Best Wedding Rings For Men

Your wedding ring is one item of jewelry that deserves careful consideration and thought before purchase. It will be a reminder of your happy day for years to come, and is symbolic of the love you feel for your partner and the commitment you are willing to make to them. 

Traditionally, plenty of thought goes into the bride’s engagement ring, but often the groom’s wedding band can be forgotten amongst the long list of other things that need doing in the lead up to the big day.

However, there are loads of fantastic wedding rings for men available online and we have made a list of some of our top picks to give you some inspiration which will make your decision that little bit easier. These rings range in price, material and style so there really is something of everyone.


Let’s start with this classic gold wedding band which ticks all the boxes if you are after something traditional. This band has lots of versatility as it comes in three different gold tones: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Each color is available in either 10K or 14K, meaning that it can be specifically suited to your taste and budget. Because of its clean, medium width, it is perfect for stacking with other rings and it won’t get in your way when you go about your day, even if you have a job that requires the use of your hands.

The gold is ethically sourced and stamped with the 14/10K hallmark which demonstrates its quality. Some people have found the ring a little flimsy as it is so lightweight, but Brilliant Expressions allow a 30 day refund or exchange policy meaning you can try this ring on and feel whether it is right for you.


  • Available in both 10K and 14K gold
  • Available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold
  • Multi-sizes and half sizes available - up to 13.5
  • Very simple, classic design for everyday wear
  • Great for stacking with other rings
  • Stamped hallmark, quality craftsmanship
  • Ethically sourced gold
  • Made in the USA
  • Return or exchange within 30 days


  • Very thin band - a little flimsy


Oxford Ivy’s classic gold ring makes our list for its thickness and weight. When you put this on your finger you will really feel the quality of the 14K gold and feel that it is worthy of your wedding vows.

The edges on this sophisticated, timeless classic are rounded for comfort so there are no sharp edges that will dig into your fingers as you go about your day. The 100% gold is hallmarked which demonstrates its quality, and is ethically sourced so you can wear this ring with a clear conscience.

It is available in a good range of sizes, with half sizes available, however some people have noted that these rings come up small so size up if you are in any doubt.

The 6mm thickness is bold and masculine whilst still being understated, so this ring really is an all rounder. The only downside is that the 14K gold comes with a higher price tag than many other options.


  • Oxford Ivy are quality craftsmen, made in USA
  • Comfort fit - rounded edges
  • Hallmarked 14 K stamp
  • 100% solid gold
  • Ethically sourced
  • Sizes 8-12.5 available
  • Weighty, 6.7 grams - bold and masculine


  • Not able to resize
  • High price point


If you have spent all your ready cash on the marquee and the cover band then this iTungsten ring might be the affordable option you’re looking for.

Though made from tungsten carbide this ring looks and feels like gold and has a band of sandblasted metal that creates a fantastic textured finish. This detail gives this ring character and also catches the light very interestingly.

The metal is waterproof and scratch resistant, although some customers have complained that it does mark a little with wear. It is available in 6mm or 8mm width depending on how  bold a statement you would like to make, and better still, it is available in women’s and men’s sizes so you could buy his and hers wedding rings as a matching set.


  • Domed for comfort fit
  • Sandblasted texture
  • Men’s and Women’s sizes
  • 6mm and 8mm available
  • Affordable luxury - made of genuine tungsten carbide
  • Waterproof scratch resistant


  • No box (just a pouch)
  • Some scratches


Customers have been really impressed with the quality of this inexpensive ring, named ‘the Vow Keeper’ by the King Will marketing team. Its dark silver hue is very strong and masculine, and gives the impression of being very expensive when it is in fact very affordable.

This ring is weighty on the finger and feels very satisfying to wear. You won’t worry about it scratching or scuffing because the tungsten carbide is top quality and very durable so it does not lose its highly polished finish easily.

This metal is hypoallergenic, so this is a great ring for anyone with sensitive skin. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can send it back if you experience any damage or dissatisfaction with the product. Just be sure to buy big, because the sizing on this ring has been known to be smaller than standard.


  • Affordable yet luxury
  • Comfort fit interior
  • High polished appearance
  • Durable and weighty
  • Anti scratch
  • hypoallergenic 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Sizing slightly on small side
  • Darker silver than appears on photos


For anyone looking to make a statement, this two tone, black and gold ring by 100s Jewelry is striking and sleek. The black band is bold and strong, and the 14K lining is elite and luxurious.

This ring really has it all and will look good whether you are at the office or at the club. At 8mm it is thick and masculine, and its heavy duty thickness also means that it is durable and you won’t need to worry about taking it on and off all the time to protect it.

There are a huge range of sizes available, from 6-16, so if you have particularly big or small fingers you won’t need to get alterations done. What's more, the company offers custom engravings on the inner side of the ring, so you can capture some beautiful memory or initials and keep them close to you forever.


  • Bold, black and gold design
  • Size 6-16 - great range
  • Heavy duty thickness for durability when working
  • 8mm band
  • 14K gold lined for luxury element
  • Waterproof and scratch proof
  • Custom engraving offered


Sophisticated yet casual is a very tricky aesthetic to achieve, yet this white gold ring by 100s Jewelry does it perfectly.

The brick pattern on the ring is clean and strong, and as this ring is rhodium plated it has an eye-catching gleam that elevates it to a higher level.

The ring is primarily made from tungsten carbide and is super-strength and waterproof, so you can wear it swimming, in the shower or about the house with no worries about scratching or denting it.

Due to its affordable price tag, this ring is a perfect replacement ring if you do lots of travelling and don’t like to take your real silver ring with you.


  • Brick pattern is casual and modern
  • The tungsten carbide is durable and scratch resistant
  • Rhodium plated
  • Waterproof
  • Multi purpose - great replacement ring for travels etc
  • Sophisticated, super strength


Now, if you are after something truly innovative and multi-faceted then why not consider getting a silicone wedding ring.

Silicone is a very attractive and hard wearing rubber material that is breathable and most certainly won’t turn your finger green like some cheaper rings will. The ergonomic design of the grooves on the inside of the ring prevent the build-up of sweat and moisture, increasing your comfort even on long, hot days.

What is more, the grooves work to make the ring move with your finger and bend and flex in accordance with you, so there is no resistance and discomfort. Egnaros inner arc ring is available in 7 cool color combinations, and if you don’t like your ring you can get a new one without even having to return your original! 


  • Ergonomic grooves for flexibility with hand movement
  • Breathable design stops  moisture build-up
  • 10mm wide, 
  • 2.5mm thick
  • 7 color combinations ranging from black, dark grey through to grey-blue and camo sand
  • Extremely affordable
  • No sending back - just get a new pack
  • Top quality silicone for sensitive skin


Continuing on the theme of silicone rings, this ultra thin design from Enso is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and color combinations, so you and your partner could buy matching bands as a symbol of your love.

The silicone is not only super comfortable to wear, but is also hypoallergenic and safe even for the most sensitive skin types. The tiny, 2.54mm width of these bands is effortlessly cool and understated but size up because these rings tend to be on the small side. 


  • Subtle and classy - effortlessly cool, understated
  • Made in the USA - headquarters in Utah
  • Ultra Comfortable
  • Breathable and safe silicone
  • Unisex for his and hers matching bands
  • 2.54mm wide, 1.5mm thick so super lightweight
  • 11 colors which have cool mythical names, Medusa, Unicorn and Yeti!
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Size up because these rings are small


Who said that only women get to have diamonds in their wedding rings? If you love a bit of bling, and want a ring that feels really special and singular just like your love, then this Metal Master’s titanium ring is ideal.

The two rows of ornate cubic zirconia stones catch the light in an amazing way that is both flash and effortless, and the satin brushed flat top finish is sleek and clean.

This ring screams authority and power and it comes in a very high-end jewelry box so is perfect if you are gifting this ring to someone else.


  • Bling-tastic due to double row of cubic zirconia stones
  • Titanium, flat top light satin brushed finish
  • Cobalt free and hypoallergenic
  • Comfort fit contoured inner
  • Elegant jewelry box for gifting to others
  • 30 day money back guarantee



And finally, if you want your wedding ring to be simply out-of-this-world, then this meteorite ring is the one for you.

Made with meteorite shavings that glow when exposed to UV light and look unbelievably complex and hypnotizing in the daylight, this extremely durable and scratch resistant ring is truly unique and is handmade to order so you will really feel like you are getting a one-of-a-kind item at the end of it.

If you are only planning on doing it once, why not make your wedding ring the most cosmic, super special ring possible to find?!


  • Inlay made of muonionalusta meteorite shavings, moonstone,uncut diamonds, and blue opal.
  • Glows bright aqua in the dark
  • Extremely scratch-resistant and durable  
  • Retains a very high luster and polish 
  • Available in 8mm or 6mm width 
  • Comfort fit
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Handmade to order


  • Expensive 

Best Wedding Rings For Men Buying Guide

Hopefully you have been inspired by our top picks of wedding rings for men, but if you wish to keep browsing here are some key considerations to bear in mind when making your choice.

Ring Size

The first consideration is ring size, because it is very frustrating to have to send a wonderful ring back to the makers if it doesn’t fit you properly, and it is also an extra cost to get a ring resized.

Rings come in a range of standardized sizes (just like shoes and clothes) and these sizes range from 5-13 for the average male, with half sizes available in most good manufacturers. 

Always measure your finger rather than estimating or simply looking at a diagram.

Measure your finger by tying string or ribbon around it and then marking where the string meets. Then lie the marked string alongside a straight ruler and record the length in centimeters.

Next look up the ring sizing chart for your specific ring and you will find out which size correlates with your measurements. It is usually best to round up rather than down as it is easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make it bigger.


Wedding rings are traditionally made out of gold, and the higher the karat the better the quality of the gold. 24K is the highest you can possibly get, but 14K and 10K are very good quality gold too and qualify as a precious metal that will make your ring feel very special indeed.

Silver is another precious metal that is very appropriate for a wedding ring and many men prefer silver to gold for look and feel. However, if both these metals are outside your price range there are some very high quality, durable and smart alternatives available.

Tungsten Carbide is an incredibly popular alternative to silver or gold, as it is both luxury and affordable. Titanium is a very strong and masculine choice too.

And there has been a recent trend towards buying silicone wedding rings as they are not only highly affordable but also lightweight, comfortable, durable, breathable and cool. 


The design of your ring will be the deciding factor and will be largely down to your personal taste.

If you are buying for someone else, consider whether they like a bit of bling and would like a ring embellished with gemstones or diamonds, or whether they would prefer something clean and bold.

If you like to stack your rings and wear many other rings on a regular basis then you might prefer something slimline with a width of around 4-6mm. If you would prefer a ring that stands alone and will make an impact then a wider ring of 6-8mm might be better.

What is more, if you plan to wear your ring everyday, at work, in the shower and in bed, then gem stones might not be the most practical choice and something more understated will work better.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who pays for the groom’s ring?

Traditionally, each person in a relationship buys the ring for the other person. Therefore, the bride’s ring is traditionally paid for by the groom or groom’s family, and the groom’s ring is paid for by the bride or bride’s family.

Do men wear engagement rings?

Engagement rings can be worn by men and women and are generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Women tend to wear an engagement ring more often than men do, and many men don’t wear one at all. However, many men choose to wear an engagement ring to show that they are committed to their bride.