Best Wedding Gifts For Parents

Weddings aren’t just between the two people getting married. A lot of money goes into the big day from some very special people who are often forgotten about during the celebrations - the parents. Considering how much money and effort your parents (and your partner’s parents) have put into the wedding, it only makes sense to give them something in return. 

Buying a wedding gift for your parents can be an overwhelming task. You don’t want to give them something as impersonal as money, but you need to find something that expresses your complete love and gratitude for everything they have done for you.

It’s not just about the wedding, after all - it’s telling them thank you for all of their unwavering support and guidance throughout your life. Your parents will be giving you away at the altar, so you need to give them an appropriate gift to show your appreciation for them. 

If you’re struggling to come up with inspiration for a gift, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best wedding gifts for parents, ranging from heartfelt and personal to silly and lighthearted. 


There’s no better way to remember your special day than photographs. Photographs and picture frames are a permanent memory from the happiest moments of your life, so it only feels fitting to give your parents something that they will cherish and remember forever. 

This VILIGHT rustic picture frame features two framed slots for two pictures - one of the newly weds and one of your parents. It doesn’t matter what the pictures are, but to stick to the theme of a wedding, this is a great opportunity to use professional photographs from the big day. 

The frame itself is a rustic wood and comes with some special words printed in white to express your love and gratitude for your parents. In between the photos is a heart pattern decorated with cotton lines.

The design of the frame itself is gorgeous, can fit into any interior, and isn’t so eye-catching that it’s borderline overwhelming. Instead, it’s a fitting keepsake that your parents will treasure for a lifetime. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing - Rustic design is elegant and looks good on any wall, bookshelf, or windowsill 
  • Permanent memories - Use the photographs from the wedding to remember the big day 
  • Simple yet effective - The words on the frame say it all to express your gratitude 


  • Sizing - The photo size guide might be slightly off so be prepared to potentially trim the edges 


Handkerchiefs are one of the most popular wedding gifts for parents and family members for two main reasons. The first is that personalized handkerchiefs can hold special words that can be kept forever, and the second is that handkerchiefs are very fitting for the emotional days leading up to and on the wedding day. Plus, handkerchiefs are far more sustainable and long-lasting than tissues. 

The Amy Hold Bridal handkerchief set comes with two elegant handkerchiefs, one for the mother and one for the father. While the handkerchiefs themselves can’t be personalized, the words are truly heartfelt and embellished into the fabric with extreme care and precision. However, for a personal touch, you can personalize the wedding cards that are included inside the boxes. 

This is definitely one of those tear-jerking gifts that can be left in their boxes for preservation and brought out on special occasions. Alternatively, your parents can frame the handkerchiefs and hang them up on the wall to see them every day! 


  • Meaningful words - Beautiful words touch the hearts of parents and their children 
  • Beautiful design - Handkerchiefs are delicately embroidered to last forever 
  • Blank card included - Add a personalized touch with the included delicate blank card


  • Not personalized - Handkerchiefs cannot be personalized 


It’s no secret that organizing a wedding is incredibly stressful - not just for the couple, but for the couple’s parents as well. Traditionally, the parents of the bride and groom pay for most (if not all) of the wedding. What better way to thank your parents than to provide them with a relaxing treat-yourself gift?

Home spa gift sets are a popular gift option for people of all ages and for all occasions, including a wedding gift for parents! This LOVERY product comes with a body lotion, bath salts, bubble bath, shower gel, a bath bomb, and a bath puff in the shape of a flower. All of these items come in a weaved basket for storage purposes - plus it looks lovely on a cabinet in the bathroom. 

The spa products come with a comforting and delicious honey and almond scent and are made without any harsh chemicals. Not only are they paraben-free, but these products are also cruelty-free! 

This is a great gift for parents who insist they don’t want to be given anything. Alternatively, it can be an accompanying gift alongside another present or a voucher for a spa retreat! 


  • Pampering gift - Products are designed to nourish and moisturize the skin after a stressful time 
  • Paraben-free - Spa products are free from chemicals and were never tested on animals 
  • Elegant appearance - Comes in a weaved basket that looks beautiful and can be kept forever


  • Lifespan - Except for the basket, there is a restricted lifespan to the spa products, which cannot be used forever 


Customized cutting boards are a popular gift for birthdays and anniversaries, so why not give your parents a customized cutting board as a wedding gift?

Cutting boards are a staple in every kitchen - not only are they extremely practical but they also look brilliant. Wooden cutting boards are particularly stunning in any kitchen design. 

This Straga cutting board can be customized to your liking. Whatever you choose to be engraved on the board is up to you - for example, the names of your parents, the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding, or even a kind and thankful message.

The messages are engraved into the boards, which are handmade by expert woodmen who are dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials. This means that not only is the cutting board made of a top-quality hardwood, but it’s also environmentally friendly! 

This board comes with a variety of basic design ideas, so don’t feel limited to this particular design. Plus, if your parents want to actually use the board, the board is free from chemicals and lacquers and is complete with a food-grade mineral oil and glue for food safety. 


  • Practical and attractive - Can be used for its purpose or used for decoration
  • Personalized touch - Customize the words engraved on the board 
  • Eco-friendly - Sustainably sourced and free from chemicals


  • Don’t misspell words - Company is not responsible for accidental typos 


Okay, so this gift isn’t specifically a wedding gift for your parents, but it’s still earned its place on our list for its practicality. Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board? Charcuterie boards can be used for cheese platters, meat platters, cookies, candy, starters, and so much more. 

This is an ideal gift for parents who love to cook and host dinner parties. Charcuterie boards are elegant, romantic, and extremely practical. This particular board comes with five serving sections including pull-out drawers and a round tray - all of which have their own purposes. The bamboo round snack board, for example, is great for fruits, and the cutlery drawer is ideal for holding the appropriate cutlery. 

This product doesn’t just come with the large board, it also is equipped with 4 small forks, 4 stainless steel knives, a wine opener, 2 sauce bowls, 2 black slate labels, and 2 white markers. Great for hosting a dinner party! 


  • Ideal for the food lovers - Great gift for parents who love to cook and host 
  • Everything included - Knives, forks, bowls, and labels are all included 
  • Simple - Ideal for parents who insist they don’t want a gift


  • Not personalized - Cannot be personalized, nor is it specific to a wedding


For some, the idea of presenting your parents with a gift as a thank you for their support before a wedding can seem impersonal. Sometimes, you need to allow your words to be the true gift. 

Cards are an underrated gift for any occasion. There’s nothing quite as meaningful or as special as the words written directly from your heart. Personalized gifts are great, but sometimes there are limited characters or the words provided on the gift just aren’t good enough.

Instead, you should write your own letter for your mom and dad to thank them for their unwavering support (both financial and emotional) for your wedding. This is also the perfect opportunity to thank them for raising you with such love as you start your new family.

Plus, the simple design of these silver foil cards means that they can focus on the special words inside.  


  • Incredibly personal - Write words directly from the heart 
  • Special keepsake - These words can be kept forever 
  • Simplistic design - Ideal for parents who don’t want a fuss


  • Almost too simple - Might not seem like a sufficient gift by itself 


If you want to give your parents a series of small gifts, why not present the gifts in a personalized engraved wooden box? Wooden boxes have a sense of secrecy and tradition, almost like a treasure chest or a time capsule, and they can be kept forever. 

This Awerise box can be personalized with your chosen message - for example, a “Thank You” message for their continuous help in your life. The box itself is made of a gorgeous mahogany wood and alloy, and comes with a lock and key to give the box a secretive and private element. 

Inside, you can be as creative as you like. You can fill the inside with small gifts, jewelry, or you could just leave it empty for your parents to fill. 


  • Versatile - Can be filled with any gifts or left empty
  • Beautiful box - Classic mahogany wood with lock and key 
  • Personalized touch - Choose what’s engraved on the top of the box
  • Cons:
  • Color - Color of the box or writing cannot be changed 

Best Wedding Gifts For Parents Buying Guide

How to look for the perfect wedding gift for your parents

Organizing a wedding is one of the most complex and stressful steps in life. It almost seems like buying gifts for people is the last thing on your mind, but it’s so important to treat your loved ones. Your parents, in particular, as they most likely contributed the most to your wedding - from the costs to emotional support. 

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for your parents. You want to treat them with something that shows your true gratitude for everything they have done for you, but it almost seems like no gift is ever enough. Also, you’ve just had a wedding, so funds aren’t exactly high and thriving right now. 

Here are some tips to give you inspiration on how to find the perfect wedding gift for your parents!

Personalized touch 

Not all gifts will offer customization or personalization, so keep this in mind when looking for a wedding gift for your parents. Gifts that can be personalized are brilliant for making the gift unique and special. For example, a personalized wine glass is far more meaningful than a plain one. 

With personalized gifts, you can express your gratitude and love for your parents within a few words. Some personalized gifts come with a poem or quote already written, which is handy for those who can’t find the words to express their thankfulness to their parents. 


Some gifts are far more practical than others. You’ve got to ask yourself whether you want your parents to use the gift (for example, a personalized handkerchief or cutting board), or whether you want them to use it for decorative purposes.

It’s also worth thinking about the longevity of the gift, because some gifts will last far longer than others. For example, if you’re going to give them a spa gift set, these products will either go to waste or be used within a matter of months. 

The card 

Giving your parents a card is just as important as giving them a gift. Writing a card for your parents (either together or separately) is the most important thing to do.

The words will be coming straight from your heart, so you can be as personal as you like. This is also your opportunity to thank them for specific things, or even apologize for past mistakes. 

The timing

Do you plan to give your parents their gift before or after the wedding? Do you want them to bring their gift to the wedding itself?

It’s worth considering when it is appropriate to give your parents their gift, because if it has anything to do with the wedding itself (for example, if it includes professional photography from the big day), then you’ll need to think about when you’ll hand them the gift. Especially if you plan to go on your honeymoon straight after the wedding! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give gifts to parents for wedding?

Given the financial and emotional support and guidance that parents offer their children for their wedding, it only makes sense to provide them with a meaningful gift. This gift can be anything you like, as long as it expresses your thankfulness, gratitude, respect, and love for all they have done.

It doesn’t just symbolize your gratitude for what they did for you for the wedding - it’s a huge “thank you” for the life they have given you. Without your parents you wouldn’t be getting married, after all!

How do I thank my parents for my wedding?

Thanking your parents for your wedding is all about providing gifts and words straight from the heart. It doesn’t matter how you try to thank them, because you’ll probably end up crying anyway. A gift will speak those words for you, especially if you opt for a personalized gift like a photo album or customized whiskey set. 

If you want to give them a gift that they will remember forever, why not recreate one of their wedding pictures? Choose a picture of their wedding and take photos on your big day that replicate this picture as well as possible. Not only is this a beautiful gift, but it will subconsciously suggest that you’re inspired by their relationship. 

What should I get my inlaws for a wedding gift?

You should buy your in-laws similar gifts to what you would give your parents. The general rule of thumb with wedding gifts for family members is to not overdo it with certain people, as this can suggest favoritism exists and can make the big day very awkward. 

You should gift your in-laws with something that expresses your gratitude for how they have raised their child and how lucky you are to be joining their family. Take a look at the gifts we have recommended for inspiration!