Best Wedding Dresses For Big Busts

Your wedding day offers the perfect opportunity to live out all your fairy-tale fantasies and show off your style and personality.

However, for brides with a larger bust, this may not feel so easy. In pursuit of the most important dress that you’ll ever wear, you’ll likely have come across a plethora of images of slim, small-busted, yoga-bodied women looking ethereal in unstructured, backless, boho style dresses.  

As a large-busted woman, though desiring an equally elegant and fashionable look, such dresses pose an array of problems.

How can I wear a bra?  Will there be enough support? Can I dance without having to worry about accidentally knocking someone out with a stray boob (and inevitably having that moment caught on camera by the keen-eyed photographer)?  

Likewise, when visiting wedding dress boutiques as a larger busted woman, you might be encouraged to understand covering up completely as the only way to achieve adequate support.

Stuck in between a rock (full coverage), and a hard place (unsupported chaos), you may feel as if the wedding dress of your dreams is out of reach.  

We are here to tell you, categorically, that this is not the case. Below you’ll find a selection of bust-friendly wedding dresses which have been carefully hand-picked according to their shape, style, material, and design.

We’ve also put together a handy buyers-guide, consisting of things to consider when in the search for your perfect wedding dress, to ensure the whole process is just as enjoyable and stress-free as it should be.  


This intricately detailed wedding dress with a V-shaped neckline is perfect for brides hoping to show a bit of cleavage, without abandoning a sense of support and modesty.

Thanks to the fine layer of mesh between the straps, the V-shaped neckline exposes the neck and bust in a modest and elegant way. The thick straps also offer a lot of support.  

The A-line shape of the dress, and its simple detail, also makes it a very flattering choice. Because the waist starts just under the bust, it creates a beautiful silhouette for curvy women.

The simplistic and minimal decorative details make this dress the perfect choice for brides hoping to tread the line between flattering and modest.  


  • Plunge neckline – shows cleavage in a modest way.  
  • A-Line – flatters curves and highlights waist. 
  • Simple details – give an elegant and timeless feel.  


  • Low back – May be difficult to wear a bra.  


The mermaid shape of this dress makes it a great option for bustier brides who want to show off their lovely curves. The flare just below the knee creates a perfectly well-proportioned hour-glass shape, offering a sophisticated but glamorous feel.  

The corset style back can also be a godsend for women with larger busts, as it offers well-structured support. For even more support, the high back also means it is possible to wear a bra with this dress.  

The subtlety of the lace design combined with the modern waist band direct attention away from the bust and make the waist more defined. This dress is a timeless choice but with a modern and flattering twist. 


  • Mermaid shape – shows off curves.  
  • Corset style – offers ample support for an ample bust.  
  • High back – makes this dress very bra friendly (yay!).  
  • Decorative details – make this a timeless and flattering choice.  


  • Strapless – may show off to much bust for some.  


For brides hoping to emphasise their curves, but with a little more coverage than the traditional mermaid dress above, this dress offers a perfect solution.

With intricate lace sleeves and a slightly higher neckline, you’ll feel well-covered whilst also subtly showing off your curves in an elegant way.  

The scalloped neckline is also particularly flattering on bustier brides, showing off the neck and shoulders whilst covering the cleavage. Its high back also means that a strapless bra will be well covered by this dress.  

The asymmetrical hem makes this a more modern look and gives you the opportunity to show off your wedding shoes! 


  • Mermaid shape – shows off curves. 
  • Lace sleeves – offer coverage in an intricate way.  
  • Scalloped neckline – very flattering for large-busted brides.  
  • High back – means this dress is bra friendly. 


  • Asymmetrical hem – may be too modern for some brides.  


For many, the image of the perfect, fairy-tale wedding dress is that of the ball gown. Heavier-busted women may be put off such dresses because of their volume and generally strapless style.

However, this ball gown sinches in the waist before puffing outwards, flattering curvier brides.  

The corset style top also offers significant support, and the high back means that a strapless bra will fit well under this dress.

The subtle details make this a traditional, flattering and fun option for bustier women, as the eye is drawn away from the bust, and toward the clinched waist.  


  • Ball gown shape – highlights the waist and is timeless.  
  • Corset top – provides a lot of support.  
  • High back – means you can wear a bra.  
  • Simple detail – draws eyes away from the bust and offers additional elegance.  


  • Ball gown shape – may not be ideal for more petite frames.  


This dress offers something a little different for those brides who feel as if they’ve been steamrolled into believing that only traditional, overly structured dresses will work for them.

The asymmetrical design is perfect for those wanting some support whilst also showing off some skin. The one, thick-strapped shoulder holds everything in place, without total coverage. It offers a contemporary twist on a classic style.  

This dress is also unique, in the sense that it can be worn multiple ways. This offers a route to personalisation and more support. The material is elastic, which means it can stretch and hold everything in its rightful place.

If you had dreamed of the fresh, flowy, boho style, but felt it was out of reach, this dress offers a similarly effortless feel with all the support larger-busted ladies require!   


  • Asymmetrical neckline – contemporary and supportive.  
  • Multi-way – offers a way to personalise the dress.  
  • Material – comfortable and stretchy.  


  • Multi-way – wearing a bra might be difficult.  
  • Asymmetrical neckline – may be too modern for some.  


With a sweetheart neckline, which forms a natural heart shape across the bust, this dress is perfect for busty brides who want to show a hint of cleavage.

The subtle detail ending at the waistline also creates an effortlessly elegant, A-line shape, without too much structure.  

The delicately detailed thick straps also offer extra support.

For large-busted brides who hoped to show off their back, this dress provides the illusion of a low-cut back, decorated with intricate lace and an elegant drape, but remains high enough to potentially wear a bra underneath.

As a bonus, they offer custom sizes!  


  • Sweetheart neckline – flattering for bustier brides.  
  • A line – subtly shows off your curves.  
  • Straps – offer extra support.  
  • Mid-back – means the dress is bra friendly.  
  • Custom sizing – you can get one made to fit your shape perfectly.  


  • Mid-back – might not offer enough support for some.  


A vintage style dress such as this, is the perfect option for the modest, traditional, but fun bride. The lace sleeves and the high neckline provide elegant coverage and maximum support.

You would also be able to wear a very supportive bra thanks to the level of coverage.   

The short, A-line structure makes this modest dress very flattering and fun. The eye is directed downward, toward the cinched in waist and the legs, rather than the bust area.

The lace detail and stretchy material also helps hide any lumps and bumps that you may not want showing and makes for a very comfortable wedding day!   


  • Sleeves – provide coverage. 
  • High neckline – provides coverage and extra support.  
  • High back – means it's bra friendly.  
  • Short A-line style – directs eyes away from the bust.  


  • Vintage style – may be too modest for some.  
  • Short A-line style – may not work well for tall women.  


If you loved the shape and style of the previous dress, but fancied showing off a little bit of cleavage, this dress solves all of your problems.

The vintage, short A-line cut is very flattering, especially with the thick waistband. Rather than covering the bust area completely, the sweetheart neckline shows just enough cleavage.  

The short sleeves and high back provide the coverage and support necessary, but with the hint of cleavage, a cinched waist, and the short A-line skirt, coverage doesn’t come at the cost of being too conservative or unflattering.

In addition to being able to wear a bra, the elasticated material of this dress is particularly comfortable, and it (quite unbelievably) has pockets! This dress is ideal for the bustier brides who hope to comfortably dance the evening away.  


  • Sweetheart neckline – Shows a hint of cleavage.  
  • High back – offers ample support and means the dress is bra friendly.  
  • Short A-line – brings in the waist and flatters curvy bodies.  
  • Sleeves – offer some coverage.  
  • Material – elasticated and comfortable, with pockets.  


  • Design – may be too plain for some brides.  
  • Length – might be too short for taller brides.  


If you’re a fan of the way that the mermaid style dress accentuates and supports curves, but are looking for something more plus-size friendly, this dress may be for you.

This dress is more of a trumpet shape, flaring around the mid-thigh rather than the knee, which creates gorgeous hip and waist proportions for fuller-figured brides, drawing the eyes away from the bust area.  

This dress also has a corset style back, providing great support for larger busts, but not at the cost of feeling sexy and glamorous, thanks to the hint of cleavage seen from the sweetheart neckline.

The intricate lace details provide an elegant feel, as well as disguising any unwanted lumps and bumps. This dress is also bra friendly and can be made according to your measurements.  


  • Trumpet style – flattering for fuller figured brides.  
  • Corset – provides substantial support.  
  • High back – means it is bra friendly.  
  • Lace detail – provides a timeless feel and smooths your figure.  
  • Sweetheart neckline – showcases a hint of cleavage.  


  • Strapless – may show off too much bust for some.  


Finally, for the bride who wanted a supportive, but beautifully simple, wedding dress, this one is perfect. The thick straps and scoop neck offer support but still show a hint of cleavage (without displaying too much).

The high back also means that wearing a bra is also possible under this dress.  

Rather than overwhelming the look, or drawing attention to unwanted areas, the simple style focuses the eye on the quality of the material and its wonderfully timeless design.

It gives off an air of sophistication, whilst also subtly accentuating your curves thanks to the slight mermaid shape.   


  • Thick straps – provide great bust support.  
  • Scoop neckline – very flattering for bustier brides, showing a hint of cleavage.  
  • High back – wearing a bra is possible.  
  • Slight mermaid shape – accentuates curves subtly and elegantly.  
  • Simple design – focuses attention to the quality of the dress.  


  • Length – may be too short for taller brides.  
  • Simple design – may be too plain for some.  

Buyers Guide   

There is a huge amount to consider when searching for your ideal dress, and sometimes, in the chaos of wedding planning, it’s easy to forget what you require from a wedding dress.

Below, we’ll look at some key things to remember when you’re looking for your perfect dress. If you keep these tips and tricks in mind, this aspect of wedding planning will feel like a breeze!  

Best Wedding Dresses For Big Busts

Bra Vs. Braless 

Before you even begin looking at different wedding dresses, you must first decide whether wearing a bra on the big day is necessary for you, or not.

This is necessary because if you decide that wearing a bra is important to you, you can eliminate any backless dresses immediately, ensuring that you don’t get attached to a dress which will end up causing a boob related dilemma.   

If you do in fact decide that wearing a bra is non-negotiable, don’t let anyone (especially those working in bridal boutiques) convince you otherwise. This is your big day and your body; you know what’s best!

Make sure you show up to any dress stores or fittings with a bra that fits you perfectly, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your shopping trip.  

Coverage And Accentuation  

You should also decide how much coverage you desire, and how much you wish to accentuate your fuller bust.

You should consider how you normally dress, what clothes you feel most confident and comfortable in, and whether you will be comfortable showing cleavage or not on your big day.

If you’re getting married in a religious building, you may also want to consider how you would feel most comfortable in such a building.  

These are important things to consider, so that you can streamline the process of finding a dress and ensure that you end up with one which makes you feel incredible on your wedding day.

Once you have decided, you can narrow down certain necklines and dress shapes, and tell those around you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Fittings And Sizing  

As a bride with a fuller bust, you will likely have some more concerns and needs than the average smaller-busted bride. Give yourself plenty of time to get your dress altered before your big day, with regular fittings to keep your mind at ease.  

If you’re unable to have regular fittings, picking a dress that is slightly larger than your average dress size might be a good idea. If the dress has a bit of room in the bust area, you will likely feel more comfortable and less concerned about anything spilling out!  

Shape And Neckline 

The shape of the dress is important, and whilst you are free to choose whichever shape you feel most comfortable in, there are a few that will be more likely to flatter a fuller-busted bride.

Dresses such as A-line, mermaid, trumped, ball gown, and those with asymmetrical features, are particularly flattering and comfortable for bustier brides. Whereas dresses with a high waistline and those which draw attention to the bust area, may want to be avoided.  

In addition to the shape of the dress, some necklines are particularly flattering for bustier brides. Necklines such as V-shaped, scalloped, scoop, square and sweetheart are generally preferable.

Essentially, avoid dresses which draw a straight line across the bust, as this can be unsupportive and draw attention to the wrong places. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Start Shopping For My Wedding Dress?  

Generally, start shopping for your wedding dress as soon as possible! This will give you ample time to consider the points above and feel truly confident in your choice. It also means that, should your dress require alteration, you definitely have the time to do so.  

Do I Have To Spend A Lot Of Money As A Fuller-Busted Bride? 

Whilst wedding dress shopping can be frustrating, and often very pricey, for a bustier bride, you can still find appropriate dresses for an absolute bargain. You just have to know what you’re looking for!

If you take accurate measurements, and consider the points above, there’s no reason that you wouldn’t be able to find a beautiful dress for a great price online.