Best Wedding Slow Songs

What can possibly be better than a beautiful slow song at a wedding? After the first dance from the bride and groom’s chosen song of romance, slow songs can get the guests and their partners on the floor. 

We all love the party tunes, but slow songs give the wedding the air of love and allows the guests to cool down! It also might lead to a new romance… aww! 

But with so many slow songs to choose from, it can be a real headache to pick the perfect music! You need some help right?

We’ve compiled a perfect list for you to pick your favorites. So get the speakers out, it’s time to get teary eyed and feel some butterflies in our stomachs! What are the best wedding slow songs? 

Best Wedding Slow Songs

Elvis Presley: Can’t Help Falling In Love (1961)

This is an absolute staple of a wedding song. When it comes to love songs, you might not necessarily think of Elvis. Many of us consider him the King of rock and roll, but he sang one of the most beautiful love songs of all time. 

When you look at your new husband or wife, you might think that they’re so perfect, it doesn’t matter what they do – you really cannot help falling in love with them. Maybe it was the first time you saw them or the first date – either way, this song will flood back the memories. 

Key Lyrics: “some things, you know, are meant to be” and “take my hand, take my whole life too.” 

When you hear these, you’ll think – yes. This marriage was meant to be and you’re ready to give your whole life to the other person. Definitely a song that gets the couples dancing with its slow pace and the calming deep voice of Elvis. 

Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud (2014) 

Mr Ed Sheeran – one of the ideal candidates for a slow love song. Even the music video to this song has a couple dancing together.

The upbeat but romantic tone of the song allows couples to have a smile on their faces whilst looking into each other’s eyes and thinking of how much they care for each other. 

Key Lyrics: “I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70” and “maybe we found love right where we are.” 

For both groups of people, the couples and the potential couples. The bride and groom will feel connected to the idea of loving one another until their old age, whereas potential couples thinking, maybe they have found their perfect partner! 

Paolo Nutini: Last Request (2006) 

This is such a beautiful song for a slow dance. All couples on the dance floor can sing along with this and find that feeling of love and romance flowing through them.

The beginning is very slow and has an overwhelming tone of beauty that seems to make you both believe you’re the only ones in the room. It later picks up with the fantastic voice of Paolo Nutini which will get you all singing in each other’s loving arms. 

Key Lyrics: “remember it’s just you and me” and “let me hold you.” 

The thought from couples that it really is just me and you, along with the song’s ability to make you think you’re the only ones there can really heat up the romance. Any potential couple would love the lyrics of “let me hold you” and is a good way to get closer in such a beautiful way. 

Diana Ross And Lionel Richie: Endless Love (1981)

If you can find a more beautifully romantic song than this, we wouldn’t believe you! It starts powerfully with Lionel Richie’s famous voice.

It’s one of the best songs for couples to sing together as you’ve got two of the greatest love singers in one song! It progressively gets more like a ballad and can leave any guests watching dancers tearing up! 

Key Lyrics: “my love, there’s only you in my life” and “I’ve found in you, my endless love.” 

The lyrics really emit a feeling of togetherness forever. With the first two being “my love” you already feel the hearts pounding with romance! 

Eric Clapton: Wonderful Tonight (1977) 

This song is incredibly powerful and although is more lyrically pertinent to the groom, everybody loves the smooth and seductive tone of Eric Clapton along with the slower and quieter backing of his guitar. 

Key Lyrics: “yes, you look wonderful tonight” and “this beautiful lady that’s walking around with me”

It’s a real slow and romantic song that will get the dancers on the floor to hold one another – hopefully the male partners all sing to their companions! 

What To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Slow Song 

There are some things to think about when choosing your best slow songs for the wedding floor. Here are some key points to consider:


You’ll need to think about the ages of the guests. If there’s a lot of older people, would they enjoy Ed Sheeran?

Likewise for lots of younger guests, they probably won’t even know who Eric Clapton is! It’s also important to recognize the demographic of your guests and if any songs might trigger any sadness (some slow songs have sad lyrics!) 


Slow songs are great but you’ll have to think of the overall tone. For example, if you’re looking for a really upbeat slow song to keep the mood high – you’re looking more at choosing Ed Sheeran.

Whereas if you’re looking to close the night off with a powerfully romantic song that everybody will be up dancing and singing, you’ll want Endless Love. That is ideal to cap the night off! 

What To Remember 

When it comes to choosing your wedding slow songs, take in those points and consider our choices. You might be able to find example videos online of people who have used these songs and judge the atmosphere on that! 

Remember, it’s the couple’s big day so keeping them happy is the crucial thing!