Best Wedding Shapewear

Your big day should be filled with happiness, laughter, and dancing! The last thing you want to be thinking about is “what does my body look like?”.

Wearing shapewear isn’t a necessity, but if you are worried about how tight the dress is or what certain areas of your body might look like, then shapewear could be the perfect item to help keep your mind at ease.

The problem is, with so many choices available, you don’t want to pick one which will roll down your sides, making you seem weirdly bumpy. You don’t want that look on any event, let alone your wedding!

We will tell you the Best Wedding Shapewear on the market, and we will explain what you should be looking for before you make a purchase!

Quick Look - The Best Wedding Shapewear

If you want to bypass our review and go straight to the best wedding shapewears on the market, then check out our list below. 

Want to know how we came to this conclusion? Our buyer’s guide will walk you through the important factors you should be considering when buying shapewear, and our review details why we loved these products.

5 Best Wedding Shapewear

Depending on your budget and your wedding outfit style, the best wedding shapewear for you is one of our top 5. Each one is a fantastic design that will support you and shape your body to become the smoother shape we all crave.


The Seluxu comes in beige, so the color will be unnoticeable under your wedding dress. 

When you go to the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about unlacing yourself from the shapewear, as it has an adjustable hook for the crotch regain, allowing you to remove the fabric when you need to.

Looking at the shape given, Seluxu has bra pads and underwire to support your breasts and lift them into a perky position. The tightening design is aimed mostly at your stomach to tuck away sagging. There isn’t a lot of construction in comparison to the other shapewear on our list, but that is due to the open-back and plunging neckline design.

Unlike most shapewear, Seluxu has a plunge line embedded, so if your outfit has revealing windows in its design, you can still show that touch of skin. The back also has a low-cut shape, which goes all the way down to the bottom area. If you have a backless dress, this shapewear is perfect for you.


  • Shapewear for Stomach
  • Bra Sizes Included
  • Plunging Neckline & Open Back
  • Removable Crotch Fabric


  • Bra Size Limited - Min Size 32A Max Size 40D
  • Not Great For Dancing


The Diane & Geordi is our favorite shapewear and will fit most wedding dressing designs. It’s our favorite because the industrial structure was designed for postpartum women, which means it is sensitive and comfortable while it reduces tummy movement, pulls in overweight bellies, hides any armpit fat, and lifts your butt. It does everything you want it to while keeping a strong aim at being comfortable.

You will receive an hourglass shape without having to persuade yourself to keep the undergarment on.

The style is plain with a little bit of embroidery around the thighs, and we have to admit that it isn’t the prettiest of choices, but it is invisible under your clothing. Because it is full length and covers your whole body, no one will notice that you are wearing shapewear.

The design also includes an open gusset, so you don’t need to take off the shapewear when you need to go to the bathroom.

There is no bra included in this piece of clothing, which we believe is for the best. Most people’s chest doesn’t match their overall size, and if that sentence rings true for you, then you will be relieved to know that you don’t need to pick between your bra size and your body size.


  • Shapewear for Stomach, Thighs, Armpit & Bottom
  • Bra Not Included
  • Perfect For Dancing
  • Open Gusset for Bathroom Use
  • Super Comfortable


  • Not Suitable For Outfits With Open Backs Or Navel Windows/Necklines
  • Expensive


The previous two shapewear have included either a removable cloth or an open crotch design; however, RDSIANE is the only one to include a front and back open crotch design. It has a large space so everyone can feel comfortable using it.

This might seem like a gross subject, but in reality, we don’t want to walk around on our wedding day smelling foul. If your dress is super complicated or restricting, then taking off your clothes to go to the bathroom will become the most embarrassing and convoluted part of the night.

RDSAINE has solved this problem by giving you an extremely large open crotch design, so you will not make a mess, and all you need to do is lift the dress.

When it comes to the shape of this shapewear, the full-body design has a U neckline that is open and allows you to wear a bra of your choice, but it still supports your breasts from below.

There are three rows of adjustable hook-eyes so you can tighten the pressure and the shape or untighten it as the day goes on. 

It is a hip shaper, butt shaper, and tummy flattener as it manipulates your body into an hourglass figure.


  • Shapewear for Stomach, Thighs & Bottom
  • Bra Not Included
  • Comfortable
  • Open Gusset for Bathroom Use 
  • Good For Dancing


  • Not Suitable For Outfits With Open Backs Or Navel Windows/Necklines


The Shapermint is our best budget shapewear, but it isn’t the cheapest on our list! The Shapermint is a high-waisted and low-thigh shapewear that works really well for thin and large people alike.

It has breathable fabric to stop any chaffing and smoothens out any rolling stomachs while it sculps you into an hourglass figure. It shapes your tummy, thighs, and back, and it does all of that without you realizing it is even there. 

Because the undergarment is not full-body and isn’t supported by your shoulders, so it needs to have strong anti-slip technology to keep it from rolling down.

The Shapermint does have this technology and can keep your shape, however, if you start to move around too much, this anti-slip technology will begin to roll.


  • Shapewear for Stomach, Thighs & Back
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap
  • No Chafing
  • Great For All Body Sizes


  • Not Great For Dancing


The Nobility is the cheapest shapewear on our list, and it is best used by smaller-sized people. It is a butt lifter that tightens your bottom and lifts it into a naturally curvy shape. Its second focus is on your stomach, which is held firmly and smoothly to give you an hourglass figure.

It is so light and breathable that you can even wear this undergarment while sleeping.  The anti-slip technology is so impressive that you can dance all night long and not worry about it ever rolling down.

Generally speaking, the Nebility is perfect for people who are happy with their body as it is but would like to make sure that they don’t bloat throughout the day or want to adjust their body only slightly for their wedding. If you are after a massive support system, then the Nebility isn’t for you.


  • Shapewear for Stomach & Bottom
  • Comfortable 24 Hr USe
  • Best For Dancing
  • Cheapest


  • Not Great For Larger Sizes
  • Not A Massive Change

Best Wedding Shapewear Buying Guide

Buying shapewear for your wedding is different from purchasing shapewear in general. You’re going to be dancing, you are likely wearing a full-length outfit, but you may have your shoulders exposed. 

Your dress might snuggly fit, but it probably has some decorative embellishments that can help you hide your undergarments.

There are 5 things you need to think about when buying wedding shapewear, and they are the type of outfit you are wearing, the areas you want to have shaped, how you feel in the shapewear, your maneuverability in the shapewear, and will it hold for the whole wedding.

We will help you navigate through these points so you can look perfect on your special day.

What Type of Dress Are You Wearing?

The heading here is a little misleading, as you can be wearing a suit and the question still applies. What does your wedding attire look like?

If you are wearing a suit, whether it’s a three-piece or a two-piece, you can put on full-body shapewear and know that the undergarments aren’t going to show. 

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, then you need shapewear which is also strapless. Otherwise, the elegant design will be overshadowed by the additional fabric.

If your outfit has a hoop skirt, a train, or anything that means it has extra fabric, then a problem you might not have thought about yet, is your experience in the bathroom.

Lifting up your dress might be a 2 person job, and on top of that, someone needs to pull down your shapewear! To combat this problem, you should buy shapewear with an open crotch design, so you don’t need to take the undergarment off when you need the toilet.

If you’re wearing a plunge line dress, then your bodysuit needs to be plunge line too, to keep the illusion up. 

Essentially your shapewear should match your dress and the silhouette you are hoping to create.

What Would You Like Shaping?

The right shapewear will target the right areas of your body. Do you want something to hold in your stomach, do you want your thighs to be reshaped, do you want your underarms to be solid and not wobbly, or do you simply want your bottom to look lifted?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your shopping basket.

The simplest shapewear will focus just on your stomach. They are the most common and the cheapest category on the market, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth it. As many people wish to have a flatter stomach on their big day, it’s not surprising that companies try to make as many of these undergarments as possible.

Do You Feel Comfortable?

Being comfortable on your wedding day is super important. You don’t want to be wishing the day away, dreaming about when you can finally rip your shapewear off and breathe. You should forget that you are even wearing shapewear!

The most comfortable shapewear is made from breathable materials which stop you from sweating. If you sweat in tight clothing, you will experience chafing, which can be unbearable, especially if the symptoms start early.

Can You Dance In The Shapewear?

Some Shapewear bands will try to put your body into a beautiful silhouette, but the outcome means you will be as stiff as a brick. Every wedding includes dancing, laughing, and standing on your feet all day, so you want to pick undergarments that don't keep you locked in one place. 

If you don’t plan on moving around too much, then these features may not bother you, however, most of us want to let loose and get crazy on our special day. This means you should be looking for shapewear that gives you flexibility. Spandex is a fantastic material for this.

And just like in the “comfortability” section, you will need your shapewear to be breathable. If you are moving around more, then the chance of chafing will be higher!

Will It Stay In Place?

For shapewear to work effectively, it needs to have anti-slip technology. This is a very similar issue to our previous subtitle, but most good shapewear will stay in place only when you aren’t moving around too much. 

If you are happy to leave the dancing to your guests, you still need anti-slip shapewear to help your body hold the shape you were hoping for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some more questions about wedding shapewear? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Do Most Brides Wear Shapewear?

Most brides in our modern time do wear at least one form of shapewear. It could be something as simple as a bra or something structural like tuck-in shapewear (look at our list above).

Really the bride should be wearing whatever they want, which helps them feel comfortable. If you are worried about a bloated stomach, buy shapewear; if you are concerned about straps being on show, go braless.

How Do You Flatten Your Stomach For A  Wedding Dress?

Dieting before a wedding is normal, and as soon as the question has been popped, you should be thinking about how you want to look on your big day. If you haven’t reached your goal, or if you are worried about drinking bloat, then wear shapewear like Diane & Geordi to help keep your stomach flat.

What Does A Bride Wear Under Her Wedding Dress?

Remember that your partner will know who you are and will know your body already, so although you want to look sexy and romantic on your wedding night, you shouldn’t be worried about what they think.

If you don’t want your partner to see your wedding shapewear, you can slip into your best lingerie before the night finishes.

Can You Wear Shapewear With A Fitted Dress?

Shapewear is meant to be seamless and undetectable. This is why it is one of the best choices of undergarments for fitting dresses. Other choices could be thongs and seamless panties.

Who Is Considered a Plus Size Bride?

It is normal for your wedding dress to be a size bigger than your average everyday wear. Plus-size brides are normally people who wear a US 14 or higher on their everyday attire. This would translate to a US 16 in bridal form. 

Most bridal designers do cater to plus-size brides, but they may only have sizes 8 - 12 available as a sample.

What Is The Best Dress To Hide A Tummy?

Trapezoidal dresses are an excellent choice for larger people who want to hide their stomachs. They have a narrow cut through the neckline, arms, and bodice but then flare out in the middle for a natural and beautiful look that can easily hide a tummy without an obvious illusion.