal and dancing at a disco, especially if they have a long train. 

Can I wear a veil if I’m having my hair down?

It is possible to wear a veil if you have your hair down, however it is far more difficult to secure it into place. Pins and clips can be used, but you might be better off having your hair half up, or clipping just the sides up, so as to create a point to which the veil can be attached.

Do veils come with a comb attached?

Unless a veil is specifically designed not to have a comb, or is attached to your crown or headpiece, it will usually come with a metal or plastic comb pre-attached, which can easily slide into your hairstyle.

Can I iron my veil?

To put it simply: no, you should not iron your wedding veil. Depending on the material, veils can scar and even melt under the heat of an iron, so it is best to steam them if you want to get creases out.

Hanging a veil in a bathroom whilst you run a hot shower can also really do the trick if you don’t have access to a clothes steamer.