Best Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

Are you looking for the best ideas for your wedding party entrance? Every bride and groom has a secret wish that their big and grand entrance in from of their family and friends will live up to their expectations.

It’s your one and only special day, and on that day you only get one shot at the big entrance.

Best Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

If you want to make an impact when you and your wedding party enter the venue but are struggling for ideas or inspiration, then this is the list for you! Here are 20 ideas to consider for your grand entrance. 

1. Confetti Drop

Picture a huge amount of confetti being poured onto the center of the dance floor all at once. As soon as the crowds start to thin out, the confetti will fall, and boom! You’ll find yourself at the center of all that vibrant color, where all eyes will be on you.

You can also use things like flowers and streamers in your design.

2. Dance Competition

To kick off the festivities, why not have a dance-off between the bride and groom, as well as their respective bridal parties? The first thing that needs to be done is to create a playlist with all of the preferred tunes. 

First, clear the dance floor of people, and after that’s done, crank up the volume of the music before you start lighting people on fire.

3. Line Dance 

Sticking with the dancing theme, line dances might be cheesy but they’re a classic wedding dance. 

A good line dance can help you and your guests to get into the groove and encourages people to get out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

If the bridal party wants to make a big entrance, they can line dance their way into some upbeat music. This way they’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention.

4. Live Performances 

There’s nothing quite like some upbeat live music to get the party started when you first arrive. Set up your live music orchestra/band/DJ and have them play songs as you walk in. 

This idea is perfect if you’re looking for a suggestion that is both sophisticated and subtle as well as chic and exciting.

You will see that over time, people will gradually drift toward the dance floor instinctively, and before you know it, the party will be in full swing.

5. Enter With The Whole Wedding Party 

These days, the friends of the bride are sometimes referred to as the bride’s “bride squad,” and they play a significant role in the wedding. The same can be said for the groomsmen, who no doubt pulled out all the stops to make this the perfect day for you guys. 

Because you probably couldn’t have done all of this without their help, it’s only right that they are given an impressive introduction. Use the entrance to not highlight the love you share for your partner, but the love you have for your friends as well. 

6. Light Curtain 

Hiding behind a light curtain while you wait for your guests to be seated is a fun way to bring mystery and excitement to the wedding entrance. 

By standing behind a curtain, you can ask your birthday party to pull it back at the perfect time to execute a “big reveal” of you and your new spouse to your friends and family. 

To make this even better, as well as the stage being lit up with bright and dazzling lights, the curtain should be lit up as well.

7. Red Carpet 

To feel like a real Hollywood star, you should get a red carpet out for your wedding’s grand entrance! To give the impression that it’s even more real than it is, you might even have some photographers act like they’re from the paparazzi.

You can keep this feature in your wedding all night long so that you can capture pictures of all of your guests as they go down the red carpet.

8. Fireworks

Do you want things to get off to a roaring start? Then how about you set off a round of fireworks? Fireworks are great for both wedding party entrances and exits. 

You can complete the night with a more extravagant send-off session as well as having a wonderful scattering of fireworks as part of your arrival during the beginning of the day.

9. A Line Of High-Fives

If you participated in any sports while you were in high school, then you probably have some understanding of what a “high five line” is.

It’s the moment when you dash out of the dressing room and onto the playing arena. As you go through, spectators on either side enthusiastically give you high fives in unison.

Imagine doing it at your wedding, but this time with your family and your partner there to support you and cheer you on.

10. Arrive In An Antique Car 

think about how dapper and throwback it would be to pull up to your party in an antique classic automobile. That right there is the epitome of elegance and class. You can have the car simply roll past as your guests cheer you on as you make a grand and jazzy arrival.

Best Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

11. Horse-Drawn Waggon 

Both the thought of arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn wagon, as well as the idea of using an old wagon as a photo display, are wonderful options to consider for this special day. 

12. Sparklers 

Sparklers are an affordable option to consider when you are wedding planning on a budget. Sparklers are all you need to make a spectacular first impression on your guests.  

You could also have the guests carry those sparklers as they form an arch-like aisle to greet the newlyweds. This would be a great way to make the event more memorable and gives the perfect opportunity to take some fun photos. 

13. Video Montage

Even if the bride and groom need no introduction, it could be a lovely activity to produce and screen a brief montage of memories from the couple’s time together. It may take the form of a his-and-hers presentation, or it might show off the couple’s love story.

14. Balloon Drop

If you liked the confetti drop idea but the amount of mess it makes is putting you off, then the balloon drop might be perfect for you. 

Dropping a whole bucket of balloons down on the dance floor as part of the grand entrance to the party is a great way to bring attention to you and to get your guests excited for the night ahead. 

15. Silhouette Entrance

Are you someone who enjoys the spotlight? If that’s the case, you might find this dramatic and cinematic silhouette entrance to be rather entertaining.

While someone announces your arrival, have the lighting team hit you with a huge silhouette spotlight. It’s almost like announcing the next great artist that’s going to be performing on stage!

16. Piggyback Ride

This idea is very sweet and cute, but also pretty fun for you and your new spouse to try. 

It’s not only cute and humorous, but it also doesn’t call for any complicated planning or money to be spent, so it’s great for tighter budgets. Just make sure that no one gets hurt! 

17. Swap Outfits

What would it be like to spend a moment experiencing the life of your partner?

This one-of-a-kind idea for the wedding entrance is not suitable for everyone, but if you and your spouse appreciate having a good time and all of your guests are considered to be “cool,” then you should go for it.

18. Dress Up As Superheros 

You’re never too old to play superheroes, and this is especially true on the day of our wedding when you and your partner are the main characters in your own story. 

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of superheroes in the traditional sense, then perhaps you could look to DC or Marvel for some costume ideas as you prepare to make your debut or entrance dressed as your favorite hero.

19. Masquerade Ball

The tradition of hosting a masquerade party never goes out of style and is a fun and popular way to begin a wedding celebration.

A standard wedding reception may be transformed into a mysterious Casino Royale-style black tie occasion with the addition of just a few sophisticated masks.

20. A Parade

If you’ve already decided that you want to make a spectacular entry, you might as well go all out, and nothing says “all out” more than a full-scale parade.

You can either engage artists, entertainers, dancers, and other people to take part in the event on your behalf or you can simply have your friends and family join in on the fun.


The wedding entrance is a huge part of the wedding day as a whole, as it’s the time when the most eyes will be on you, and your friends and family can take in all of the love of the big day. 

To make your wedding entrance even more special, think about using some of the above ideas to really make an impression.

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