8 Best Wedding Flats

Just imagine ... Your big day has finally arrived after years of dreaming and months of planning. You have never looked so beautiful, your make-up is primed, you haven’t a hair out of place, and your dress is exactly the fairy tale fantasy gown that you have always envisioned.

Around you, all your nearest and dearest have gathered with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts, and there beside you is the partner who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. The birds are singing, the organ is playing and everything is perfect, except… your feet are in absolute AGONY! 

That’s right, those Cinderella slippers that seemed like such a good idea in the store are actually blistering and squeezing your poor feet like crazy and causing you not to glide down the aisle as you intended, but hobble!

Or, if you manage to make it through the ceremony standing tall, your feet will certainly start to feel the burn after hours of standing to mingle with guests and boogying on the dancefloor! 

This is why you should consider getting some stylish and comfortable wedding flats as an alternative to the traditional stiletto shoe. Whether you wear your flats all day, or start in heels and switch over as the celebrations go on, your feet will undoubtedly thank you for it. 

There are loads of different wedding flats to choose from that range from the fun and informal to the elegant and ornate, and what you decide to wear will depend on your personal preference and price range. We have put together a list of 8 of th


First up we have these Silky Toes slippers, which are both pretty and practical! They have an ultra soft rubber sole, making them easy to roll up and fit in a clutch bag or wedding purse.

This is ideal for brides who want to start the day in high heels but have the option of changing into flats if their feet start to hurt. The shoes even come with a matching pouch to keep them in so they are easy to store and tuck away.

They have an elasticated heel so are very comfortable and fit snugly onto your foot, and are available in 34 different styles and colors ranging from traditional white satin to emerald green sequins and electric blue leather!

These flats are so lightweight, portable and fun that you will surely find yourself popping them in your handbag whenever you go out with the girls, so you will get plenty of wear and use out of them after your wedding day itself.


  • Portable - fold up into a matching pouch
  • 34 color and fabric combinations to choose from
  • Elasticated heel for comfort and fit
  • Great value for money


  • Very soft - not suitable for outdoor wear


If you are looking for something a little more sturdy and durable then these glittery sneakers are a fantastic option. They have a strong, rubber sole that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear and will keep your feet supported and comfortable throughout the long day.

The canvas upper is lightweight and soft overfoot, and is covered in crushed glitter that elevates these shoes to something wedding worthy and special. The addition of the ribbon laces gives these sporty flats a femine detail that balances the look beautifully.

What is more, these sneakers come in 6 possible colors ranging from rose gold to black or silver, all of which are stylish and eye-catching. 


  • Sporty, sturdy and comfortable
  • Rubber sole provides good grip and durability indoors and outdoors
  • Crushed glitter adds glamor
  • Ribbon laces add femininity and softness


  • Some glitter will come off with wear


If you are looking for a foldable ballet pump that is also durable and can be worn outdoors, then these rhinestone embellished flats are the ideal choice. They have a soft rubber sole that can bend in half for easy storage, but the sole is thick and durable enough to be worn outside.

The insoles are cushioned and provide wonderful relief to tired feet (especially those that have been dancing in heels all night) and the shiny upper is pliable enough to hug your foot so they won’t slip off.

The shape of these flats are very flattering as the toe is slightly pointed and will elongate your leg, and the gorgeous rhinestone flowers add elegance and opulence to the simple design which will look beautiful with any wedding outfit. These pumps have a low-mid price tag and are incredibly good value considering their practical and stylistic features.


  • Soft sole can be folded for portability
  • Thick sole is durable enough for outdoors wear
  • Soft, shiny upper is pliable and snug
  • Rhinestone embellishments are opulent and eye-catching


  • Fit tends to be small so consider buying a half size up


For brides getting married in warm climates or indoor venues, a breathable flat shoe will prevent your feet from becoming clammy and uncomfortable, whilst also providing comfort and support.

These lace-look ballet pumps have intricate cut-out designs that not only look divine but also let air circulate around the foot. The foam heel counter is structured and will give you stability throughout the day, and the soft leather insole is unbelievably comfortable underfoot.

What is more, these pumps are very quick and easy to pull on and off so you can switch between them and your heels as often as you like with minimal fuss. They are available in 12 color and style combinations and can be purchased with or without a lining depending on how much aeration you think your feet will require. Hot toes can breathe a sigh of relief in these lovely lace wedding flats.


  • Lace upper is breathable and light
  • Leather insole is soft and durable
  • 12 color combinations to choose from
  • Slip on and off easily


  • Not available in half sizes


If you are looking for a flat that emulates all the qualities you would hope for in a traditional high-heeled wedding shoe, then these beautiful, rhinestone covered pumps are for you. The entire upper is embellished with differently sized rhinestones which sparkle and dazzle under lights.

The rhinestones are individually attached so that they don’t easily fall off, and the varying sizes create a glistening, bubble-like effect. Better still, these pumps have an ultra flexible rubber outsole for maximum movement, and a super soft and breathable insole for comfort.

They are so dainty and eye-catching that they are worthy of any wedding outfit and really will make you feel like Cinderella when you wear them. They are available in black, gold, silver and white so you can match your tone to best compliment your gown or evening outfit.


  • Dazzling rhinestones sparkle and shine
  • Soft rubber outsole is flexible and lightweight
  • Breathable latex insole is cushioned for comfort
  • 4 different color choices available


  • The rhinestones make a scratchy noise if the shoes knock against each other


These adorable ivory flats are intricate and delicate and are perfect for brides who want a vintage feel to their footwear. The lace detailing with faux pearl accents is reminiscent of the kind of decoration found on a Victorian court shoe, and the delicate ribbon ankle ties are just beautiful.

They hold the foot in place and prevent the shoe from slipping about during the course of the day, and they also make a gorgeous design feature. These flats are very unique and quirky whilst also seeming old fashioned and quaint.

The leather sole is high quality and incredibly comfortable and you are sure to receive plenty of compliments if you wear these fabulous flats.


  • Vintage design is romantic and unique
  • Lace and pearl applique adds intricate detailing
  • Ribbon ankle ties secure foot and stop slippage
  • Leather insole is soft and durable


  • Only available in ivory


If you are going for a bohemian vibe on your wedding day and want to feel free and authentic but don’t want the inconvenience of bare feet, then these bejewelled flip-flops are a great alternative. The t-strap design leaves most of your foot open, so these are ideal for summer weddings, and beach weddings in particular.

The strap is adjustable so you can be sure to get a snug fit that won’t leave you in danger of losing a shoe halfway down the aisle, and the strap fits around the back of the heel unlike a regular flip-flop, therefore providing that extra support and security.

The beautiful rhinestone embellishments are glamorous and will sparkle in both sunlight and moonlight, so you are sure to feel as special in these flats as you would in any high-heel.


  • Lightweight and breathable - great for hot weather
  • Rhinestone details are beautiful
  • Strap adjusts to fit and hugs heel for support


  • Rhinestones can sometimes catch on floor length gowns


For any festival brides out there who are getting married in the great outdoors, it is a great idea to consider getting a pair of wedding welly boots to protect against mud and rain. These fun and practical boots are 100% waterproof so you needn’t worry about the weather and they are also incredibly comfortable.

The rubber sole has plenty of grip and can withstand any rocky or rough terrain, and the boot height extends to your mid shin so will keep your lower legs warm and protected throughout the day and into the night. These cream wellies are sure to spark lots of laughter and conversation and will help to set the tone for a wonderfully informal and humorous wedding day.

The ribbon tie is a brilliant femine detail that elevates these boots to wedding status and puts a witty twist on the traditional wedding shoe design. Best of all, you can get loads of wear and use out of your wedding wellies for years to come as they are reliable and durable, and will serve as a lovely reminder of your special day.


  • Waterproof rubber protects against rain
  • Thick , durable sole great for any terrain
  • Cream color and ribbon detail add witty nod to wedding traditions
  • Comfortable, practical and stylish


  • These boots are heavy and noisier than other options

Best Wedding Flats Buying Guide

Ultimately, your choice of wedding flats will come down to your own style and taste, and the vibe of the rest of your wedding outfit. However, here is a guide to some of the key features you might like to consider as you make your decision.

Plain or Ornate?

It is a good idea to consider the length and fabric of your wedding outfit in order to decide whether a plain flat or an ornate flat will work best. With long, flimsy gowns, and gowns with layers of net petticoat underneath them, ornate shoes can catch in the material and even tear it.

Little beads and jewels may look gorgeous, but remember, if they are under a floor length dress they won’t be visible for the majority of the time, and you might be grateful for the ease and snag-free nature of a plain flat instead. Of course, if your outfit is ankle length or shorter then beads and jewels will add a glistening bit of glamor that will feel and look really special.

Colored or white?

The obvious choice for a wedding flat is that it should be white, and this is a beautiful traditional option which will complement any traditional wedding outfit. However, if you are looking to add some individuality and character to your outfit then choosing a bright, colored flat could be the perfect opportunity.

It will introduce a flash of vibrancy to your outfit with every step you take, and dirt and mud won’t show up as obviously as they will on pure white flats. Picking a colored flat will also make your shoes more versatile as they will translate easily into everyday life, so you will get lots of wear out of them even after the big day.

Sandal, shoe or boot?

Your choice of wedding flats will inevitably be influenced by where and when you are tying the knot. Remember to consider what the weather will be like on your big day, as this will dictate whether you’ll want a breathable sandal or a more insulated boot.

It is also important to think about the kind of surface you will be standing on, as this will influence how sturdy and solid you would like your flats to be. If your wedding will mostly be an indoor event, and you will be on carpets and floorboards all day that is one thing, but if you are getting married outside where there might be rain, puddles and uneven terrain underfoot then you might appreciate something more supportive, like a welly boot or sneaker.

Soft or hard soled?

A reliable, hard soled shoe is great for providing support and comfort to your feet over the course of a long and event-filled wedding day. However, a soft soled flat will be more lightweight and easy to transport between the service and the venue.

Many soft soled wedding flats are even foldable, so that you can roll them up and pop them into a bag to carry with you. This is incredibly handy, and lots of brides choose to keep a soft soled pair of shoes as a backup option, just in case their high heels become too painful. Of course, soft soled shoes are less durable and won’t last as long as more sturdy shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I wear flats at my wedding?

Choosing to wear flats at your wedding is an entirely personal decision that ultimately comes down to personal preference and taste. However, the advantages of wearing flat shoes include less pain throughout the day and a sturdier footing - especially for anyone who thinks they may get nervous and wobbly as they walk down the aisle.

Of course, tall brides may wish to wear flats rather than heels to avoid towering over their groom, and anyone who has choreographed an ace first dance might like to switch into flats in order to bust a groove on the dancefloor.

When is it acceptable to change into flats at a wedding?

The beauty of modern weddings is that there are no rules, so whether you choose to wear your flats as you walk down the aisle or slip into them subtly during the speeches, it is completely up to you and should be done in accordance with your own personal preference.

Which celebrities have worn flats at their wedding?

Kiera Knightley, Amy Schumer, Yoko Ono and Serena Williams are just some of the famous faces who have chosen to wear flats at their wedding. And, although they weren’t strictly flat-flats, let’s not forget how great Madonna looked in cowboy boots on her big day.